The Wicked City by Beatriz Williams

The Wicked City

New York Times bestselling author Beatriz Williams recreates the New York City of A Certain Age in this deliciously spicy adventure that mixes past and present and centers on a Jazz Age love triangle involving a rugged Prohibition agent, a saucy redheaded flapper, and a debonair Princetonian from a wealthy family.When she discovers her husband cheating, Ella Hawthorne impulsively moves out of their SoHo loft and into a small apartment in an old G...

Details The Wicked City

TitleThe Wicked City
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Wicked City

  • Jennifer
    I am a long-time fan of Beatriz Williams' books. She has a unique ability to create feisty and head-strong female protagonists and interweave historical and modern-day story lines. Top this off with witty and flirty banter between the male and female leads and her books (a la old Rock Hudson and Doris Day comedies) and it's usually one fun romp. Unfortunately this new series fell quite a bit short from her previous works. "The Wicked City" is the...
  • Cindy Burnett
    The Wicked City is the first installment in a fabulous new series by Beatriz Williams. The story takes place on a dual timeline – in 1924 and in 1998. The plot is complicated so I will not retell the entire story here. While I liked both story lines a lot, my favorite was the Jazz Age 1920’s plot. Geneva Kelly is highly entertaining, and Williams includes so many twists and turns, none of which I predicted. I love when a tale can surprise me ...
  • Carrie
    I just started reading this and noticed it is rated 1 star. Then I noticed only 1 person has reviewed it so far (no actual review, just a star) , and they are a newbie to GR and have given many books 1 star. So until I finish this, I am rating it 5 stars to balance out the one shady person who gave it 1 star.
  • Jessica
    So, some spoilers for this book lay ahead. And a very, very mild spoiler for a couple of Williams’ previous books. I reeeeaaaallly wanted to love The Wicked City, and despite a few narrative flaws (a handful of historical anachronisms, some important action happening off-page and being revealed—after the fact—only through dialogue), I was fully prepared to do just that because it was so goshdarn fun to read. Beatriz Williams knows how to wr...
  • Christina
    3 starsThis novels follows two different MCs.There's Ella Hawthorne, in 1998, who just moved out of her apartment she shares with her husband Patrick when she catches him cheating on her. Within her first week, she meets Hector, a new neighbor to her, who warns her of the strange noises coming out of the basement late at night.Then there's Geneva Kelly, also called Ginger and Gin. It's 1924, and she gets caught up in a raid at a speakeasy known a...
  • The Lit Bitch
    When I picked up my first Beatriz Williams book, I was completely engrossed and fell in love with her writing style.I wasn’t sure that I would like her books and wasn’t excited to read the first one, but I did and when I began, I was completely sucked in and impressed with her ability to tell a story.So from that point on, she earned a place in my heart as one of my favorite writers.When this latest book came across my desk for review, I was ...
  • Caz
    I've given this a B+ for both content and narration at AudioGals.The Wicked City tells the story of two very different women who live in New York City at very different times. In 1998, Ella Gilbert has just left her husband, and in 1924, Geneva Rose Kelly – known to her friends as Gin or Ginger – is a bright young thing who can be found most evenings at Christopher’s the speakeasy next door to the apartment building where she lives. While I...
  • Angie
    4.5 stars...I'm a huge Beatriz Williams fan, and thrilled to see this in the library. I, of course, snagged it and quickly started it. I admit it took me a few chapters to get really "into" the story of Gin, but once I did, I couldn't stop reading! Gin's storyline is the historical one, think 1920's and speakeasies, and she has quite a backstory that we learn about as the book progresses. Complicated, scandalous, and resilient are words I'd use t...
  • Ange H
    CHEKHOV’S GUN. We’ve all heard of it. “If you introduce a mysterious box of buttons and a haunted speakeasy in the beginning of the story, their significance needs to be explained by the end.”ANGE’S RULE. I just made it up. When you choose the “told in alternate chapters by two different characters at separate times in history” format for your novel, then at the end some sort of relationship between these two characters should be re...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    The Wicked City has a dual timeline story, in the 1920s do we meet Gin Kelly a flapper who frequently visits the Christopher Club until the club is raided and she got an "offer" she can't refuse from Prohibition enforcement agent Oliver Anson who is after her step-daddy Duke Kelly, an infamous bootlegger. Several decades later has Ella Hawthorne moved into the house the Christopher Club used to be housed. At night strange noises can be heard from...
  • Linda
    1.99 on 03/12/17Beatriz Williams is a favorite author, I love her writing. Another great read!
  • Tracy
    I really enjoyed this book! It was a very fun read about the Prohibition Era and bootleggers. There was also a modern day story being told about Ella who naturally is part of the Schuyler family. I'll let you discover for yourself where she fits in on the family tree....I loved the ending of the 1920s story. I was worried for a bit but things worked out okay. The ending was honestly pretty stressful but things came out okay. The main characters a...
  • Kelly
    I have read all of Beatriz Williams' books and this is one of my favorites. This novel switches between modern NYC where Ella Gilbert has moved to a new apartment after finding her husband cheating on her and 1924 NYC where Gin Kelly becomes involved in prohibition enforcement that targets her stepfather, a famous Appalachian bootlegger. I love historical fiction novels that switch between time periods. Williams throws in a few characters from he...
