If We Make It Home by Christina Suzann Nelson

If We Make It Home

In College, they were as close as sisters, but in adult life, they drifted so far they became strangers. When the University of Northwest Oregon decides to close the house they called home for four years, Jenna, Ireland, and Vicky travel back and are reunited only to find their other roommate has passed away.With regrets high, and the weight of their crumbling lives as motivation, the women embark on a survival week. When tragedy strikes, leaving...

Details If We Make It Home

TitleIf We Make It Home
Release DateSep 26th, 2017
PublisherKregel Publications
GenreChristian Fiction, Contemporary, Fiction, Christian

Reviews If We Make It Home

  • Melissa
    If We Make It Home is a thrill ride, wrapped in a deeply moving and grace-filled look at life, love, and everything that makes us want to be alive.See full review here:Life Fully Booked Review
  • Patricia Lee
    If you enjoy sitting on the edge of your seat, hyperventilating, then this is the story for you. Nelson has done something incredible. She has placed three women together, given each of them a first person voice, and from the get-go made them sound like individuals. Readers will never have any trouble distinguishing between Ireland, Jenna, or Vicky, they are each unique in their own way. This is an amazing tale of survival. The author never cuts ...
  • Deborah Raney
    The adventure these three friends found themselves on had me wide-eyed and holding my breath many times. But it was their inner journeys that were even more breathtaking. High stakes for each of the characters, yes, but a payoff that is so worthwhile. I really enjoyed this!
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: If We Make It Home (A Novel of Faith and Survival in the Oregon Wilderness)Author: Christina Suzann NelsonPages: 272Year: 2017Publisher: KregelMy rating 5 out of 5 stars.Here is a powerful story about four women who were college buds. When they left college, they let their relationships fade. Now, decades later, they come back for a reunion that holds surprises and life lessons they will never forget, that is if they live through it. Each ...
  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    I love finding a new novel from a debut author that is simply so great I feel the need to tell everyone. If We Make It Home by Christina Suzann Nelson is one such novel. It is a novel that conveys friendship, loyalty, faith and hope as its central themes. The novel is about sorority sisters from Emery House, that find themselves strangely all returning back to their house based on an invitation that the house is about to be closed. Each of them h...
  • Molly Cafinated Reads Jaber
    Another new author for me, and one I am completely happy to have found! When sitting down to read this intriguing sounding book, I wasn't quite sure what to expect,especially with this being a debut author. But, what I found when opening the pages was a book that completely swept me away, held me captive through out and completely stole all my emotions, from happiness to tears and back again. The story really blew me away and left me reflecting ...
  • Amy
    If We Make It Home is quite a stark title for a novel that really grabs you and will not let you go. Not only from the harrowing adventure these friends find themselves in the midst of, but also all of the crazy, heavy emotions that comes with each of their stories.Four college friends all embark on their life’s adventure and 25 years later come back for an impromptu reunion when they find out their college sorority house is set to close its do...
  • Veronica
    I absolutely loved this book! I was on the edge of my seat as the women end up in one bad situation after another. It felt very believable as none of them really knew what they were doing and it showed! It was also fascinating to see how they reconnected after all those years apart and finally showed their true selves and shared their struggles with each other. Each woman was in a very different place yet all struggled with knowing what their pur...
  • Gloria
    This book received some excellent promotion and reviews, and I find I have a mixed reaction to it. On the plus side, this is not a typical Christian story. Three former college roommates return to their alma mater only to find their fourth roommate had died and none of them even knew it. That is how far they had grown apart. Each has something troubling them in their personal life: perfectionism and a troubled marriage, lack of purpose/empty nest...
  • Joan
    I enjoyed this novel about relationship transformation and character development. Three women are thrown into an environment where facades are ripped away, hurtful events from the past are clarified, and prickly personalities are molded into a new level of friendship.The first part of this novel got off to a slow start for me. It finally grabbed my interest about 70 pages in when the women head off to their wilderness journey. The following adven...
  • Patricia Bradley
    This is another book that kept me up way past my bedtime. Have you ever looked back on your life and there was a time and place that held all your hopes and dreams? And twenty-five years later your life is not what you thought it would be? If We Make it Home explores that theme through the lives of four women who were college friends. They graduated from the University of Northwest Oregon, vowing to stay in touch, and we all know how that goes....
  • Deena
    Christina Suzann Nelson's debut novel, "If We Make it Home" immediately reminded me of a well-known book titled "Wild". But a few chapters in, I completely forgot the other novel and was captivated by Nelson's incredible tale.Three women, one guide, and the vast wilderness. Nelson pulls no punches--her characters endure challenges and hardships that made me cringe. A stunning twist sends the story careening off in an unexpected direction and trul...
  • Erin
    Ireland, Victoria, and Jenna are three former friends who find themselves stuck together in the wilds of Oregon, facing not just exposure to the unforgiving elements, but the exposure of their carefully buried inner wounds and secrets. Beautifully written with depth, grace, grit, and well-placed moments of humor, this story is about women dropping masks and discovering who they really are, or who they want to be if they can survive long enough. I...
  • Maureen Timerman
    This is the author’s debut read, and how powerful it is; just don’t let your guard down.Three women reluctantly go to their college dorm that is closing, twenty-five years after they left, and each agrees they should have been there for one another. Secrets are revealed, and lives will never be the same, as they go on a little hiking adventure, never expecting all that is going to happen.I was page turning, things happened so quickly, and you...
