The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule

Throughout your life, you've had parents, coaches, teachers, friends and mentors who have pushed you to be better than your excuses and bigger than your fears. What if the secret to having the confidence and courage to enrich your life and work is simply knowing how to push yourself? Using the science of habits, riveting stories and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art and business, Mel Robbins will explain the po...

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TitleThe 5 Second Rule
Release DateFeb 28th, 2017
PublisherSavio Republic
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Personal Development, Favorites, Audiobook, Psychology, Business, Productivity, Buisness, Leadership

Reviews The 5 Second Rule

  • Michael Gunnulfsen
    I like the idea, but just watch the TED talk instead
  • Laureen Peltier
    I purchased this book because I was hopeful it would give me some tools to make decisions faster. Instead, The 5 Second Rule read like an elaborate advertisement. Pages and pages of testimonials of how the 5 Second Rule changed peoples lives. The reader is left to wonder how.The idea is that we must make a decision in the first 5 seconds before our head gets too involved and the moment passes. This rule can be used to lose weight, build a busines...
  • Mehrsa
    I should have 5-4-3-2-1 and put the book in the trash, but I didn't. I finished this stupid book that is basically a long infomercial about nothing. Just watch the TED talk. Or don't. There's not much here.
  • Amina
    This is definitely a great one, its concept is very sipmle.In this book, Mel Robbins explains the simple way of the 5 second rule and shares some stories of people who applied it and witnessed the change it brought. There's no overwhelming motivation in here, the book only makes you face yourself and and admit that the only person standing in your way is you, not your condition, not your family or society, as human beings, we have that gift to ig...
  • Amanda
    Sorry but I can’t recommend this one. It felt overly repetitive, and the testimonials were of no interest to me. I originally gave it a three, but I’m downgrading it to 2.5 because the only thing I’ve retained is that you must make the decision to act in the first five seconds.
  • Hatem Shawkat
    (((((((Update)))))))Although it is so simple and sounds such a dumb but guess what ? it works like magic :D
  • Amy Schmittauer
    This book is incredible. I don't have a lot of issues getting motivated, but we all get comfortable in our own ways. I'm so motivated and it's incredible how MOVED my body feels by the simple act of counting down from 5. I'm blown away!
  • Alexander Fitzgerald
    Mel Robbins book has way too many testimonials. It goes in circles. Entire sections should be cut out. And you absolutely positively must read it. I get the idea Mel Robbins was rushed to make this book after her wildly successful Ted Talk, and it's a prime example of why nonfiction books need to slim down. There is a reason Blinkist can summarize so many of them so succinctly into five pages. You can almost hear the publisher screaming through M...
  • E.B. Durran
    It works if you work it... Life altering!Mel really nailed this... I've read countless self-help and motivation books, I never would have thought something so seemingly simple would change things in my life this quickly. She's right... motivation is crap, I rarely "feel" like doing what needs done. If anyone is on the fence about picking up this book... Just buy it, you won't be disappointed!
  • Cindy Rollins
    This was an odd book. I cannot even imagine the author actually writing it. It sounds like she started speaking into a recorder without much of a plan and Voila! a book. While I can see some value in the concept, it would make a nice long article, or even a short one, rather than a whole book. Nevertheless, the author is sincere and likable and the concept is helpful.
  • Josh Burgess
    I honestly can't think of a book that I have hated more than this book in quite some time. I listened to the audio version, and first off, the author is a horrible narrator. Her voice was like sandpaper to my ears. Secondly, I kept thinking of what the conversation with her publisher must have been like: "You have a good idea in this 5 second rule." Author: "Right, but that's pretty much it. It's a 1 minute explanation." Publisher: "Turn that min...
  • Salma
    Such a bad book and waist of time. You want a spoiler?! Just count 5-4-3-2-1
  • Matthew
    The Power of Counting DownSeth Godin says that he can read for a certain amount of time before "he gets the joke," or the gist of the book.The gist of this book is counting down and acting is the key to everything. The concept is a good idea, but not worth the money paid for the book.What's more, I purchased the book for the heck of it because there was a course on passion by the same author. I ordered it to see what the fuss was all about.It rem...
  • Mel
    I highly recommend the audiobook! It’s like Mel Robbins right beside you coaching you along! Can’t even tell she’s reading her book! I had read the book last year when it came out but didn’t get much out of it because my brother died about the same time. This book has been a one book intervention for my self-sabotage and procrastination. Go get the book. Don’t think about it. Don’t hesitate it. Let your new life of five second decisio...
  • Michelle
    Very very repetitive, and I ended up speeding the audio to 2x for the last half. She could have given the same information in 1/10 of the time. I like the idea of the principle, it's just overly elaborated upon. I will try it out though and see if it helps with a few things, especially waking up before my kids.
