The Mother of Black Hollywood by Jenifer Lewis

The Mother of Black Hollywood

The "Mega Diva" and legendary star of Black-ish looks back on her memorable journey to fame and the unforgettable life lessons she learned along the way.Jenifer Lewis keeps it real in this provocative and touching memoir by a mid-western girl with a dream whose journey from poverty to Hollywood will move, shock, and inspire readers.Told in the audacious voice her fans adore, Jenifer describes a road to fame made treacherous by dysfunction and und...

Details The Mother of Black Hollywood

TitleThe Mother of Black Hollywood
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Biography

Reviews The Mother of Black Hollywood

  • Deetimes
    "The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir" was a very thought-provoking memoir that was funny, inspiring while managing to capture Lewis's true self without being to commercial in Black Hollywood. You will find yourself giggling oftentimes about her life story but crying too with all she has endured to stay true to herself in the face of her addictions and staying noticeable in Black Hollywood. This was Jenifer Lewis' story... not a gossip rag to ...
  • Orsayor
    This book defines what a Memoir should be. No candy coated life stories here!I laughedI criedI sighedThen I laughed some moreThen I cried againBut most of all... I feel rejuvenated. (In these streets) @jeniferlewisforreal#themotherofblackhollywood #jeniferlewis #Legend#Icon
  • stacia
    I love Jenifer Lewis. Always have. So when I found out she'd be releasing a memoir, I immediately added it to my TBR list. This book is, in many ways, exactly what you'd imagine, if you follow Lewis's career. The voice is very authentic; you can tell she penned it all herself. No "as told to"s here. The language is colorful and there are enough accounts of sexual escapades to leave you blushing. (As someone who grew up with a crush on Gregory Hin...
  • Shannon
    The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir I Picked Up This Book Because: I like Jennifer Lewis and I needed something to listen to on my road trip. The Story: I had NO idea that Jennifer has been in so many productions. Really I hadn’t given much thought to her at all beyond Aunt Helen and Ruby Johnson. She is so accomplished but she breaks it down to the real deal in this book. Not every win was easy and there were many challenges to overcom...
  • Lisa Stein
    Heard an interview with Jenifer Lewis on NPR last week, and decided to read this book.It was very well written. A couple of times I wasn't sure of the timeline, but that didn't distract from the magnificent story telling.Warning: language and subject matter can be shocking. Solid 4 1/2 stars. I feel like I save five stars for OMG you must read this now. This is a "wow, you should read this, very interesting..." novel.If you're a fan of Broadway, ...
  • Alana
    Jenifer Lewis has lived a life worth writing about. In this book, she's breathtakingly open and honest about who she is and what she's done while also dropping tiny gems in the funny and sometimes sad stories.
  • Tamara Evans
    This memoir shows all sides of Jenifer Lewis from sensual to uncontrollable. She unapologetically tests speaks of her life and the experiences which have made her the woman she is today. I appreciate that she openly discusses her life with bipolar disorder as well as her being will to seek therapy which are both issues that are still not openly discussed within the African American community.The best thing about this book is her ability to fully ...
  • Joe
    Delightful, fun, funny memoir from a person who's as experienced as she is honest. Lewis (sorry: Dr. Lewis) has no end of great behind-the-scenes stories from her decades in show biz, but what really knocked me out was her detailing her struggles with mental illness (sounds cliché but wasn't at all) and then transforming that saga into giving permission for readers to seek help if they need it. In that sense, it felt like her mother of black Hol...
  • Tiffany Santillan
    I love Jenifer Lewis!! And if you love her too, you will adore this memoir. I suggest listening to the audio version, as she is the narrator. She is dramatic, over the top, and hilarious. Her writing is revealing and genuine but her oration underscores those characteristics even more. She even does some singing too! I think the only thing I didn’t enjoy as much was the amount of name dropping she does. It’s relevant to her story, and I guess ...
  • Jo Forrester
    She's a force to be reckoned with. I've learned that the memoirs of any comedian is often filled with as much tears as laughter. Jenifer Lewis is a diva, through and through. And she knows it. She bravely and brazenly shares her life story. She confesses to her manic episodes, her sex addiction and her personal trauma. I enjoyed her before and admire her now.
  • Monique
    Beautifully Written TruthI've always loved Jenifer Lewis. I was shocked to read her story. To realize that she dealt with a difficult childhood, numerous romantic relationships, survived college and still conquered Hollywood give me hope for the future. Ms. Lewis's honesty and clear "I don't give a damn" attitude is refreshing. Read and learn about an amazing Black Woman.
  • Kimberly
    She is majestic! This memoir is raw, hysterical, and moving. It was an interesting peek into Black Broadway and Hollywood in the late 70s and 80s. Has anyone written a book about that yet? I need more. Anyhoo, if you read this (and you should,) listen to the audio version. She reads it herself, and it is a gift!
  • Milly
    What a delightful read! Highly recommend if you need a good laugh, cry or reflection. Ms. Lewis kept it real. Her personality bursts through every page and captivates you. Gobbled it up in 3 days it was that good!
  • Heather Spencer
    I listened to Ms Jenifer Lewis read her story. It was a true delight. Being able to hear her sing was a joy to listen to. Hearing about her sexual escapades and how she dealt with being bipolar showed her transparency and her courage. I loved every minute of the book.
  • Sharon Fason
    This memoir is about the life and crazy times of Jenifer (spelled with one n) Lewis. She is raw, unfiltered, and honest about her transgressions. I loved this book from the beginning to the end - it's very entertaining.
  • J Harness
    Perfect for all agesI love this book and will read it again. I love her personality and how she discusses how she dealt/dealing with mental illness.
  • Michelle
    Perrfection. Mama did good! I loved every moment. I laughed out loud many times and teared up a few times too. Jenifer is a jewel! Well deserved 5🌟
  • Amma
    I'm so appreciative of her honesty and humor and pain. Jenifer Lewis is a true story teller.
  • Say_9
    Amazing! I strongly recommend listening to the audiobook. Loved it!
  • Bradgirl5
    Excellent memoir! Ms. Jenifer Lewis is awesome!
  • Nandi Crawford
    The absolute blankety blank best!!! Memoir ive read this yearWow! What a book! I can only imagine what Ms Lewis went through internally to do this, but I thank you.
  • Tawanna
    I really enjoyed reading about her life.
    This Book Is Amazing! If You Can Listen To The AudioBook Go For It! Very Entertaining!!
  • Tamara McKinney
    I enjoyed this book. She was honest and open and funny! There is only one thing she got wrong “Our Deepest Fear” quote is not from Nelson Mandela, it’s from Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love”. It is one of my favorites and has been dear to me for years so it makes me sad that a simple google search could have corrected this error. I’m definitely a bigger fan of Jennifer Lewis after reading her story! ❤ I enjoyed this ...