  • Deana Dick
    Three women who once were close friends in college have lost touch with each other. Each one has a different reason to get away for awhile and try to regroup. When they find themselves at their old alma mata at the same time, is it fate or God’s plan? It was painful for them to find out that their friend Hope had passed away. That was a turning point for each of them. The author shows how each other’s lives went in different directions and ca...
  • Michelle
    `If We Make It Home` is a Christian fiction novel by Christina Suzann Nelson. This is Christina's first novel although she has written essays for the Cup of Comfort series. In this novel, she introduces three women who haven't seen each other since college, twenty-five years ago. Ireland Jayne is writing an article about changes in the environmental movement while she sits on an exercise ball to strengthen her core. She cut her dreadlocks off yea...
  • Jessica Higgins
    Inspirational, yet terrifying at times! No sleeping till this one is finished!Three women who were college roommates venture back to their college home when they learn that the house is closing. Ireland has made a life as a college professor and has always had an eco-conscious lifestyle. But a threat of a lawsuit from a student claiming he was denied grad school because he refused Ireland’s advances may ruin her career. Jenna made a lifestyle a...
  • Gayle Pace
    MY THOUGHTSThis is the author's debut novel and she has definitely hit it home. Haven't we all had friends that somehow we have drifted apart from, for various reasons? Sometimes it happens over night and sometimes, it happens slowly and we don't even realize it. You promise each other you will keep in touch. But as we all know, life doesn't always work out as we plan. This is a captivating and interesting story of three friends who lost contact ...
  • Karen Korb
    My Thoughts On The Book: I loved this book, Once I started it I could not put it down and felt as if I was making this trek with these women. I am not a huge fan of switching between characters every few pages. I tend to get confused about which character was speaking. Nelson did a really good job of switching and I was left waiting to see what was going to happen next. I am a huge Pacific Northwest fan and this book is a definite must read. I ca...
  • Cathy Cermele
    My reviewAs the three young women embark on a survival training in the mountains, I was kind of sitting on the edge of my seat. To be perfectly honest, I would never have the nerve to do anything like that, even if I were physically able. I wish that I felt a connection to even one of the characters, but unfortunately I did not. I liked them as a group of friends that were reconnecting after losing touch with each other. At times, it was a bit co...
  • Pamela
    FABULOUS!!! Highly recommended! Full review to come.... With the sincerest of intentions.
  • April
    In this story, told from three friend's viewpoints, we're taken on a life-changing trip filled with harrowing pitfalls, where the brokenness each carries inside is nearly as threatening as the dangers they face in the wilderness. Debut author Christiana Nelson has delivered an insightful novel of adventure, reconciliation, and spiritual healing as each woman rediscovers their purpose--and the roots of their devotion to one another and God. An exc...
  • Janyre Tromp
    The author uses 4 points of view so, while it's understandable, the beginning of the book is rather slow. It does pick up quickly for the rest of the book and the characters are decently drawn. Overall, a good first novel and a nice quick read.
  • Amy
    This book grabbed me from the beginning. It starts with a chapter each, about three different women, who roomed together in college, and now 25 years later, they are getting ready to go to the Emery House reunion, although all a bit reluctantly. Their lives are very dissimilar, and yet, not so unalike. Each woman is trying to escape her own inner struggles - empty nest, marriage problems, career difficulties... They head off to their college reun...
  • Cynthia Warren
    Ever watch a really bad sci-fi movie? I'd have been mad if I had paid for this. The only thing I liked about this novel was that, for a novel of faith, it wasn't too preachy. The characters were flat. I found that if I didn't make an effort (if no telltale name was mentioned), then it was difficult to tell them apart, especially at the beginning, and when they did stick to particular beliefs, it went beyond-the-beyond. For example, would Vicky re...
  • Kelly
    While I normally try to avoid books labelled "Christian Fiction" because they can be rather preachy, I didn't realize what I had chosen until I got it home. Combine that with a snowed-in three-day weekend, and I read this little novel cover to cover.Three college friends reunite and then learn that the fourth member of their group has recently passed away. All faced with personal challenges, they choose to participate in a rigorous nature walk co...
  • justablondemoment
    This my 1st book from this author. It was a book I found on a rainy day spent at the library. I'm always unsure about Christian fiction as sometimes they can be a bit preachy. It's not the message that bothers me I just don't like when it overtakes the plot of the book. This book was just awesome and I loved it. Got emotionally invested in all of the characters and was truly impressed with the writing. For such a serious situation it was great ho...
  • Linda Davis
    Wilderness survival books fascinate me! I love that Nelson chose a triple first person narrative and kept throwing in hints on who was who until I got to know each one of the three protagonists well. It was really hard to put down. Reader alert: don’t start this book unless you have time to finish it!
  • Carol
    This book uses an alternating first person point of view narrative for three college friends reunited after twenty-five years apart. I didn't really identify with any of the three main character, but eventually, I found myself interested in their stories and where they would all end up in the end. I think this is a very good first novel for this new author! I loved the Oregon setting for the adventure that these women are taken on. There were a c...
  • Amanda
    This book has such an interesting premise - three friends from college end up on a survival weekend 25 years later that goes wrong, and they have to survive for real. About 75% of the way through the book, it starts to get a bit unbelievable. The story was good, it just stretched suspension of disbelief a little too far for me.