Click, Clack, Moo I Love You! by Doreen Cronin

Click, Clack, Moo I Love You!

It’s Valentine’s Day and on the farm - that means a Valentine’s party! Little Duck is wildly excited. She hangs balloons, streamers, sparkling lights, and hearts everywhere, and hand-makes a valentine for everyone. On top of a hill, a little fox hears the music from the party and follows Little Duck’s many decorations to the barn…but foxes are not at all welcome on farms. The chickens stop dancing. The sheep stop dancing. The pigs stop ...

Details Click, Clack, Moo I Love You!

TitleClick, Clack, Moo I Love You!
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Holiday, Animals, Storytime

Reviews Click, Clack, Moo I Love You!

  • Kaethe
    They can't all be about the power of collective bargaining and the importance of treating employees like meaningful contributor and the need to be more humane to the animals we own. Some books have to be about issues of prejudice and diversity and inclusion. But I prefer the socialist utopia that is Click Clack Moo. Library copy
  • Heidi
    Cronin and Lewin have created another cute book revolving around the animals on Farmer Brown's farm. In this one, Little Duck spends a great deal of time and energy decorating the farm for the upcoming Valentine's Day dance. She also makes a valentine for everyone. That night after the work is done and the cows have gone to their shindig, the party commences with food, dancing, and valentine's for everyone. But the animals stick mostly to their o...
  • AMY
    Another fun story on the farm during Valentine’s Day. The animals are busy getting ready for the big dance. This book is pretty and has sparkly parts kids will like. I like how the theme of inclusion was worked in nicely. Highly recommended for Grades K-2.
  • Amy
    With a little hard work and a lot of heart, Little Duck makes a party to remember, but also teaches the value of acceptance. Darling and sweet, Click, Clack, Moo I Love You explores the joy of hard work, friendship, and sharing. Adorable illustrations will cause giggles abound, as young readers will see the cows dressed in ball attire, and the mice doing the hustle. With all the charm of the, Click Clack Moo books and a healthy dose of glitter ad...
  • Tonja Drecker
    Glitter and barn yard celebration abound in this lovely Valentine's story, which shows that love and friendship stretch beyond even carefully built and mended boundaries.Valentine's Day is a special day at the farm, but no one is as excited as Little Duck. Streamers and balloons dangle from every barnyard corner for the big celebration, and all farm animals are more than happy to join in the fun. Just as everyone is dancing away, an unexpected gu...
  • Kathryn (Nine Pages)
    Review first published on my blog, Nine Pages .This is a Valentine’s book from the Click, Clack, Moo series. Farmer Brown shows his love in his care of the animals and the farm. Little Duck decorates for the Valentine’s Day party and makes Valentines for everyone. The chickens and the pigs bring potluck dishes, but the sheep bring nothing. A fox hears their party and invites herself. The farm animals are terrified. All except Little Duck. Li...
  • Dorine White
    Little Duck celebrates Valentine's Day in this Farmer Brown tale. And people, there is GLITTER! So, Farmer Brown makes sure all his animals are safe before turning in. Meanwhile, Little Duck is decorating like mad! She has invited all the barnyard animals to celebrate with a dance, though the cows are off having their own good time. She holds a potluck, and as animals arrive at the barn, they exchange Valentine cards. (Though I noticed the mice d...
  • Mrs. Mounce
    This just arrived and it is adorable!! Another win from the Click, Clack, Moo series!! ❤Little Duck is so excited for Valentine’s Day! She makes cards for everyone, and also decorates the farm with streamers, lights, balloons, hearts, the works!The animals are so ready to celebrate and dance but when an unexpected guest shows up, will they still be in the party mood or will Little Duck’s Valentine party be ruined? A great story of friendshi...
  • Jana
    I was thrilled to receive a signed copy of this book from the author. All of our favorite barnyard characters from the Click, Clack, Moo series are getting together for a Valentines party. Little Duck has been working very hard decorating and making Valentines. Once the party starts, they all have a terrific time until an uninvited guest shows up. Young readers will enjoy finding out how Little Duck handles this awkward situation.
  • Heidi-Marie
    Read with kids in mind. SJ would love the glitter. (ick) The story was meh. Nice to see the animals finally mix it up. But I wonder with the kids actually living on a farm the majority of the time, if the fox part would scare them for the sake of the animals. Or maybe that isn't a concern for them. Not sure.
