Righteous (IQ, #2) by Joe Ide

Righteous (IQ, #2)

In this hotly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit IQ, a New York Times Critics' Best of the Year and nominee for the Best First Novel Edgar Award, Isaiah uncovers a secret behind the death of his brother, Marcus. For ten years, something has gnawed at Isaiah Quintabe's gut and kept him up nights, boiling with anger and thoughts of revenge. Ten years ago, when Isaiah was just a boy, his brother was killed by an unknown assailant. The se...

Details Righteous (IQ, #2)

TitleRighteous (IQ, #2)
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherMulholland Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Crime, Audiobook, Hard Boiled, Suspense

Reviews Righteous (IQ, #2)

  • Paromjit
    I had such high expectations for this sequel to IQ that I was afraid of being disappointed. My fears drifted away as I began to read, in fact I would venture to suggest that this book is even better, Joe Ide's writing has developed to give us two seamless stories running parallel in the narrative, that come together through the introduction of Sarita, the dead Marcus's girlfriend, over whom Isiah had an all consuming crush on. After it had almost...
  • William
    Fabulous! Wonderful! Another bling-noir roller-coaster ride from Joe Ide! Like the first I.Q. book, there are two stories here, in two time-frames, nicely intermingled by Ide. In the first, Isaiah realises that he must pursue the events of Marcus' death, and in the second story, Isaiah and Dodson are perfectly mis-matched, and off and running to save the day for the wayward Janine in Las Vegas.Things get ever more complex, with Ide's insightful a...
  • Faith
    I suggest reading "IQ", the first book in this series, before reading this book. Not because the stories are dependent on each other but because the first book was very original and introduced the wonderful character Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) who was Sherlock Holmes with more wit. Without that intro you might not get as much pleasure from reading "Righteous". In this book Isaiah is still trying to track down the driver who killed his brother Marcus in...
  • Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    This novel had me gripped and from page 57, I already knew, Joe Ide has written another 5* Genius novel! Isiah aka IQ, for readers new to the series, is the complex protagonist of Joe Ide’s genius novel. IQ is the Sherlock Holmes from the ghetto, with a golden heart and an intellect that outwits and manipulates, to bring justice within his local community of LA. IQ is articulate and was destined for Harvard University when tragedy struck! I am ...
  • Lou
    Tale of two crime syndicates and the search for one truth behind a crime of kin.A second instalment in the days of a likeable p.i, a real character that just flows with style and originality.I loved the debut IQ and i had written about that in my review, “There is a real potent voice created by the author Joe Ide, he has crafted a tale about the alternative American dream the other side of the fences tale, a tale of poetic justice in ways, in p...
  • Katie
    Damn, I love these books. Truly the freshest take on a gumshoe I've read in a decade.
  • Pop Culture Nerd
    Joe Ide’s RIGHTEOUS, the follow-up to his multiple award nominee IQ, made me laugh one minute, punched me in the gut the next. It's entertaining and suspenseful and shows how light can come from dark places while love can steer you wrong. Left me thinking about human nature and how beauty and ugliness and cruelty and mercy coexist sometimes. In other words, you get a lot in one tight package.Isaiah and Dodson and the rest of Ide's characters ju...
  • Martin
    Joe Ide has come up with the most original and real private detective books that I've read in years. He has breathed new life into a genre than can seem a bit tired and cliche worn. An excellent second novel in what I can only hope will be a long series.
  • Charles Finch
    3.5 stars. Review tk!
  • Trev Twinem
    Great characterization and a cracking dialogue It is refreshing to discover something new and exciting under the heading of crime fiction; meet Isaiah Quintabe affectionately known as IQ to his friends. He's a fast talking young man who lives and works in Long Beach California, almost akin to a modern day bounty hunter, who accepts occasional criminal cases as a means to survive. When Sarita the ex girlfriend of his brother Marcus (killed in a hi...
  • Amy
    Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith. Joe Ide's debut novel, IQ, was so perfect that to match its quality seemed impossible. His protagonist's character balanced intrigue and flaws in a realistic, likable manner. There are a lot of Sherlock Holmes comparisons being floated around regarding Isaiah's character. Those comparisons are apples to oranges. Holmes's deductions seemed to be plucked out of thin air. Not so with IQ. Isaiah follows a g...
  • Latkins
    I didn't read the Kindle edition, but a proof of the edition that is coming out next February - this one isn't available yet on here! Anyway, I really loved IQ so of course I had to read this sequel, and I wasn't disappointed. IQ begins an investigation into his beloved brother Marcus's death, as he realises that it wasn't just a hit-and-run accident, but murder. He also comes to aid of Marcus's old girlfriend Sarita, who he still holds a torch f...
  • Keenan Powell
    Gorgeous writing and fast-paced action makes this book unputdownable. In this second IQ novel as two plots run side-by-side, a traditional murder mystery and a thriller, there is everything readers look for: tension, conflict, character arc, pathos, prose that sings, and metaphors Raymond Chandler wished he'd written. Mr. Ide has proven himself a master of both the mystery puzzle and the suspense thriller. It's no small wonder that his first nove...
