Not Safe After Dark by Peter Robinson

Not Safe After Dark

From the New York Times bestselling author of Sleeping in the Ground comes this brilliantly nuanced short story collection of twenty stories—most never before published in the US, and one of them an Edgar winner—which also features three Inspector Banks tales.Peter Robinson pens thrilling tales rich with keen observations, pitch perfect dialogue, and shocking plot twists that have fascinated readers all over the world and made him one of the ...

Details Not Safe After Dark

TitleNot Safe After Dark
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreShort Stories, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews Not Safe After Dark

  • Ellie
    Having never read any of Peter Robinson's work before, I went into this book blindly, not knowing what to expect. Although I can conclude that the book really is a mixed bag, full of some very good, original stories and others predictable and unnecessary.Some obvious stand outs were 'Fan Mail', 'Innocence', 'Anna Said', 'April in Paris' and 'Going Back'. Each of these stories had good story lines and characters that were in some way well entwined...
  • Kim
    Great collection of short stories from the author of the DCI Banks crime series - some stories and a novella at the end feature Alan Banks but the remainder have various topics and settings and demonstrate a good writing talent and attention to detail. Not the easiest genre to write in, as the author admits in the foreword, but he's done an admirable job - 8.5/10.
  • Lori L (She Treads Softly)
    Not Safe After Dark by Peter Robinson is a highly recommended collection of twenty short stories. All the stories in the collection are finely crafted, featuring well-written dialogue and surprising plot twists. Included are three Inspector Alan Banks police procedurals. I enjoyed the majority of these short stories immensely and was legitimately surprised and shocked by a few of the endings.Contents:Summer Rain: A young man who believes in reinc...
  • Monica
    This is the first book of short stories by Peter Robinson that I’ve read...and I was hugely disappointed...for two reasons. First, I found most of the stories to have an almost Stephen King like quality to them: dream-like with very little credibility found within the words. The writing is so unlike the tone that Robinson uses when writing his Inspector Banks books, so much so that if you asked me to guess which of my regular authors had writte...
  • Samantha
    Peter Robinson writes the DCI Banks series which I love and there are 4 Banks stories included in this collection:1. Summer Rain2. Anna Said 3. The Good Partner4. Going Back If you are completist and want to read all the Banks stories then that's fine but I have to say I was somewhat disappointed for me the best of the Banks stories is the last one 'Going Back' which revolves around Banks' parents' golden wedding anniversary and an investigation ...
  • Alison C
    Not Safe After Dark and Other Works is a collection of short stories and one novella by Peter Robinson, best known for his Inspector Alan Banks series. This collection, from 2004, includes 3 Banks short stories and a final, 100-page novella featuring that character; the other 16 stories are stand-alone ones. There is a lot of variety here, from a 19th-Century duchess in Vienna to an unlikely romance in 1968 Paris, to a private eye working during ...
  • Ron
    There is more than one version of this collection and I read the original edition that my library had. There are 13 stories first published between 1989 and 1998, many in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. These are crime stories, murder mysteries, and for the most part I didn't enjoy them. The ick factor is a little too high for me in a couple of these stories. There were a couple I thought pretty good but my overall impression was that these are ...
  • Jessica
    This probably is a 3.5 but I am not feeling generous this evening. I had mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed the stories and thought the plots were entertaining, but most of them turned on a coincidence or twist that felt unbelievable, even in the context of the mystery. Robinson also shows a little too much; I like more dialogue. I definitely want to check out a couple of his novels before I decide but he might not be my new favorite write...
  • Steve Cripwell
    I am a fan of the Peter Robinson books and have read quite a lot of the Insp Banks novels. I like the locations as I know many of them so they always feel familiar. I enjoyed reading this book but some of the stories didn't quite work for me but others were clever and inventive. Definitely worth the read
  • Jane(Janelba)
    I really enjoyed listening to this book of short stories by Peter Robinson. Although different in style to his full length novels I enjoyed these short stories which just last the journey to work and back each day.
  • Josefina
    Excellent book. I found all the stories riveting and captivating. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.
  • Marianne
    Short stories. A little more "dark" than other stories
  • Lillian
    A surprise in every story. . . I had no idea the author of the Inspector Banks series is so versatile in plots, voices, settings.
  • Mary Connolly
    not a bad read but im not really a fanof short stories but not a bad read
  • Dave
    Like all books of short stories, some work for you and some don't.
  • Natalie
    I didn't bother finishing it, it should have been put on the "not to print" pile. Very disappointing read.