The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2) by Peter Brown

The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2)

Shipwrecked on a remote, wild island, Robot Roz learned from the unwelcoming animal inhabitants and adapted to her surroundings--but can she survive the challenges of the civilized world and find her way home to Brightbill and the island?

Details The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2)

TitleThe Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2)
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, Animals

Reviews The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2)

  • Lola
    I was hoping for a sequel, and luckily enough, my wish was granted. It was a pleasure to see Roz again, because she truly is the most wonderful robot I have ever met, and this comes straight from the mouth of someone who, as a general rule, would rather read about anything other than metallic creatures. But Roz is like no other existing robot. For one, she can speak to animals, not only humans. Moreover, she genuinely cares about the world and it...
  • Mary Lee
    I literally gasped aloud when I opened the package and found this inside. There might have been bright lights and trumpet music. Every now and then, miracles do occur in Readerland.
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys! I fell in love with Roz in the first book, the wild robot. While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read the first book then ye might want to skip this post. If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .It was wonderful to be readin’ about Roz again and seeing how she handles the new obstacles in her path. Unlike the first book that happens in the wild, this book finds...
  • Lou
    'The Wild Robot Escapes' is the middle-grade sequel to the 'The Wild Robot' both written and illustrated by New York Times bestselling children's author/illustrator Peter Brown. Both books received widespread acclaim, with the first winning and being nominated for many awards.In the first book we met Roz who has many questions as she opens her eyes for the first time and finds herself on a remote desert island completely alone. But she isn't as a...
  • Aliza Werner
    Fans of THE WILD ROBOT, you will fall in love all over again with Roz and her adventures. This sequel was unputdownable. Middle grade perfection. Heart, joy, love, sacrifice...and what it means to know a home.
  • Skip
    I liked the sequel as much as the original book. Roz the robot was captured at the end of the first book, and has been refurbished to work as a robot a farm, where she befriends both the animals and the farmer's children with her outgoing personality. However, she misses her gosling son, Brightbill, and her animal friends from the island, and makes a plan to return home when migrating geese help her reunite with Brightbill. As she runs away, she ...
  • Leslie Ann
    So happy to read about Roz and Brightbill again. This series is a must read for middle grades!!
  • Niki
    Fantastic sequel to the Wild Robot. Just as sweet and simple as the first, The Wild Robot Escapes did not disappoint! Roz has been rebuilt and is working on a large dairy farm. Typical of Roz, she befriends all the animals (and the children), but longs for her life on the island as a wild robot, especially her goose son, Brightbill. Her kindness to others results in them wanting to show her kindness too and help her return to where she feels most...
  • Nikki
    Love, love, LOVE this book. Roz is the best and I am willing to go on any journey with her, even if it involves pigeons. The first book in this series was a great adventure/survival story and while this one still has adventure elements it really focuses on gently asking the reader to ponder life's big questions, What is my purpose in life? What is home? Where do I belong?Do I think kids will necessarily dig into those questions by reading this in...
  • Carol
    I love this final chapter about Roz the wild robot and her son Brightbill! Heart warming and full of adventure.However I'm going to need to know more about the pack of wolves that appear toward the beginning. The pack has perfectly suited wolf names for villains, Shadow, Slash, Lurk, Fang, and, finally, Barb. That's right the female wolf's name is Barb, like she is their sassy HR rep that has inspirational posters in her office that feature cats ...
  • Amanda Schreiber
    Once again Peter Brown creates a world that you can see & believe. From new animal friends to beloved characters from The Wild Robot, I fell in love with Roz’s story all over again. Peter Brown is a masterful storyteller! A must for my #MockNewbery 2019 list! I know will love this thrilling sequel or as a stand alone text!
  • Carolyn
    I love this series! I wish it was around when I was a little kid. It’s full of action and adventure that any kid would love.
  • Beth Parmer
    To get lost in the pages of a book, to be so immersed in another world that tears flow, gasps escape and smiles form, could anything be more grand? Another work of brilliance by Peter Brown.