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars.In Joe Ide's Righteous, brilliant detective Isaiah Quintabe (aka IQ) finds himself working two cases that are extremely personal since they both have links to his beloved brother Marcus who died in a tragic hit and run several years earlier. This second installment in the gritty private detective series, IQ, is a suspenseful mystery that easily stands on its own but I highly recommend the first novel as well.This latest outing picks up ...
  • K
    “In a way, hate felt good. You were righteous, godlike, the dispenser of justice.”I was very keen to read Righteous, the second installment of what I hope will be a long-lasting series about I. Q., aka Isaiah Quintabe (the first book being I. Q., you should read it https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...). I was, therefore, quite thrilled to receive an advance copy. It did not disappoint. All my favorites returned – Dodson (esp. b/c he’s...
  • Jess
    I received a galley of this book from Mulholland Books via NetGalley. It has not impacted my thoughts or opinions about this book.Righteous picks up very quickly and I would recommend reading IQ first if you haven't already. IQ introduces and develops Isaiah Quintabe, the protagonist, and the world he lives in. Righteous takes that a step further and digs deeper into his brother's past and Isaiah's own personality while addressing serious issues ...
  • Viccy
    Isiah Quintabe returns in his second adventure. IQ discovers the car that killed his brother, Marcus, in a local junkyard and he uncovers the fact it was not a hit-and-run as the police thought; Marcus was murdered by the person driving the car. This sets IQ on a path of destruction through his south-central LA neighborhood. IQ also get a phone call from Sarita, Marcus' former girl friend, asking him to save her father and step-sister, who are on...
  • Julie
    This is a pretty compelling read and another instance of the hard-boiled but not noir genre. IQ (the protagonist here) and many of the other characters carry over from the first novel. But as is true in the best of all series (at least in my view) they have changed a bit over time. And they keep changing--evolving as the story shifts around them. Ide is good with characters that way and it makes me look forward to a long and enjoyable series. I d...
  • Christopher Farrell
    When I started this I really enjoyed it, to the point that I thought I enjoyed it more than the previous entry. However, as it went out I found myself a little lost between characters and the action/passive narration kind of took me out of it. I've had an issue with endings in the last few books, and I again felt this wrapped up really neatly with nothing left to follow, and that makes me sad. I liked revisiting these characters and would like to...
  • Dgordon
    The second book in this series featuring Isaiah Quintabe is even better than the first one. Gambling, Las Vegas, Chinese gangsters, Mexican gangs and his good friend Dodson make-up the cast of characters for a truely original take on the private detective genre. Down-to-earth Isaiah is a detective for the 21st century, a wonderful book.
  • Ray Palen
    Read my review this week on bookreporter.com .
  • Mulholland Books
    The nagging question of Isaiah's brother is finally answered, and we meet a few new intriguing characters along the way!
  • Laura
    I have a real soft spot for IQ. He's a product of his tough LA neighborhood who is haunted by his older brother's death and determined to find out why his brother died. In this second installment of what I hope is a long series, IQ closes in on what happened to his brother while also trying to protect the family of the woman both he and his brother loved. Mayhem, a minor gang war, and a budding maturity on IQ's part ensue.
  • Dlmrose
  • Jayne
    Excellent follow up to IQ.
  • Becky
    Joe Ide's first novel, "IQ ," introduced the character Isaiah Quintabe, a Black detective from a rough-and-poor southern California neighborhood. In that book, you learn about what happens to Isaiah as a teen that develops him into an intelligent, strong and determined man in his mid 20s. You also learn about his friend Dodson. and other characters. Dodson, his sort-of sidekick, also starts out as a teen in "IQ." "Righteous," the sequel, takes yo...
  • Sarah
    Joe Ide’s debut novel, IQ, was one of my favorite books of 2016. The voice was fresh and exciting. The concept was cool and unique: an edgy Sherlock Holmes with a hip hop flavor. RIGHTEOUS is no different and picks up right where we left off. Isaiah Quintabe or IQ receives a cry for help from his brother’s former girlfriend, Sarita. She wants IQ to find her younger sister, Janine, a DJ with a gambling problem. What follows is a sometimes comi...
  • Scotty
    Joe Ide is my favorite emerging mystery/thriller writer by a large margin. In a genre ridden with unrealistic supermen with high-flung connections at the Pentagon, etc., Isaiah is an incredibly refreshing character. The words "gritty", "down to earth", and "realistic" all spring to mind, but none really does justice to the world the author creates. Just as an example, a pair of characters in this book are gambling addicts. In many books of this g...
  • Kathleen Lawrence
    Ide is the Elmore Leonard for the next generation. His debut novel, IQ, was met with considerable success—winning the Macavity Award for best first novel. Righteous continues the detective exploits of Isaiah Quintabe, a quiet African-American from East Long Beach, California. This is the home of gangs hustling for whatever they can earn by whatever means necessary. Welcome to ‘survival of the fitness’ neighborhood style! What do the powerle...