Something Like Happy by Eva Woods

Something Like Happy

With wry wit and boundless heart, Eva Woods delivers an unforgettable tale of celebrating triumphs great and small, seizing the day, and always remembering to live in the moment.“It's simple, really. You're just meant to do one thing every day that makes you happy. Could be little things. Could be big. In fact, we're doing one right now…”Annie Hebden is stuck. Stuck in her boring job, with her irritating roommate, in a life no thirty-five-y...

Details Something Like Happy

TitleSomething Like Happy
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
PublisherGraydon House
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Adult Fiction

Reviews Something Like Happy

  • Amy
    It’s very rare for me to read a book that touches me on such a personal level, even if I relate to the characters in a major way or if the storyline reaches someplace deep inside my heart I don’t often feel truly moved and inspired by a book. I think this is one of those magical moments where I picked the perfect book at the right time, Something Like Happy was exactly the type of book I needed and I didn’t even realize it until I was done....
  • Kathryn
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  • Lisa Aiello
    This was a definite 6 star read, but since Goodreads won't allow that (and I have to take off one star for God awful editing, proofing, formatting - which I can only hope is because it was an ARC), a 5 star it is.This book was everyting - sad, happy, heart-breaking, hilarious, irreverant, joyous. You name the emotion, and this story contained it. It is a out friendship and love, selfishness and selflessness. It is about choosing to live a life th...
  • booksofallkinds
    SOMETHING LIKE HAPPY by Eva Woods is simply outstanding!!!!!This book broke me and no this is not an exaggeration - ask my husband who woke up suddenly to the sound of me wailing at 2 am, lol. This story sucked me in and made me care so deeply about the characters and pulled at my heartstrings from start to finish and I definitely went through a box of tissues as I read it, but it also made me laugh out loud, made me appreciate my life even more,...
  • Priyanka
    Check out for more reviews. Something Like Happy is a beautiful story about characters you'll love, friendship and small joys in life. The novel also revolves around 100 Happy Days Project, I had never heard of it before, so it was an experience reading about that. It shows how you can find joy in small things in life.Annie Hebden is miserable and Polly is set to enjoy and celebrate life in the 100 Happy Day...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    In a world where many of us are feeling at odds for various reasons, this book is a reminder that it is important to stop and smell the roses. Something Like Happy is a novel that explores the idea that no matter what your circumstances, there is still joy to be found in the little things if you let them. Eva Woods has crafted a beautiful story that is relatable, humorous, and contains a cast of characters that will tug at your heartstrings.At fi...
  • Siobhan
    Damn, Something Like Happy is a seriously emotional read.I’ll be completely honest by admitting I went into this one a little bit tentative. The notion of the book was intriguing, but I find books dealing with the topics included in this one can be a bit hit or miss. Mainly it was the #100HappyDays social media phenomenon that had me a bit worried. My idea of a social media phenomenon to follow is watching people make a fool of himself or herse...
  • Caryn
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  • Lindsay Williams (Bibbidi Bobbidi Bookworm)
    Special thanks to Little Bird Publicity and Graydon House for sending me a copy of Something Like Happy in exchange for my honest review!I have a bachelor's degree in English (Literature emphasis) and have taught high school English for almost twelve years now. I like to consider myself a bit of an expert in analyzing literature, and I also consider myself a very strong reader who is capable of comprehending difficult texts. My days are filled wi...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    I was really intrigued by the inspiration for Eva Woods' new novel Something Like Happy. I hadn't heard about the #100happydays challenge before this. (You can find out more at the website and on Twitter.)In Something Like Happy, we meet Annie - who is definitely not happy. Her mother is ill, she hates her job, lives in a grubby flat, her marriage has broken up and there's a tragedy in her past that has crippled her moving forward. A chance meeti...
  • Jennifer Vining
    Thank you so much Little Bird Publicity and Graydon House for sending me a copy of this book to read and review. And thank you Eva Woods for writing a book that I absolutely needed to read, the timing was serendipitous. I was meant to read this book. It has been such a long time since I read something and continually flagged pages and wrote in the margins, but this book was filled with so many “life lessons” I just knew I would want to revisi...
  • Michele
    Actual Rating: 4.5 StarsSee the full review at HarlequinJunkie.comSomething Like Happy is the perfect name for Eva Woods’ latest work of fiction. Introspective and charming, this followed two women who were both dealing with life-shattering issues, trying to find a kernel of happiness–or something close to it–in the midst of chaos. “That’s what living is, I think. Letting it all in. The happy days, the sad days, the angry days. Being aw...
  • Stacey Kennedy
    This is a review of an ARC provided by NetGalley-I loved loved LOVED this book. It's one of those little gems that swoops into your life to recharge the soul and reminds us to be grateful for every day and, simply, to live life while we still have the chance.Annie Hebden-Clarke is at low point in her life. Thirty five years old and sharing a flat with a roommate and going through the motions of life, including a mindless job with miserable co-wor...
  • Lesa
    Do you remember the "Hundred Happy Days" project that was popular about three years ago? Now, take one miserable thirty-five-year-old and thrust her into daily contact with another woman determined to celebrate those hundred happy days. That kicks off Eva Woods' moving novel, Something Like Happy. But, that's only the beginning.Annie Hebden doesn't think there's anyone more miserable than she is. Everything in her life changed, crashing around he...