  • Adriane Leigh
    Short, little repetitive, but totally motivating! Worth a reread when my mojo is dead.
  • Mark Speed
    The subtitle of the hardback contains the words 'surprisingly simple'. And it is. Unfortunately, this is one of those books that seeks to blow up a small and simple subject into an overwritten ATM. My gut feel is that the main problem the book addresses is that the author didn't manage to earn any revenue from her fantastic TED talk, which went viral.I don't wish to be down on the idea itself, which is terrific. It was, as the author says, almost...
  • Mars Dorian
    I loved Mel Robbins's various talks and interviews. She's an incredible presenter and storyteller, but the book is a blog article stretched into short book-form. Here's the entire content in one sentence:if you have the impulse to act, count 5-4-3-2-1, and do it before your brain interferes. That's it. The rest is filled with countless repetition and numerous examples of social media buddies whose lives allegedly have 'drastically' improved. I gi...
  • Hanne
    As an idea and a 'science' the 5second rule is great - but as a book it's pretty atrocious. The book spends way to much of its time trying to sell you a product that you already bought! It keeps self congratulating itself on how brilliant it is, and how many people it has helped with however many variants of things. As this is a 'self help' type book, I was expecting a fair bit of this as it comes with the territory, but here there really was jus...
  • Joline Atkins
    I witness people denying themselves the opportunity to try hard things EVERY DAY. Waiting for motivation. Waiting until the "time is right". Not feeling ready and thus not even giving something hard a try. And yet, there is a desire TO DO THE HARD THINGS. Takes 5 seconds and ACTION. While I'm not one to tell people to blindly follow their heart, I will say that human nature overthinks so many decisions - especially about moving forward in ways th...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    If you don’t want to do something you should “like get out of bed” countdown 54321 and do it.Summary of this book. It’s a helpful little tip and she included some interesting science that supports why it works but the rest of the book feels unnecessary or is clouded in her talking about how great she is... if you tend to like Tony Robbins type stuff, you’ll likely enjoy this book. Otherwise try the countdown and watch a Ted Talk.
  • Travis sivarT
    Simple solid advice. Nothing revolutionary here, more like common sense. Sometimes a person just needs to hear things out loud and that's what this book does. Basically reminds you to KISS keep it simple stupid. Act on things rather than over think them and you'll get farther in life. Doesn't get any simpler than that, although it may not be easy
  • Midori
    Just watch her TED talk on youtube, that will sum up all the things she said in this book. Quite a waste of a time to read this while you can just grasp what the 5 second rule is in 10 mins. Somehow the rule did work for me, but not really that life changing, as you need a bigger picture i.e. a vision before moving your butt - which is of course not in the scope of her book.
  • Kathleen
    The concept this book describes is great: Countdown and act on what you know you need to do immediately, rather than storing it in your internal to-do list that may never get done. The book itself could've been an article -- and the author's TED talk on it does the job just as well.
  • Derek
    Abandoned!The 5 Second rule is a great idea, but this book was far from it. If you've not watched any of Mel Robbins' speaking videos (especially the TED Talk & Inside Quest interview) then you can find something halfway useful in this book. If you have, then this is nothing but an extended blogpost, mirred with repetitiveness and 'testimonials' that teach you nothing. I have watched both the videos above and came to this thinking I'd learn more...
  • diane
    Overall I found this book to be a useful extension of the author's TEDx talk, but if you didn't read it, the talk would probably do you fine, if you watched it a couple times to internalize the ideas. That all said, the book could have used some different/better editing. There were very obvious mistakes (repeated words, repeated sections, missing words, etc.) that were distracting. Also, rather than focus on how many people are getting value from...
  • Jen
    Stop what you're doing and read/listen to this book! It's a game-changer. It's paradigm-shifting. Yes, those are dramatic words, but it really is. I'm a therapist and a self-help junkie, so I've got a lot of things to compare it to. I've been using this technique and telling my clients about it - I'm just amazed at how much it's shifted for us already! Plus, I do highly recommend the audio version because it's read by the author (I love it when b...
  • Ryan A. Ingram
    Great theory and full of fluff.I love the concept of this book. However, it's a very simple idea that was crazy fluffed. Count down from 5 and do something to help you reach your goals. There were tons of testimonials and personal stories, while they drove home the authors points, it also got very tiring. Her point was made without 75% of the material. Again, great concept...great thought, and great book...just too long for the actual message it ...
  • Deepak Singh Bisth
    Loved it.It is so simple and yet we do not use this rule which can change our lives for the better.Anyone who has seen Mel's Ted Talk, they would really want to read this book.