Electric Arches by Eve L. Ewing

Electric Arches

Electric Arches is an imaginative exploration of black girlhood and womanhood through poetry, visual art, and narrative prose. Blending stark realism with the fantastical, Ewing takes us from the streets of Chicago to an alien arrival in an unspecified future, deftly navigating boundaries of space, time, and reality with delight and flexibility.

Details Electric Arches

TitleElectric Arches
Release DateSep 12th, 2017
PublisherHaymarket Books
GenrePoetry, Nonfiction, Cultural, African American

Reviews Electric Arches

  • Erica
    Everything about this was everything I needed in life, but didn't know. Every word was chosen carefully, and the combination of real life and magic is sincerely beautiful. Multiple times I cried and the poem about Fullerton Ave was amazing. And to the notebook kid, which I've read before to my students, is still SO GOOD. If you love chicago, if you love being black, if you love magical realism, if you think you like poetry but aren't sure, this b...
  • Jacob
    "Speak this to yourselfuntil you know it is true."this book is magic
  • Jalynn
    This collection of poems, lyric essays and so on opened up a deeper meaning to shared black experiences, especially as a black woman. It's a work of time travel for me, and disturbing the timeline to go back to a favorite poem space is totally okay here. I'm still floored to have been able to have an ARC of this book, and I hope it really touches other the way it touched me. I also hope that nonblack women find their own sense of comfort and happ...
  • O'Phylia
    Blending verse with magical realism and a dash of speculative fiction, Ewing's words flow beautifully in a time where ugliness abounds. Electric Arches is what every black girl needs in her arsenal to face a world that hates her virulently. If you read this book, you will feel invincible.
  • Dionne
    I'm not sure the last time I read a book that left me feeling so...human. "Electric Arches" reminded me that being Black is to be human in a way that is deeply rooted in the community, the Earth, and the cosmos. I cried multiple times while reading this, mostly because Ewing's writing style is effortlessly moving, but also because the things she talks about are real, and important. I needed this book as much as I can honestly say you, and everyon...
  • Glauber Ribeiro
    I LOVE this book! Except for the part where it made me cry in a crowded cafeteria. That was not cool. It should come with a warning.OK, it wasn't crowded. But it was a cafeteria. And i did cry when i read What I Talk About When I Talk About Black Jesus. And there's a lot more deadly stuff in there.Honestly, buy this book. Give it to your friends and enemies. Then maybe she'll write more.
  • Chantal Johnson
    Stunning. Masterful. Find a copy to keep forever. To teach your daughters and sons and so forth. This book will and should live forever.
  • Leah Rachel
    Electric Arches by Eve L. Ewing is absolutely stunning. With a dash of the tale of an alien invasion, Ewing takes us through black girlhood and womanhood, in a variety of prose, poetic, and artistic styles, all of which are gorgeous.Ewing’s book is divided into three sections: ‘true stories,’ ‘oil and water,’ and ‘letters from the flatlands.’ Her poems, stories, and works took my breath away. Her words flow easily from page to page,...
  • Laura
    Love struck by the gospel of the fire city.
  • Grace Lapointe
    Lyrical, original, and life-affirming.
  • Liz Matheny
    Whip smart. I loved Marilyn Mosby.
  • Adam Morgan
    This might sound like hyperbole, but I'm being 100% honest when I say: 'Electric Arches' will go down as one of the best and most iconic poetry books about Chicago...ever. You have never seen Chicago this way before, and regardless of where you live, it'll change your perspective. Can't recommend enough.
  • Haley
    2.5 stars, rounded up. I really wanted to like this collection (which mainly includes poems but also features some short essays and a few pieces of art) but it fell flat for me. Part of the problem is that I personally never experienced black girlhood, the focus of Ewing's diverse and experimental work, so I never felt that thrill of resonance in the poems. There were a few instances with some of the longer poems where I didn't understand how the...
  • Donna
    An excerpt to close~ "Ever since black people came to this country we have needed a Moses. There has always been so much water that needs parting. It seems like all black children, from the time we are born, come into the world in the midst of a rushing current that threatens to swallow us whole if we don't heed the many, many warnings we are told to heed. We come into the world as alchemists of the water, bending it, willing it to bear is safe p...
  • Anton
    Eve Ewing's Electric Arches is a beautiful collection of poetry and prose. Reading it filled my heart with joy and sadness, often at the same time, and filled my mind with ideas. Every word of this book feels like a gift, every page a discovery, every poem and story a whole universe. Standout pieces for me were poems about Prince and Marilyn Mosby, and a moving reflection on going to therapy, but I expect everyone will take something different aw...
  • Lucy
    This came in the mail today, I sat down to look at it and ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. Eve Ewing's writing is spectacular, the kind of poetry that makes you hold your breath as you read without even realizing it. Please, get this book.
  • Jamin Clutcher
    The best book I have read all year.
  • Allen Mark
    This book reminded me why I love writing.
  • Grahm Wiley-Camacho
    Read a little bit and thought it was OK... three poems later I was weeping.
  • Ceillie
    I loved this book of poetry. Read my full review HERE!