1917 by Arthur Herman


In 1917, Arthur Herman examines one crucial year and the two figures at its center who would set the course of modern world history: Woodrow Wilson and Vladimir Lenin. Though they were men of very different backgrounds and experiences, Herman reveals how Wilson and Lenin were very much alike. Both rose to supreme power, one through a democratic election; the other through violent revolution. Both transformed their countries by the policies they i...

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Release DateNov 28th, 2017
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, World History, Literature, 20th Century, North American Hi..., American History, Cultural, Russia

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  • Steve
    A interesting book of how two different leaders impacted the world with ideas of freedom and revolution. On April 6, 1917, United States President Woodrow Wilson sent American troops to France to fight for freedom and democracy against Germany in the First World War. Meanwhile In October, 1917, Vladimir Lenin started the Communist revolution in Russia and overthrew the democratic rule of the czar. Two different world leaders with two different id...