The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

The Rooster Bar

#1 New York Times bestselling author John Grisham’s newest legal thriller takes you inside a law firm that’s on shaky ground.Mark, Todd, and Zola came to law school to change the world, to make it a better place. But now, as third-year students, these close friends realize they have been duped. They all borrowed heavily to attend a third-tier, for-profit law school so mediocre that its graduates rarely pass the bar exam, let alone get good jo...

Details The Rooster Bar

TitleThe Rooster Bar
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Legal Thriller

Reviews The Rooster Bar

  • Joanne R. Merola
    Very disappointing Horrible unlikable idiotic criminal main characters; barely fleshed out plot; I had to force myself to finish it. I cannot believe John Grisham wrote this. Total waste of time (and money!).
  • Linda
    Oh, Grisham......You are like the gentleman caller who promises wine and roses, but in the aftermath, there's a bit of a dull headache and the barb of the thorn.My legs are dangling off a barstool in the ol' Rooster Bar. There's plenty to ponder here. Fellow occupants Mark, Todd, and Zola are in their third year of law school at Foggy Bottom (Yep). Many an individual drowns their sorrows here. But these law students, along with their buddy Gordy,...
  • Matthew
    More disgruntled lawyer-types from Grisham doing questionable lawyer-type stuff. While not quite the same, I am reminded of The Litigators. If I ever really need a lawyer, I hope I don't end up with one from a Grisham novel!This book was like watching a trainwreck and was actually quite enjoyable. His recent efforts have been both good (Camino Island) and disappointing (The Whistler). Luckily this one falls into the good category. While the serie...
  • Marialyce
    Well this book certainly irritated me. I can not hold with the idea of would be pseudo lawyers pulling a scam on both unsuspecting clients and also corporations even if they are not on the up and up.Perhaps my attitude toward this book is influenced by the fact that my eldest daughter is an attorney. She worked hard through law school while holding a full time job, passed the bar in both NY and DC, and is paying back her student loans and oh by t...
  • Matt
    Let’s call it 3.5 starsJohn Grisham is back with yet another new take on the legal profession, shining lights where there has only been darkness, while entertaining readers in equal measure. Law school is a tough beast that only the fittest can survive. However, when Mark, Todd, and Zola arrived, they felt that their determination would help them sail through. Perusing the land into their last semester, all they can see are mountains of debt an...
  • Marcia
    I was so looking forward to this book. I usually love reading John Grisham’s legal thrillers. The Rooster Bar started slowly and soon was all over the place. The social issues , which the author is known to address , were all over the place and there were too many diversions along the way. The characters were shallow and I didn’t like any of them. I understood their plight and empathized for a while until I just couldn’t stand any of them. ...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Grisham's writing never disappoints! The Rooster Bar is atmospheric, deep, well-detailed and gripping. I feel though like I'll soon be in the same boat as the main characters, as I'll have to borrow at least $70,000 in student loans for law school in the next few years. Scary as hell! This book is impressive though, and it reminded me of the early 2000's Canadian film The Last Casino, with young, naive students enchanted and later horrified by th...
  • Gareth Otton
    How sad is it that Mr Grisham has fallen so far that he can't even identify the interesting elements in his own stories anymore? (Warning, this review contains spoilers)(view spoiler)[I was so excited at the start of this novel because it felt like old school John Grisham. We are presented with four student friends who have all been tricked into taking out massive student loans for a law degree from a joke of a law school that will end up leaving...
  • Stacey
    The Rooster Bar is a tale of four friends attending law school when they figure out the loans they took out for the second rate school is somewhat of a scam. They devise a plan to expose the shady lenders. They're going to pretend to be lawyers working for a firm. Nothing is real, it's all made up. A few of the characters have their own challenges going on. In the end it all ties together and it's good fun lawyer reading. Grisham can be hit or mi...
  • Suzanne
    Not bad at all. The three characters were amusing in their shenanigans and their banter was entertaining. I was hesitant to read this because as a doctoral student, student loan debt hits home. But in the end it is a John Grisham novel so for me, a need to read. Most are going to admit wasn’t very thrilling as some of his legal thrillers but it offered a quick, entertaining story. I remember reading some stuff on how some people are considering...
  • Diane
    John Grisham takes on for-profit law schools, and wins!"The Rooster Bar" is about a group of law school students who realize they've been scammed, and then try to do something about it. They each owe about $200,000 in debt, and the job market for new lawyers is so bad they don't have any hope of finding a professional job. Besides, they doubt they could even pass the bar exam because their law school has such low standards.I don't read a lot of G...
  • Judy Collins
    4.5 Stars #1 New York Times bestselling author, John Grisham returns following Camino Island with his 25th novel THE ROOSTER BAR — a legal thriller exploring conspiracies inside for-profit law schools and the lives it destroys in this modern-day scandal ripped from today’s headlines.Inspired by an article in the Atlantic called “The Law-School Scam,” a lengthy investigation of for-profit law schools, the author takes off an inside look...
  • ☮Karen