  • Patrycja
    This sweet book about animals and Valentine's Day is quite lovely. The illustrations are cute and colorful. And there is so much glitter and sparkle in the book. This is a story about animals getting ready fir Valentine's Day and celebrating the Day.But during the fun there is uninvited guest. Will this spoil the celebration or make it even better?
  • Amy Lafleur Meyers
    Cute story about the animals on farm getting ready for a Valentine's Day party. Little Duck is putting up the decorations and putting the party on. Then when the party comes, an unexpected guest arrives, one who makes the other animals feel nervous. I loved the copious glitter found on nearly every page of the book and the message of giving others a chance.
  • Serenity
    I noticed this on display at the public library and grabbed it to share with my primary kiddos this week for Valentine's Day. It's cute. I have not kept up with this series, so I'm not sure if the duckling who is at the center of this story is new or a character from a previous book, but she is friendly and kind. I think my kinders will enjoy this as a read aloud this week.
  • Amanda
    Bump it up a star because of GLITTER and cuteness.Bump it down a star because of confusion and mixed message. Little Duck does Valentines for everyone...except for Farmer Brown? Farmer Brown does all this work and doesn't notice Little Duck going Valentines crazy? Love that everyone finally is dancing all together...except c'mon, predator and prey. Hmmm. Guess I need to let literalness go here.
  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    You are going to have to get your own copy of the latest Click, Clack, Moo to see the sparkle on every page. It's a glittery story of animals-on-the-farm and their huge barnyard dance for Valentine's Day. Even an unexpected guest ("Yip yip yip") won't tarnish this shiny event. Another wonderful Click, Clack, Moo story.
  • Julie Kirchner
    Good addition to a Valentines Day or Click Clack Moo collection. Kids love Doreen Cronin and this will be another popular title. I liked the underlying theme that we can hang with people who are different than us.
  • Jillian
    SO. MUCH. GLITTER.Oh, boy, the glitter. Glitter aside, it's a great story. I liked the welcoming of Little Fox, and how it kicked off the party's "openness" to interspecies fun.And the Brick Joke about the cows had me rolling.
  • Kelly Carey
    Glitter filled pages about making room to be friends with everyone. Although the cows did go to a bovine only ball? And poor Farmer Brown, who does all the daily work around the farm, didn't seem to get a valentine?
  • Vicki
    Finally a decent Valentine's day book for preschoolers/kindergarteners with a bit of diversity and acceptance thrown in!Duck gets ready for a party while the farmer tidies up the farm. Sparkly, bright illustrations with a textural element makes for one great book.
  • Zachary Cruz
    I love these "Click, Clack, Moo" books, they are funny and really cute. Keep my 8 year olds interest, but for some reason this wasn't the same as all of the others. Something was missing/lacking but I can not put my finger on it.
  • Ryan
    It’s Valentine's Day on the farm. Little duck want to make sure everyone gets a valentine at the dance. Everyone laughs and dances, and has a grand time. They even make a new friend. I really enjoy these books, and your kids will too.
  • Pam
    It's Valentines Day on the farm. Little Duck works hard to make the party special. When an unexpected guest arrives (a fox), she makes him feel welcome too.Use to talk about seeing beyond fears and differences.
  • Ruth Ann
    This seems too long for storytime. :(Farmer Brown helps the animals get the farm ready for the big Valentine's dance(!). Little Duck does all the decorating and is a gracious hostess, even when an uninvited guest arrives - one who is a danger to all on the farm - yikes!
  • Pam
    Valentine's Day book. My first grade students just loved it! Especially the glitter! Little Duck decorates the barn for the Valentine's Day dance. What happenes when the fox follows the balloons, streamers and music to the barn?
  • Kim
  • Niki Brogen
    Such a cute book! I won't lie, I was attracted to it because of the glitter and how aesthetically attractive it was but the story itself is quite adorable.
  • Jennifer
    Adorable, as usual.
  • Genie Bishop
    The story and the animals are just as cute as they have been in the other Click Clack Moo stories. Although duck didn't pull any tricks that I could see on on Farmer Brown.
  • Misbah
    A bunch of farm animals throw a party for Valentine's day. Cute pictures but not much of a story.