  • Brenda Kahn
    Spoiler alert for those unfortunates who have not read The Wild Robot - Roz is captured by the Recons and returned to civilization for reprogramming. But she is a smart robot and adapts, as she did in the first book. Eventually, she is delivered to a farm owned by a man named Shareef. Roz pines for her son, Brightbill and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to foil the tether that keeps her bound to the farm. In the meanwhile, she forms b...
  • Elizabeth☮
    This is just as good as the first. Roz finds herself working on a farm, but she dreams about returning to her island. She realizes the only way home is to get the assistance of the farmer’s children. Roz gets ready for her journey home yet has complicated feelings about leaving. This is a thoughtful contemplation on man vs. technology. Also, surprisingly insightful about what it means to be human and our responsibility for what we create. This ...
  • Reading is my Escape
    Our story begins in a city, with buildings and streets and bridges and parks.- First sentenceAt the end of the first book, Roz is taken away from her island home and brought back to the factory. She is reactivated at Hilltop farm to work for the Shreef family. As much as she enjoys her new home (kids, cows, etc.), Roz misses Brightbill and all her friends on the island. Will she be able to keep her secret? And will she ever make it back to her is...
  • Clare Lund
    We just finished reading this book aloud as a family, and all of us absolutely loved the second half of Roz's story. Kids as young as mine (ages 3 and 5) can enjoy and understand it through guided conversation, and older readers can approach with a lot more depth of understanding about complex topics such as loss, identity, environment, loyalty, and sacrifice. Chapters are very short and many pages are illustrated, and Peter Brown's breaking of t...
  • Thomas Bell
    This is a really good book. I agree with many other readers that this book is superior to the first book, The Wild Robot. Definitely a little silly at times, especially with the fact that Roz has become so famous, but also very heartwarming and real.Anyway, Roz is repaired and sent to work on a farm. But her old 'wild' mind is still her own, and she befriends the kids and the cows. As you might guess, she escapes to try to work her way back to he...
  • Tamra
    Daughter gives it 4 stars. Lots of big life questions in this second is installment, but I liked the first best. This one had several characters entering & exiting the story as Roz makes her journey home, which is less satisfying than a more fully developed cast. A whole book could have been written just centered on the opening family & Roz. Still, who can’t love Roz & Brightbill? 💜
  • Jessica
    A good follow up to The Wild Robot. It’s a fun story of Roz’s attempts to return to her island home. Enjoyed seeing her and Brightbill again, as well as meeting a new cast of characters on the farm where Roz is sent to work after being refurbished.
  • Sherry
    I just really love The Wild Robot and The Wild Robot Escapes. It takes a master storyteller to make me fall in love with a robot and root for her and her darling goose son.
  • Kim
    Such a perfect sequel and ending. One of my favorites!
  • Bill Landau
    I dearly loved this book. I want to read it again right now.
  • Paula Naugle
    Loved this sequel! Can't wait to share it with my 4th readers, who read the first book (The Wild Robot) for the 2017 Global Read Aloud. They have been begging for it.
  • KWinks
    It's very rare for me to love a sequel as much as I love the first book, but Mr. Brown has done it. To say this one was action packed is to do it a disservice. Not only does it tackle some huge questions (What makes us human? What makes robots robots?) it is a fun adventure! Loved it!
  • Brittany
    It's been a long wait to read of Roz's fate, but worth it for her to finally have the ending she deserves. You wouldn't think it, but there's just something quaint and comforting about these stories that don't focus so much on the humans, but instead on the robots and animals. This book and its predacessor are definitely worth the read and such an easy recommendation to kids of all ages, those looking for a good read aloud and young kids reading ...
  • orangerful
    I enjoyed this sequel to The Wild Robot but not quite as much as the first one. It is still a great read but it was hard to beat the magic of the first story. I've always been that way though - I prefer to read Tarzan while he is living with the Apes or Crocodile Dundee when he is in the outback, once the story flips to the city, my interest always seems to fade.Though I did feel like the story picked up a lot after Roz's farm escape. I think som...
  • Riley
    I think this book is great for children because it’s full of things that kids imagine and it has so many quotes it’s just such a great book!
  • Patrick
    Excellent sequel. Love Roz. Perfect follow up!