The Woman Left Behind (GO-Team, #2) by Linda Howard

The Woman Left Behind (GO-Team, #2)

Jina Modell works in Communications for a paramilitary organization, and she really likes it. She likes the money, she likes the coolness factor—and it was very cool, even for Washington, DC. She liked being able to kick terrorist butts without ever leaving the climate-controlled comfort of the control room.But when Jina displays a really high aptitude for spatial awareness and action, she’s reassigned to work as an on-site drone operator in ...

Details The Woman Left Behind (GO-Team, #2)

TitleThe Woman Left Behind (GO-Team, #2)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Fiction, Suspense, War, Military, Contemporary Romance

Reviews The Woman Left Behind (GO-Team, #2)

  • Hollis
    I've rated this a B- for AAR which is equal to 3.75 stars.The Woman Left Behind is the best kind of romantic suspense in the sense that the heroine is no damsel in distress requiring rescue but neither is she a beefed up black-ops assassin as are found in so many female-empowered stories of this genre. Instead she's somewhere in between; she's basically tech support. Communications. But after scoring high on a spatial awareness test disguised as ...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    The Woman Left Behind is simply Linda Howard at her best. The story is rapid-paced and totally believable, the characters strong and likable, and the thrills are non-stop. This was a joy to read, and will go on my keep shelf.Jina Model, “Babe” is a computer geek working for a special ops group, the GO teams. She is happy in her behind-the-scenes role in communications-until her ability to play video games gets her and ten others a job as a dr...
  • Cheri
    Yes, this story starts out a little slow. Yes, there is only some sex with just one couple. Yes, I loved this book anyway! I'm pretty sure there will be another book written to follow this story. I loved the character of Jina and Levi was just plain hot! PBJ tattoo..just hilarious :) If you are looking for romance then go somewhere else. No time for romance in a war zone. Plenty of action and a final "O Shit" moment....on to #3 please.
  • Anita
    Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors. She always has a twisted suspense plot and a hot romance and "The Woman Left Behind" is no exception. The prologue starts with the baddie lamenting the death of her husband and vowing revenge against Axel MacNarhama. But, this book is not about this twisted plot of revenge, well not totally. Jina is a complicated character and prickly as all get out. Levi is one stone cold SOB, except when he smacks up ...
  • Mary Gramlich
    Preconceived notions are the first ones to do you inJina Modell likes leading the geek and nerd life and has proven she is 100% adapt at her indoor computer skill set. She is perfect at besting the boys as she grew up with enough brothers to not only understand the game but how to win it. So when she is thrown out into the real world of belonging to an extraction team her life goes from controlled to chaos knowing she could very well be called in...
  • Bambi Unbridled
    This must be a week for new-to-me authors, as this is another new one for me. Though I have had Linda Howard on my TBR for a really long time, I just haven't found time to fit her in until now. And now I want to go back and read the whole back list! This was a great romantic suspense!The premise revolves around GO Teams, a secret sect of the government sending highly specialized and trained teams out into dangerous situations to address whatever ...
  • Kathryn
    I thoroughly enjoyed this military like romantic suspense novel - The Woman Left Behind by Linda Howard. It was pure escapist reading, that kept me up reading two nights in a row. Jina or "Babe" as her team name her to her disgust, is a gritty, sassy and very able young woman who just cannot quit. Her brothers have given her the basis for that and now when she finds herself thrown into a entirely new and different experience, she does not give up...
  • Nadia
    I want to say this was a waste of time, but it wasn't. For the biggest part of the book, it's pure action and thoroughly entertaining, but for the love of me, I cannot forgive the horrible romance part of this book.
  • BleuBelle
    This book was way better than the first one in the series. I enjoyed reading it.The one thing I absolutely loved about it was the Heroine. She made the story. Jina was the bomb. Reading about her journey was inspiring. She's one tough woman, doesn't give up and pushes herself stronger than anyone else. I loved her in the team. She belonged.The team members were cool. They were unique characters and became a new family for the Heroine.Now about th...
  • Renee
    *3.5 stars*Enjoyed this one, didn’t love it. I love a good romantic suspense but I felt this story needed a lot more dialogue.
  • Katrina
    This is the first book I've read by Linda Howard and I was not all that thrilled with it. I hate leaving bad reviews and I hardly ever do but in this case I think I need to. I read this book because the blurb sounded amazing- I thought it was going to be like Maya Banks' KGI series- full of action and adventure. The only problem was the action did not start till literally 75% of the book was done and it only lasted a chapter or so. The first 75% ...
  • Fabiola Chenet
    I'm so sad to give this quotation to one of LH's books... When I was not boring, the hero's behavior upset me. And I absolutely didn't like AT ALL what LH chose for the heroes to be together.
  • Dawn ♥ romance
    This romantic suspense had lots of exciting action and big event near the end was powerful. The relationship was weak, mostly in main characters thoughts, however, I keep dwelling on this story so for me that compensates for the lack of romance. Jina is an office technical geek but so smart that the boss reassigns her to the field and team leader Levi must get her is top physical shape.
  • MAB LongBeach
