Supernova (Amulet, #8) by Kazu Kibuishi

Supernova (Amulet, #8)

Emily has lost control of her Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void, where she must find a way to escape the influence of the Voice. Meanwhile, Emily's brother, Navin, travels to Lighthouse One, a space station where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces that would drain planet Alledia of all its resources. Emily and Navin must be smarter and stronger than ever to ensure Alledia's survival.

Details Supernova (Amulet, #8)

TitleSupernova (Amulet, #8)
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Comics

Reviews Supernova (Amulet, #8)

  • Sam
    This was definitely better than Firelight. But I was still severely underwhelmed.To get it out of the way, here are the things I didn't really like.•IT FELT RUSHED. In this book, stuff happens very, very quickly and doesn't really give you time to be invested in the story. This book should've been longer.•THE PLOT. Or...lack of it. Literally what even is the plot of this series anymore? There's a war...about what again? What are the sides? An...
  • David
    3.75 The story felt a little disjointed, but that might be a result of having such a long period of time between reading the last two books. The artwork is fantastic as usual and there are some nice messages throughout the story.
  • Derick
    I can't believe there is going to be series 9.
  • Christy
    I thought this was the last book but it’s not 😱
  • Katie Florida
    Long awaited!! This was so full of surprises and reconnection with characters. Definitely a set up for the final volume, but a great one nonetheless.
  • Zayed Alameri
    I need to read
  • Francisco Ruiz
    good storyline
  • Melissa
    SO good.
  • Emyrose8
    Oh boy! So many ‘what!?’ moments. The ending isn’t as much of a cliffhanger as the previous book, but it still makes me want to read the last book right now!!!
  • Vanessa
    This is such a great series! Emily is a strong heroine. Now the long wait for the last volume begins.
  • Joey
    How do I read them on this app I’m confused?
  • Amanda Drover-Hartwick
    Last week my son bought Supernova at his school's Scholastic book fair. I don't think I've ever seen him so excited to buy a new book. He's read each book of the Amulet series at least ten times.It's been ten years since the first Amulet book, The Stonekeeper, was released and this newest release, Supernova, is an epic journey into space and a new planet called Typhon. This story has a fast-moving plot with reveals and surprises. There is a big f...
  • Martin
    My daughter and I have read all of these. I think the series starts off very strong, and has some really powerful parts, but it’s always been a tad off. I dislike how the mother is portrayed in the book, and while I like books with strong young protagonists, in this book, the children are constantly either more powerful than everyone else (the main girl, Emily), or being told several times per book that they are natural leaders (her brother). (...
  • Robert Owens
    I placed my Scholastic book order. As I did, I spotted this. I had given up hope of this series continuing. I read this two and a half years ago. I enjoyed the series, but admittedly, I have forgotten the story. I suppose that is why I didn't care for this book as much as I probably would have if I read it with the others.The characters seemed fractured. I struggled to keep up with the scenes, who was who, and what was going on. On top of all tha...
  • Martyn
    Amulet Vol. 8: Team Exposition!So sad to see a series that started off with such a bang limp toward the end so haphazardly. Was anyone else surprised that we waited 8 volumes to see the Elf King unmasked only for it to happen as an afterthought in a couple of panels? A lot of the scenes, particularly involving Emily, in this volume felt like that to me, as if the author realized there were some plot lines he needed to get tied up. Unfortunately E...
  • Jenna Iden
    Well, if I'm being honest, I don't believe I could write a coherent summary of this series. I sometimes feel like I'm following along with a movie that I've half-napped through; everything connects, but some of it is in pure dream logic. There's so much happening that, while I get the gist, my brain is undoubtedly missing important details. Thankfully, my eyes keep catching the gorgeous artwork. I quite liked the callback to the first book in thi...
  • Hannah Belyea
    While Navin joins his friends and new allies aboard Lighthouse One to face the darkness spreading across multiple planets, Emily must come face to face with the Voice once again to free herself from the void and join her family before the final battle can be waged. Kibuishi continues this invigorating series with more colour, charm and twists that will have readers holding their breath with awe and shock. Emily is going to have to face strangers ...
  • Stephanie
    I have been waiting 2 years for this book - and it was worth the wait! As usual, Kibuishi has produced some fantastic illustrations and complex plot line to satisfy young and old readers. My only complaint with Kibuishi's writing is that plot points sometimes come too quickly, or you need to have held on to previous knowledge in other books to understand who's who. Clearly the kids don't have a problem with this, as these books are consistently c...
  • Casey
    This was amazing! I loved every bit of it. I feel like I finally got some revelations that I was hoping for. The only downside is that I feel kind of empty that there’s only one volume left. I feel like the author could write three or four more just to fill in the story a bit. But I’m sure he’s probably ready to move on to different projects. What a ride.
  • H
    The ninth book in the Amulet series is consistent with its characterization and art. You may want to go back and read the previous few volumes if you have forgotten what is happening in the story; you really won't be able to pick this up as a stand-alone tome and have complete comprehension of the world.
  • Rebecca
    I love this series. I love the art. The characters are so much fun. I really enjoyed seeing how Emily approaches dealing with the power of the stone amulet. I can't wait to see the resolution in the finale volume. If you like Avatar the Last Airbender, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and portal fantasies, then I think this might just be a series for you.
  • Joseph Alvarado
    This book was the best and I can’t believe that there making a number nine and my love for this book is beyond, there was not one book in this series that I hated at all!!! Thank you Kazu Kibuishi for creating this book. #Amulet #Kazu #GO Spartans *****PS Tell me when #9 comes out thanks.
  • Cassie
    I wasn't as into this book as I was for the rest of the series.It almost seems like the storyline is being made up as it goes along, then a few twists are thrown in that are obvious and I don't know... Bring on book 9
  • Kris Springer
    Exciting, well-drawn and helps explain the story. I was afraid I wouldn’t remember the previous books, because there’s been a long wait for this one, but it all came back to me. The next book, #9, will be the last; I hope it will be published within a year.
  • Elizabeth
    Wow. I think I'm going to have to go back and re-read the previous ones again to grasp everything that's going on. The artwork is fantastic as ever. Excellent continuation of the plot but still more to come.
  • Heather Jensen
    The much anticipated Amulet #8 does not disappoint. This book is sure to fly off the shelves! Emily battles to escape from the influence of the Voice, while Navin joins forces with S.A.M. Team Five to save Typhon. Navin's faith in Emily never fails!
  • Molly
    Looking forward to the concluding volume of this series!
  • Catherine
    A good addition to the series.
  • Ian Goode
    I have the whole series except the last one. I LOVE the series and I'm going to buy that book sometime!