Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar

Calling a Wolf a Wolf

"The struggle from late youth on, with and without God, agony, narcotics and love is a torment rarely recorded with such sustained eloquence and passion as you will find in this collection." —Fanny HoweThis highly-anticipated debut boldly confronts addiction and courses the strenuous path of recovery, beginning in the wilds of the mind. Poems confront craving, control, the constant battle of alcoholism and sobriety, and the questioning of the s...

Details Calling a Wolf a Wolf

TitleCalling a Wolf a Wolf
Release DateSep 12th, 2017
PublisherAlice James Books

Reviews Calling a Wolf a Wolf

  • Roxane
    An outstanding book of poetry. I was particularly impressed by the imagery and deftness with language. The title poem is by far my favorite but every poem offers something compelling or strange or unknowable and always beautiful.
  • Margaryta
    **This review first appeared in Alternating Current's review column The Coil**We are living in a time of witnesses, beginning with ourselves. With Kaveh Akbar’s Calling a Wolf a Wolf, we are not only witnessing the rise of a prominent contemporary poet, but we are also challenged to relook at the way we respond to the emotional obstacles faced by ourselves and others. Challenges are the central force of the collection, but they are not necessar...
  • Marne Wilson
    "I am sealing all my faults with platinum// so they'll gleam like the barrel of a laser gun," the poet writes, and that seems like a very fitting description of what is going on in this book. This is raw, visceral poetry dealing with some heavy subjects (most notably alcoholism and other addictions), yet it is often beautiful and always powerful. Some of the imagery in the poems is complex and difficult to unpack, but just when you feel you're ge...
  • Michelle
    This is a collection to be savored, read again and again- outloud when possible. Full of images that will stun your imagination and language that leaves your heart aching.
  • Brandon Amico
    "I drank an entire language / and flung tar at whatever moved." Kaveh Akbar's CALLING A WOLF A WOLF could be summed up in a variety of ways, most of them true, none of them showing the whole picture, but this passage gets at something in the core of this remarkable collection: the insight of someone who is willing to freeze indulgence, lack, and longing in their tracks and give us time to examine them. Here is a body broken, reassembled, stress-t...
  • Jay
    It's difficult to review poetry, but I'll do my best and say that this debut volume is remarkable. Kaveh Akbar can make language do startling things, both intense, harrowing, and gorgeous. So often reading his work will make me pause as I realize I've been given an image or an experience with language completely and wonderfully surprising. Kaveh Akbar is worth following on Twitter if you're interested in poetry at all. He also founded the poetry ...
  • Dena Afrasiabi
    "I have forgotten even the easy prayer I was supposed to use/ in emergencies something something I was not/born here I was not born here I was not." Kaveh Akbar sets language on fire. I don't know how else to describe this book than to say it's the literary equivalent of lying next to someone on their deathbed while they rapidly whisper truths all night in your ear as you drift in and out of sleep, dreaming that their words are coated in gold fla...
  • Kayla
    " I lack nothing unless you count everything I want. I'm meant to be spreading tenderness over the Earth like seeds, like worms. Instead I've been shoveling coal into burning houses, fanning the ash. Hold your applause, hold the horns curling out from my skull which are getting so long now and so sharp"
  • Nick
    Raw to the bone, stop you in your tracks, shake your head in awe and despair and astonishment. Here are poems that will cling to your ribs and keep you warm when there's nothing else to dull the overwhelming buzzing in your head.
  • Stephen Lamb
    "We all want / the same thing (to walk in sincere wonder, / like the first man to hear a parrot speak), but we live / on an enormous flatness floating between / two oceans." (from Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before)
  • Kate
    A must read. Do yourself a favor, and buy this book.
  • Savannah
    if i could spend every day reading a new kaveh poem, i would, and gladly.
  • Aude Odeh
    Solid 5 stars. Great read. Goes beyond the cliché level. Keeps you on your feet with the stylistic changes. Lovely read. Didn't want it to end.