  • Sharon
    I'm pretty sure I've never read anything like this before. I was bewildered and exhausted in the beginning by Annie, who was utterly depressed having experienced unnamed losses that she wallowed in, and wallowed in, and wallowed in. She hated her job and her leisure time was spent visiting her mother who had early dementia in the Alzheimer's hospital ward.Enter Polly, who frequents the hospital for tests to track her brain tumor whom she has name...
  • Holly
    This was a solid women's fiction read. It had the emotional highs and lows, a fun array of different characters, and a wonderful life lesson. I really liked the premise of the book which was based on the "100 days of happy" phenomenon that was popular on social media. The one thing I struggled with was the situations as times felt a bit forced. The "romantic" portions of the storyline didn't flow smoothly to me, and a couple of the ending scenes ...
  • Evie
    Something Like Happy by Eva Woods is one of those books that will stay with you. It's funny and it's sad, at times you won't even know if you want to laugh or cry. I liked it so much that if this was ever made into a movie, I'd be the first one in line to watch it.In Something Like Happy, Eva Woods gives you a look into true friendships. How others see life and death and how someone can deal with the struggles presented to them in their own diffe...
  • Katie_ladyyy
    Hilarious while also heartbreaking. I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought. Great reminder of how precious life is. Highly recommend!
  • Ruth
    Loved this book about two women: one had lost her life and the other was dying. Full review at after 9/2/17
  • Jaime
    I wasn't the biggest fan of this book. I was hoping for a book that was really uplifting and would make me feel SOMETHING. Unfortunately, this one well fell flat to me. I didn't find Polly inspiring and her message didn't really hit me very hard. Her message was a little contradictory at points. In the beginning of the book she tells Annie to write down something happy every day, even if it's small, but then later she tells her that she needs to ...
  • April
    When Eva Woods started seeing her social media feeds flooded with "100 Days of Happiness" posts, she was intrigued. She claims she is not a naturally positive person, but the concept made her curious about our ability to make ourselves happy. This curiosity led her to write Something Like Happy in which we meet Annie and Polly. Annie has had a difficult couple of years and Polly is about to have three very hard months. Polly has been diagnosed wi...
  • Joe Borg
    I received Something like happy from Graydon House books as advanced readers copy against an honest review.I was immediately drawn to read the book because of the short chapters ( covering the 100 days allowed to Polly to live) making it easy reading that is until I started reading since you could not stop. Whilst this might be a women’s fiction I found it as a very lifelike and realistic view of the period in the life of two 35-year-old women ...
  • Jolie
    I have gotten a few gems from Harlequin lately. They are not romances. These books that I have read have been women’s fiction and they have been good women’s fiction. So, my perception of Harlequin has been changed for the better. I still like their romances but with the women’s fiction that they are putting out is so much better. Something Like Happy is one of those books. I went into reading this book thinking that it was going to be bori...
  • Morgan Smith
    Something Like Happy follows Annie, a downtrodden, depressed, divorced woman in her mid-thirties, and Polly, a loud, funny, rambunctious, charismatic woman with terminal brain cancer. Both women must spend a lot of time in the same hospital; Polly because of her terminal brain cancer, and Annie because of her mother, who has advanced stage Alzheimers. When Polly meets Annie, Annie is rude, dismissive, and generally a very sad person. Much to Anni...
  • Sarabeth
    If I could leave all the stars in the sky as my rating for this book I surely would. I am not one to read schmaltzy books, or uplifting, or inspirational -- I have always prefered British mysteries and just to break things up a bit - some American light mysteries with a little romance tossed in.But I signed up to receive a free copy of this book and - pouf - it appeared in my mailbox! Chapters 1-3 were not hooking me. I wondered if I should put i...
  • Angie
    You should check out the blog post @ Reaadaholic Zone. Why? It explodes with color and fabulousness. May you overlook the cheesiness 🧀 of this review, please.Eva Woods hit a home run with Something Like Happy. It had me in a snare unable to free myself from its grasp until the conclusion, though the end, I must admit was the most distressing portion since never before had I gotten this entwined with characters in a book. Throughout the book, t...
  • Brittany
    Thank you to Goodreads/author for this book for review. This book is not for the faint hearted, fair warning! I really enjoyed this book more than I expected to. We meet two very different people who start off as strangers and become great friends. We have Annie who has been wallowing in her own misery for the past two years and just can't seem to enjoy life anymore. One day Polly (the exact opposite) barges into Annie's life and doesn't let go. ...
  • Jenn Z at That's What She's Reading
    I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.I was not aware of the #100HappyDays social media phenomenon prior to reading this book, so I went into it cautiously optimistic. By the end, I could definitely see why the idea of doing 100 happy things over the course of 100 days would be so popular. I know that I can find myself stuck in a rut and feeling that the world is out to get me while believing that...
  • Melissa Kayden
    An emotional book that got me in the feels a couple times, but parts did fall a little flat.Annie is a mid 30s woman who feels like her life is falling apart - her mother is diagnosed with early onset dementia, her husband has left her for her best friend and she is absolutely miserable in her dead end job. While visiting her mother at the hospital she meets Polly, a woman diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, but who is described as "lightning ...