Growing Up Fisher by Joely Fisher

Growing Up Fisher

Actress, director, entertainer Joely Fisher invites readers backstage, into the intimate world of her career and family with this touching, down-to-earth memoir filled with incredible, candid stories about her life, her famous parents, and how the loss of her unlikely hero, sister Carrie Fisher, ignited the writer in her.Growing up in an iconic Hollywood Dynasty, Joely Fisher knew a show business career was her destiny. The product of world-famo...

Details Growing Up Fisher

TitleGrowing Up Fisher
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Biography, Nonfiction, Audiobook

Reviews Growing Up Fisher

  • Dawn Kaestner
    I have always liked Joely's work and this was a decent autobiography however, I almost wish I hadn't read it. I thought she came across as a whiny, narcissistic, over-spender whose goal is to live off the connection to her more famous relatives. The "poor me" vibe was annoying at best.
  • Robin
    Way too scattered for me. There was no rhyme or reason to the progression of chapters/section/musings and I ended up reading bits and pieces. And I'm really sorry as I've been looking forward to this since I heard about it last summer. Guess I prefer my memoirs to a little more linear.
  • Fifi
    Not enoughThe book was an ode to Carrie, but it told me nothing new. I was surprised at how Connie Stevens was portrayed. You know she loved her but....
  • Kayo
    Very interesting.
  • Mediaman
    Joely Fisher is not normal. But she claims to be. She's a drug addict who defends her continued use and an upbringing where drugs were just sitting out for the taking. She's an alcoholic who claims to have her drinking under control though she won't give it up. She's sexually fluid, saying the greatest love of her life was a women that she wishes she was with today yet she married a man with whom she admits to having threesomes and open relations...
  • Christina
    I adored this book! I read it simultaneously in audio and print, so that after every chapter I listened to I could go look at the fantastic full color photos in the hardcover copy to put faces to the names she talked about. I've been a fan of Joely's for years, as well as the rest of her famous family, so this was chock full of interesting family lore that I didn't know. She wrote it shortly after her half sister Carrie Fisher died, so some of it...
  • Nicole
    I feel like this book was written for a variety of reasons and the style of this is not something to celebrate. As a fan of other Fisher writers, I was disappointed.
  • Kirk
    Fasinating. Somewhat disjointed, jumps back and forth in time, otherwise a fasinating look inside a world few of us will ever know.
  • Jessica
    I'm not sure why people are slamming Joely based on Carrie's work. I enjoyed this book because you got to see the world for a minute through Joely Fisher's eyes. Yiu get to watch her find herself as a person outside of, and also including, her famous family's background. Brave to put her life and pain and everything out for the world.
  • Lea Bowski
    It was okay. There’s some interesting family history here, and she does have a fascinating family, but the writing is pretty scattered and unorganized. One moment she’s sharing a memory from when she was 5 years old and the next she’s talking about something that happened last week and there’s no seeming connection.The dedication and stuff about Carrie is interesting but nothing that wasn’t already known. She doesn’t seem to have Carr...
  • Colette
    She's no Carrie, that's for sure. You can tell she tries to be a clever wordsmith like her sister but it comes off as phony at times...trying to hard and just not authentic. Her politics are annoying and she's just like all those other Hollywood types...nothing original about her. I mean nothing. I was interested in certain aspects about her family dynamics though (like the relationship between her mom and Debbie Reynolds for example.) I did find...
  • Terri
    This was an interesting look into the lives of the "rich" and famous. Joely Fisher is the daughter of Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher. Therefore, she is the half sister of Carrie Fisher. She lived next door to Carrie,Todd and Debbie Reynolds Fisher. She was in show business from the time she was young. She shares many stories about the families, the people she met and her career. It wasn't a surprise to hear that drugs and alcohol played a big pa...
  • Jody Ogle schardin hallonquist
    Found the book interesting in learning more about Connie Stevens. However , Joely isn't Carrie and she tries awfully hard to be in this book. Starting a book out with f'ing this and that to me is not a quality author. She constantly is writing about being broke and needing money. I believe this book is just another way to try and earn a buck. You know to pay the baby nurse, mortgages, Maserati, and blah blah blah. Carrie was a true creative autho...
  • Katee
    I found it an interesting, easy read. I'll be honest, I wasn't very familiar with her work other than Ellen, and I remember her mom from 70s' talk shows. There were actually a couple of very insightful moments where I re-read lines.My main criticism is ironic, given that some of her insight is about how Hollywood works, about the pressures of being a woman and the fact that only your appearance and the use of your sexuality count. That being said...
  • Lori
    Joely Fisher writes a memoir of her life growing up as a Fisher. She is the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens. She rarely saw her absent dad Eddie instead grew up with her mother Connie Stevens. Her mother is famous as well performing at places such as Los Vegas. She also writes about her famous sister Carrie Fisher even devoting a whole chapter about Carrie's death and Debbie Reynolds. She has had an interesting life growing up with fa...
  • Carol N
    Joely Fisher writes a candid and humorous, book recalling her memories and musings from having experience a life in the “Fisher” spotlight. She has the ability to arouse deep rooted emotional response from her readers. I definitely connected with her as she took me on her painfully honest life’s journey. Interesting view of ALL of the Fisher family. . . Connie, Eddie, Debbie, Carrie. . .
  • Mary Sisney
    Like her half-sister Carrie, Joely is a gifted writer and entertaining personality. And like the late Carrie was, she's a hot mess, but I appreciate that she is self-aware and doesn't mind discussing her flaws as well as her strengths. I've read almost all of the books written by Joely's extended family (Carrie, Eddie, and Debbie). If Joely writes another book, I will definitely read it.
  • Helen
    Kind of funny she criticizes her father's book for misspelling her sister's name but yet her book has a typo/grammatical error on Page 30. Maybe she should curse out her editors for not catching the mistake like she complained about her father's book editors
  • Catherine E
    Strong stories but difficult to read. Lots of half thoughts and way too many em dashes. Seems to think I already know most of her life story. Her strongest vignette is about the death of Carrie, but that might just be because I am still so heartbroken about it.
  • Kate Loveton
    I liked Joely Fisher on ELLEN. She is a fine comedic actress. She is not a writer.The book is disorganized, the tone of it cutesy and self involved. This is one autobiography I could have missed. 1.5 stars rounded up.
  • Tracy Morton
    At the start of this book I really second guessed whether I wanted to read this book. It seemed like it was just going to be a book of the author talking about how great she is. While there is a lot of that in the book there is also some great stories and she sure is honest!
  • Wendy Evans
    Not so muchNot so much Carrie Fisher as she professes to be. Shallow writing from a person of little depth. Lots of attempts to name drop that are tone deaf. Feels like I just paid to read the diary of an entitled high school student.
  • etherealfire
    Library Hardcover
  • Jan Daulton
    This is an interesting read if you like Old Hollywood reads...Joley seems almost normal in a family that was anything but...
  • Marilyn
    This was an amazing book full of stories about Connie Stevens, Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and the whole extended family of Joely Fisher. I really enjoyed reading it. It was well written.
  • Katie
    The intro is really bizarrely written, but it gets stronger from there. A lot of interesting thoughts about family, fame, and addiction, though a little uneven.
  • Christine Jasica
    This was a really good book.
  • Lorri Stanton
    Loved it!!!What a great read! Iconic women and their legacies! Joely is not only a talented actress and singer, she is also a great writer with honesty, humor and true emotions.
  • Irene
    This was a bit rambling for my taste.I enjoyed the family photos, though.