If We Make It Home by Christina Suzann Nelson

If We Make It Home

In College, they were as close as sisters, but in adult life, they drifted so far they became strangers. When the University of Northwest Oregon decides to close the house they called home for four years, Jenna, Ireland, and Vicky travel back and are reunited only to find their other roommate has passed away.With regrets high, and the weight of their crumbling lives as motivation, the women embark on a survival week. When tragedy strikes, leaving...

Details If We Make It Home

TitleIf We Make It Home
Release DateSep 26th, 2017
PublisherKregel Publications
GenreReligion, Christian Fiction, Adventure, Adult, Contemporary

Reviews If We Make It Home

  • Patricia Lee
    If you enjoy sitting on the edge of your seat, hyperventilating, then this is the story for you. Nelson has done something incredible. She has placed three women together, given each of them a first person voice, and from the get-go made them sound like individuals. Readers will never have any trouble distinguishing between Ireland, Jenna, or Vicky, they are each unique in their own way. This is an amazing tale of survival. The author never cuts ...
  • Deborah Raney
    The adventure these three friends found themselves on had me wide-eyed and holding my breath many times. But it was their inner journeys that were even more breathtaking. High stakes for each of the characters, yes, but a payoff that is so worthwhile. I really enjoyed this!
  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    I love finding a new novel from a debut author that is simply so great I feel the need to tell everyone. If We Make It Home by Christina Suzann Nelson is one such novel. It is a novel that conveys friendship, loyalty, faith and hope as its central themes. The novel is about sorority sisters from Emery House, that find themselves strangely all returning back to their house based on an invitation that the house is about to be closed. Each of them h...
  • Deena
    Christina Suzann Nelson's debut novel, "If We Make it Home" immediately reminded me of a well-known book titled "Wild". But a few chapters in, I completely forgot the other novel and was captivated by Nelson's incredible tale.Three women, one guide, and the vast wilderness. Nelson pulls no punches--her characters endure challenges and hardships that made me cringe. A stunning twist sends the story careening off in an unexpected direction and trul...
  • Erin
    Ireland, Victoria, and Jenna are three former friends who find themselves stuck together in the wilds of Oregon, facing not just exposure to the unforgiving elements, but the exposure of their carefully buried inner wounds and secrets. Beautifully written with depth, grace, grit, and well-placed moments of humor, this story is about women dropping masks and discovering who they really are, or who they want to be if they can survive long enough. I...
  • Maureen Timerman
    This is the author’s debut read, and how powerful it is; just don’t let your guard down.Three women reluctantly go to their college dorm that is closing, twenty-five years after they left, and each agrees they should have been there for one another. Secrets are revealed, and lives will never be the same, as they go on a little hiking adventure, never expecting all that is going to happen.I was page turning, things happened so quickly, and you...
  • Melissa
    Review to come on Life Fully Booked, will post here when live.
  • Deana Dick
    Three women who once were close friends in college have lost touch with each other. Each one has a different reason to get away for awhile and try to regroup. When they find themselves at their old alma mata at the same time, is it fate or God’s plan? It was painful for them to find out that their friend Hope had passed away. That was a turning point for each of them. The author shows how each other’s lives went in different directions and ca...
  • Gayle Pace
    MY THOUGHTSThis is the author's debut novel and she has definitely hit it home. Haven't we all had friends that somehow we have drifted apart from, for various reasons? Sometimes it happens over night and sometimes, it happens slowly and we don't even realize it. You promise each other you will keep in touch. But as we all know, life doesn't always work out as we plan. This is a captivating and interesting story of three friends who lost contact ...
  • April
    In this story, told from three friend's viewpoints, we're taken on a life-changing trip filled with harrowing pitfalls, where the brokenness each carries inside is nearly as threatening as the dangers they face in the wilderness. Debut author Christiana Nelson has delivered an insightful novel of adventure, reconciliation, and spiritual healing as each woman rediscovers their purpose--and the roots of their devotion to one another and God. An exc...
  • Janyre Tromp
    The author uses 4 points of view so, while it's understandable, the beginning of the book is rather slow. It does pick up quickly for the rest of the book and the characters are decently drawn. Overall, a good first novel and a nice quick read.