    Jina liked her job in Communications for the anti-terrorism GO-teams. She is not happy that her high scores in a company videogame have her reassigned to join one of the teams in the field, although the drone she gets to fly in support is very cool. But Jina is not a quitter--it isn't in her--so she guts through the training. It doesn't help that the head of the team is a very sexy guy--who makes it very plain that there will be no relationships ...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Publisher via Edelweiss***3.5 StarsLinda Howard has always been a favorite of mine. Some of her titles are more romance, and others are more adventure, but I always enjoy them.In this one, the adventure, the Go Team and the training for it, is the focus. I enjoyed the idea of a woman in the training for the teams and the push and pull between getting her trained and making sure that she was physically able to handle the rig...
  • Ali
    This was a good story but there was somethings I wish where different. Not nearly enough romance, there needed to be more scenes between the MCs. This was a very slow burn which normally I love but it seemed to be missing something. I will say that I was happy that there was absolutely no other women drama in this one. And no mention of OW during the time that they are dancing around each other. I always loved the movie G.I Jane and even though I...
  • Nicole Luiken
    Excellent romantic suspense that put a smile on my face. Began yesterday evening and finished in the wee hours (too much caffeine, couldn't sleep). Loved Jina and her stubborn refusal to quit. Off-the-charts sexual tension. Plus the title really added to the suspense, like a looming sword of Damocles.
  • Avid Reader
    The Woman Left Behind by Linda Howard 4.5 starsM/F Romance, ThrillerI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is a fast paced thrilling story that has a woman who takes no prisoners and an alpha male who tries as hard as he can to resist his urges to protect his woman. Levi is the main leader for a group of men who go in and gather intelligence, rescue people and help people defect. They are ex- military, normally. However, ...
  • Connie Bigelow
    ARC ReviewI really wanted to like this book. Linda Howard has been one of my favorite authors for years. At the beginning of the book, I loved Jina. She’s strong, intelligent, and no quitter!In fact, “not being a quitter” is kind of a trigger for her. The first few chapters had me literally laughing out loud when she would sass her group leader or one of her team mates. She definitely doesn’t put up with any BS! Jina is pulled from her jo...
  • Gina
    * Won an uncorrected proof in a goodreads giveaway. I received the uncorrected proof after the final published version was released, but my review is still of the proof version only. When I read the words "a novel" on the front of the book, I assume that means a standalone book - not part of a series. So, I was surprised when on goodreads this is listed as book 2. I read this fine having not read book 1, but I feel like I'm missing some big infor...
  • Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book
    If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. I LOVED the first book in this series, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get into this one.Well...boy was I wrong. I LOVED it more if that’s even possible. I will just put this here...LEVI...BOOM! He was EPIC! I mean SWOON alpha, bad ass, hard ass EPIC. And Jina has more gumption(I wanted to use balls) than any heroine I’ve read. I mean she was no quitter. This story was pure hotnes...
  • Darcy
    As I started this one I wasn’t sure about it, I was on the fence with Jina. It was only as she got added to a team and through her training that I really started to like her. I know I couldn’t have gone through what she did, so seeing her step up and not give up to each challenge was great. Even the parachuting was good, showed she didn’t want to give up even as it scared the crap out of her. Once on missions things got harried especially t...
  • Susan Underbrink
    I truly enjoy most of Ms. Howard's work, and this book is no different. You fall in love with the characters. You feel their angst. My one dilemma was what was up with the senator? I didn't really get her issue. I would rate this a 3.5. It felt a bit rushed towards the end. I think most romance readers would truly enjoy this book. A big thank you to Edelweiss for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book.
  • Sharon Redfern
    Loved this book, stayed up until 1 AM to finish it the first time I read it. I just re-read it and enjoyed it just as much. Jina is a military techie who becomes a Go-team member in part due to her outstanding gamer skills. She ends up in the unit headed by Levi aka “Ace”. I loved reading about her feisty self struggling through the macho training program and finding herself attracted to Levi. I thought that Ms. Howard did a great job with th...
  • Hannah
    ARC REVIEW It's been a while since I've read a Linda Howard book, most of the ones I've read were from the '90s- early '00s. Reading this book reminded so much of Demi Moore's G.I. Jane movie back in '97. Jina is a computer geek, she works communications for a paramilitary organization. When her boss grabs her and a few others like her and tells them he has a special job for them working with the GO-Teams and they can either go along with their n...
  • Sarah
    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Jina Modell is a fabulous kick ass heroine. The civilian computer programmer who finds herself inserted into a black ops paramilitary team as a drone operator is fierce, resilient and very, very clever. The strength of this story is the brilliant characterisation and the graphic detail of Jina’s brutal experiences with her team. Each of Jina’s team members comes to life vivid...
  • Corie
    Can I give a negative star review? This book is probably one of the worst things I have read in a while. There's little to no character development, the plot is so filled with holes that I could strain spaghetti with it, and the world building is so minimal it's basically a blank page. I hated this book, I was completely let down by the pacing of it and the elimination of the main "villain." I've never finished a book and been so annoyed and angr...
  • Erin Burns
    I can't remember being this pissed at a book in a long time. I expected GI Jane and got freaking Washout Wanda. It was ok until about 84% in and then BAM. Sadly irksome. I've reread the last couple of chapters a few times to make sure, but I'm pretty sure I disliked this intensely.
  • Cheryl
    I liked it. It's a mystery romance with a slow build up. I felt the story didn't quite resolve and some parts were left out.