Nevermoor (Nevermoor, #1) by Jessica Townsend

Nevermoor (Nevermoor, #1)

A cursed girl escapes death and finds herself in a magical world - but is then tested beyond her wildest imaginationMorrigan Crow is cursed. Having been born on Eventide, the unluckiest day for any child to be born, she's blamed for all local misfortunes, from hailstorms to heart attacks--and, worst of all, the curse means that Morrigan is doomed to die at midnight on her eleventh birthday.But as Morrigan awaits her fate, a strange and remarkable...

Details Nevermoor (Nevermoor, #1)

TitleNevermoor (Nevermoor, #1)
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews Nevermoor (Nevermoor, #1)

  • Zoë
  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)
    Middle Grade is NOT my genre. I'm usually always disappointed but I keep trying just in case... and this book made it worth it! I mean... there's literally a giant talking cat!I'll continue the series!
  • Mary Urban
    Great. Now I have to wait with bated breath for my Hogwarts letter AND Wundrous Society invitation to arrive? One was hard enough, two is just unfair.
  • Lola Reviewer
    4 1/2 stars. This could be the beginning of a new series phenomenon. What do you say, Jessica Townsend? Are you ready for it?Morrigan Crow was born to die on her eleventh birthday. She is cursed. But an invitation to the elusive Wundrous Society changes her destiny. She needs to pass challenging trials that will determine if she has it in her to be part of something bigger than herself and join the elite group. But everyone seems to have a talent...
  • Melanie
    I read this so slowly, and I kept having to put it off for other books, but I ended up loving this more than I have words for! RTC probably next week, but hopefully sooner! (Life is hectic currently, friends!)
  • Riley
    me: i don't really like middle gradeNevermoor: hime: talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
  • Phrynne
    The Trials of Morrigan Crow is one of those middle grade children's books which is still perfectly readable by adults who like fantasy. I loved it.Jessica Townsend introduces her magical world by saying little but showing lots - just the way it should be done. There's a wonderful talking cat and a hotel which creates itself according to the resident's needs and desires. There are dragons and dragon riders. There are witches and people who can per...
  • Brenda
    Born as a cursed girl destined to die on the night of her eleventh birthday, Morrigan Crow was resigned to the fact that it was her fault whenever things went wrong. But as the hours crept toward midnight, Morrigan was rescued – whisked away in an unusual vehicle by a total stranger. Jupiter North was her saviour, and patron, and their arrival in Nevermoor, a magical place which had Morrigan enthralled, felt like a dream.Hotel Deucalion was to ...
  • Anne Goldschrift
    Oh mein Gott, ich LIEBE dieses Buch!!! ❤❤❤
  • Sara (sarawithoutanH)
    Ok, I'm gonna have to rethink my "I don't like middle grade" stance. This was beautiful and perfect and I need the next book ASAP. It's so creative and special and I just can't find enough nice things to say about it.
  •  Li'l Owl
    It's taken me a while to decide how to review this audiobook. Here's what I've come up with. The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend audiobook, narrated by is honestly the best book in this genre I have ever listened to! I am so glad I decided to listen to the audiobook rather than read it as I could never have imagined all the inflections and individual voices and accents that each character was given by narrator Gemma Whelan! 5★'sFurt...
  • Ian
    There is more than just a little of Harry Potter in this book and I still don't quite know what I think about that. I love the world the author is creating, but those similarities make me uncomfortable. Having said that, The Trials of Morrigan Crow is a debut and I guess debut novels often reflect the author's influences. And the story really is magical. I believe 20th Century Fox have snapped up the movie rights to it already after only one book...
  • Amber Robertson
    THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS FEATURE ON MY BLOGR A M B L EA big thing about me is that I love middle grade. Percy Jackson is one of my favourite series ever and I adore Harry Potter. So, with Nevermoor being marketed as ‘Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland’ I was pretty excited, obviously. When I went to buy the book the lady who served me told me how the author had grown up and went to school in an area I had lived during my younger years. My m...
  • Monica
    Oh man this was so charming and so much fun! I loved the world, the characters, and all the twists and turns. Definitely a new favorite series.
  • Carolyn
    Such a clever, imaginative novel that will delight readers young and old. Full of magic and wonder (or more correctly Wunder), it tells the tale an 11 year old girl, Morrigan Crow, whisked away from a repressive life where her death is impending and foretold, by a delightfully quirky red haired man, Captain Jupiter North, who illegally smuggles her into the magical world of Nevermoor which runs on a magic called Wunder. He has recruited her as a ...
  • Carolyn K.
    What in the world... Jessica Townsend's Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow had garnered an exceeding amount of praise and recognition throughout news articles, catching my attention as well. From the film rights already sold to a 7-figure deal between major publishers and even being likened to Harry Potter (I mean no I didn't buy it of course, but c'mon don't we readers all get hopeful that the next big thing is finally here?) Nevermoor ignit...