    3.5 starsA big thank you to Goodreads giveaways for an ARC copy of this book. I'm a loyal Grisham fan, and this one did not disappoint. It didn't exactly thrill me or delight me, but it was an enjoyable way to pass some reading time and kept my attention throughout.The focus is on businesses passing themselves off as schools (here it's a D.C. law school) which really are only in it for the money and do not prepare it's students for actual careers...
  • Fred
    John Grisham - Group This is another great Grisham book with a easy theme to follow & one of today's greatest legal crime - "For-Profit Law Schools". NY times & John Grisham's CBS interview links at the bottom of this review you must visit!John Grisham link talks of the book. I feel it could be made into another of his great movies.This book is new, why are aren't more of us reading it?!The "NY Times newspaper (Aug. 15, 2017) For profit Charlott...
  • Tooter
    4 Stars. Surprisingly enjoyable.
  • Tammy
    Very enjoyable! Quick, funny, smart, likeable characters...
  • Todd Hogan
    57 years ago, readers were introduced to the upright, morally independent attorney Atticus Finch. He was a lawyer to be emulated. Now, Grisham gives us three morally stunted law students who decide to skip the last semester of law school and begin the unauthorized practice of law. They hustle DUI and small misdemeanors clients by slipping into the zoo of crowded courthouses. They hustle a med mal case involving the death of a child, then they blo...
  • Jenny
    I like John Grisham books. They are like going to your favorite diner or regular restaurant, you know what you are going to get, it’s familiar and comforting. I describe these meals as pleasant, food has the same taste, same waiter/waitress. Generally the only time that meal isn’t good is when you decide to try something else and it’s not as good, you leave feeling unsatisfied and fulfilled.Grisham’s book, “Rooster Bar” left me unfulf...
  • Johnny Carr
    I won an advanced reader's copy of this book. It is typical John Grisham and I loved it. His imagination is amazing. I finished the book after work in three afternoons. If you are a fan Grisham, you will not be disappointed!
  • Susanne
    Countless times we’ve been told about the importance of the first sentence of a book. We are told that editors and publishers scrutinize the first sentence and if they don’t like, you lost a deal. Many books might not get written because the budding writer cannot think of the perfect opening.Yet, for a reader, the last sentence makes or brakes the story. It is what will sound in our ears for some time after we closed the book.While reading ...
  • Rick
    Ok at best, painful through most, still not a bad story...I generally love Grisham, especially the legal thrillers, however the best word I can use for this one is lazy, kinda like he wrote part, then changed his mind, then added that part, etc. (Caution some possible spoilers below).For the majority of the book, you're not sure if you even want to cheer for the main characters. They're ridiculously stupid and it's painful to go from one utterly ...
  • Donna
    This wasn't quite 4 stars, but I'll round up for the beginning and the ending. I've enjoyed Grisham novels, mostly his legal thrillers. I liked the humor, the dialogue, and the characters the most in this one. The hook in the beginning was effective and pulled me right in. I kept thinking this was the best Grisham novel I've read in a while. That feeling lasted for the first third of this book. That is where the story deviates from the hook and b...
  • Scott
    When I was about 100 pages, or a third of the way through this book, I found myself stopping to ponder. You know, I have never really ever read anything by John Grisham book that I didn’t enjoy. I went through all of his titles in my head, and yes, I liked some more than others, but I can’t say I didn’t like any of them. Grisham’s worst is still better than most everyone else. That is until now…Grisham’s new legal (if you can call it ...
  • Jim
    DisappointingEarly on I loved all of the John Grisham stories. A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Chamber. They had likable protagonists. In this latest offering we have neither a good story or a likable protagonist. I had hopes after Camino Island that he was back but it does not appear that is the case.Mark, Todd, and Zola are in their third year of studying law at Foggy Bottom. May be one of them had been motivated because they wanted a career wher...
  • Cody | codysbookshelf
    I finished this book in two sittings: on my lunch break and on my bed the moment I got home. I didn’t get up to eat dinner, use the bathroom, anything. The Rooster Bar is one of those books. Like almost every Grisham novel, this is a high-stakes crime thriller . . . but the stakes here feel so much higher than in his other books — at least the ones I’ve read, which I admit isn’t a large number. Three laws students mired in debt without an...
  • Sherri Thacker
    WOW! Another great book by John Grisham but then I love most of his books. Grisham just has a way of telling a great story! Will be thinking about this one for a long time and wondering how they pulled off what they did for so long.
  • debra
    Entertaining for the most part. Matt wrote a good review of this title.
  • Monnie
    "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!" -- Sir Walter ScottI lost count of the times that quote popped into my head as I followed the adventures (and misadventures) of law school students Todd, Mark and Zola. Just one semester away from graduation at the Foggy Bottom Law School in Washington, D.C., the friends realize their school is mostly a sham and they're hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt with n...
  • Stacy Bearse
    I picked up Grisham’s new novel expecting another top-tier legal thriller. Instead, I discovered an entertaining farce, centered on the law, but exploring its extreme fringes. This is a book that Elmore Leonard might have written if he had earned a Juris Doctorate. High praise, indeed.
  • Amiee
    Couldn’t put this one down!