  • Kathryn
    Wicked City is set mainly in the 1920's with a smaller section of it set in1998. In 1998 we meet Ella - a scion of the Schyler family, recently separated from her husband Patrick after finding him in a very compromising position. She finds herself pulled into some mysterious goings on in the basement laundry - the sound of jazz from a speakeasy at night.Back in the 1920's we meet Gin - Geneva Kelly, a young woman with a kind of double life, who f...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:A first marriage, made for the wrong reasons, or because you didn’t have enough experience to judge the merchandise. Like a starter home or a starter car. You trade up.She’s the kind of woman who carries an air of beauty around her, carefully cultivated, like a waft of rare oil. Delicate and chiseled. Skin as marble in the moonlight. I realize we old folks aren’t supposed to talk about sex… but believe me, we had it. Lots ...
  • Zoe
    Once again Beatriz Williams sweeps us away into another time and place with a storyline full of deception, lies, adultery, jealousy, love, loss, passion and murder.The story is told from two different perspectives. Gin, a young, strong-minded woman who enjoys her independence and the love of more than one man in New York City in the Roaring Twenties when prohibition, jazz, and speakeasies are the norm. And Ella, an intelligent, inquisitive woman ...
  • Jennifer
    Another remarkable book from Beatriz Williams!
  • Lynn
    3.5 stars. It took me a while to get into this book. It's the story of two women: Ella, who lives in NYC in 1998, and who just caught her banker husband with another woman in a most compromising position; and Geneva "Gin" Rose, who lives in NYC in 1924, a flapper, good time girl from rural Maryland whose step-father is a big time bootlegger. Ella leaves her husband and moves into an apartment building with quirky neighbors and a hidden past relat...
  • Jess
    This book reads like an old TCM movie. I could hear the twang of the times, envision the makeup of the flappers, and picture the smoky atmosphere of a speakeasy gin joint. A delightful way to pass a Sunday afternoon... though you may be tempted to make a libation towards the end.
  • Toni
    Another captivating book from Beatriz Williams, tying 1924 and 1998 NYC together, not only in the same city, but in the same building. Lots of clever dialogue, smart damsels in distress, bootleggers, speakeasys and suspense. Like reading a "film noir." I highly recommend it.
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Julie
    Another book where Ms. Williams has written unforgettable characters. Can't wait for the next one! I loved the cameos.
    2017-03-20 Wicked CityBy Beatriz WilliamsISBN#9780062405036Author Website: www.beatrizwilliams.comBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:New York Times bestselling author Beatriz Williams recreates the New York City of A Certain Age in this deliciously spicy adventure that mixes past and present and centers on a Jazz Age love triangle involving a rugged Prohibition agent, a saucy redheaded flapper, and a d...
  • Brooke (Brooke's Books and Brews)
    I absolutely love stories about the Roaring 20’s. There is just something about that time that appeals to me. Flappers, speakeasies, gangsters, etc….I find it all so interesting! The Wicked City by Beatriz Williams 20’s storyline did not disappoint. The story is set in 1924 and 1998. The story opens with Ella, who has recently moved into a prewar apartment building after she discovered her husband was cheating on her. She is warned not to g...
  • Martin Turnbull
    Williams is one of those writers with a masterful ability to turn a phrase so exquisite that I find myself rereading them for the sheer pleasure of it. This is the second novel of hers that I’ve read, and if anything, I enjoyed it more than “A Certain Age.” My one quibble with this book is that I don’t really understand why she chose to weave a current-era plotline into the main narrative. I was enjoying it and kept expecting it to tie in...
  • Laura
    B. Williams just never disappoints. This book is simply brilliant. The dialogue, the characters, the plot... Just all around a wonderful read. If you love her books this one is a treat. The 1920s. Prohibition. New York City. Speakeasies.
  • Connie
    This was like some patchwork quilt that you've imagined in your mind. You can see just how beautiful and perfect it will turn out. In your mind's eyes, all the colours and patterns mesh perfectly and you can follow it through with your eye, each sweep of you vision leads you to a more perfect piece...and it's not only beautiful but you know it's warm and comfortable as well.However, once you actually sit down to join all the colours and bits toge...
  • Jessica
    In all fairness I should probably start this review with the fact I've never read any of Beatriz Williams' previous books, so I don't have any standing knowledge of her writing or characters. So it actually surprised me when I picked up this book and started enjoying it as a standalone, only to slowly fall further and further out of sorts with what was actually going on. I feel like I should warn any potential readers that although this is techni...
  • Andrea Guy
    If you are a fan of Downton Abbey or the era of the 20s and 30s you need to check out a book by Beatriz Williams. Her novels are stunning, much like the covers of her books. Oh and this book is going to be part of a series, so for me that gets a big squee.This book tells the story of two women; Ella, a soon to be divorcee living in the recent past (1998) and Gin Kelly a flapper living in the 1920s. The speakeasy Gin goes to was in the basement of...
  • Sheela
    The was my first experience with Beatriz Williams and it was fantastic. I loved her way of blending storylines together and her flair for the historical parts. the 1920s were such an intense era with the world of speakeasys and bootlegger's. Gin Kelly is a fierce female and a bit of a rebel as a flapper running away from another life and it was fun to read her part of the story. Ella's story from more present times was a little less fulfilling bu...