  • Mollie Reads
    Wowwww. I have no words. Definitely a 2017 favorite and may be my all-time favorite middle grade. Truly stunned by how perfect this book was. I need more!!!
  • Tanja Voosen
    Das Buch war nicht komplett perfekt und es gab 2-3 Dinge, die ich nicht so gerne mochte, aber insgesamt eines der besten Kinderbücher, das ich gelesen habe. So eine Mischung aus Harry Potter, die Chroniken vom Anbeginn und Anastasia McCrumpet - also verrückt, originell, witzig, mit viel Herz und abenteuerlichen Elementen. Ich hab das Lesen sehr genossen und freue mich riesig auf den zweiten Band! Die Geschichte solltet ihr definitiv im Auge beh...
  • Billie
    Books are constantly being compared to Harry Potter, but rarely do they capture that same sense of charm and discovery and wonder on first reading. I'm not going to say that Nevermoor reaches quite those heights, but it comes really, really close and seemingly without trying. Like a Dahl-ian heroine, Morrigan Crow is unloved and unappreciated by her family because she is a supposedly "cursed" child, destined to die at midnight on Eventide and bri...
  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    Miss Morrigan Crow, daughter of the illustrious Chancellor Corvus Crow will not be mourned as she passes for she has brought misfortune and calamity to the shire of Jackalfax. Morrogan Crow is a catastrophic young lady that has been condemned as unfortunate, spreading hullabaloo and pandemonium throughout the community. On the eve of the Sixteenth Age of the Wintersea Republic, Morrigan receives an intriguing invitation extended by Jupiter North ...
  • rachel • typed truths
    The Trials of Morrigan Crow was a magical middle grade story that I know will enchant a whole generation of readers. I went into this story with incredibly low expectations since I rarely trust hype (especially when it comes from publisher-driven marketing) but I fell in love with this world. It was just so whimsical and clever; a blend of Flitterwig and The Paper Magician. Townsend has a natural knack for atmospheric world-building and I loved a...
  • Kate Forsyth
    I was sent a proof copy of The Trials of Morrigan Crow by the publisher, Lothian Books, as part of a massive publicity drive promising a magical and captivating children’s fantasy novel. The back of my proof copy lists all the advance buzz this book has garnered – publishing rights sold in 28 territories, film rights pre-empted by 20th Century Fox, a ‘multiplatform marketing and publicity campaign like never before.’ I, of course, love ch...
  • K.
    Trigger warnings: shitty parenting4.5 stars. I actually picked this up at work last year and read the first couple of pages before realising that I was 100% not in the mood to read a middle grade book (I'd just finished rereading all of Harry Potter). This time around, however? I was hooked. It's magical and utterly fantastical from start to finish. The world is beautifully painted, the characters are delightful, and I felt for Morrigan and her t...
  • Roy
    Read this in a sitting. Love it. Its been marketed as the next Harry Potter. I think thats unfair as it's only similarity is that they both have main characters who get exposed to a hidden part of their world. Morrigan Crow is a girl who seems to be cursed and on the strike of midnight will be dead. Fortunately a man by the name of Jupiter North whisks her away to Nevermoor where the fun and trials begin. Wonderful imagination, great fun characte...
  • Драгана
    Ako se po prvoj pročitanoj knjizi godina poznaje, ovo će biti jedna fantastična godina! Prilično sam skeptična kada na knjizi piše "za ljubitelje Hari Potera", ali ovaj put su bili potpuno u pravu! Sve vreme čitanja sam imala slične one leptiriće u stomaku, koje sam imala pre dvadesetak godina! Nemojte misliti da je ovo neka kopija knjiga o mom omiljenom čarobnjaku, osim što je i ovo priča o prijateljstvu, porodici (koja nam nije krv)...
  • Rachel (Kalanadi)
    This was tons of fun and I really liked the characters. I imagine this is compared to Harry Potter all the time, but it's definitely doing its own thing too.
  • Michael
    When it comes to hype the debut novel by Aussie author Jessica Townsend is right up there. With comparisons to a certain boy wizard a-plenty and a film deal, this debut is riding that train all the way. Thankfully this is a story that deserves all the buzz it is getting and more in what is charming and magical reading that is an early contender for my book of the year.Morrigan Crow is a little girl who due to being born on an unlucky day is curse...
  • Trudie
    Ah, I really don't know which way to jump on this one. Do I do another rant about the insidiousness of the marketing machine pushing works by debut authors, hoping to discover another J.K Rowling ? ... I could but I won't.The first thing to note is I am not the target audience for this particular book and that while I like Harry Potter I am not fanatical about it. I found this one, at best, quite pleasant, a fairy floss of a children's book, with...
  • Tabea Vanessa
    Wow! That was really something.First of all I want to address the „Harry Potter“ comparison this book constantly seems to get. This is in absolutely no way Harry Potter. Don’t compare it to the greatest and most successful book series ever. It has a different world, a different plot, different characters and different writing. If you loved Harry Potter, it will not automatically mean that you will love Nevermoor. What it does have though is...