Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7

WITCH-WAR, Part One (of Six)"WITCH-WAR" Part One (of Six): "The Revenants": Sabrina's father, Edward Spellman, is back from the dead, inhabiting the body of the newly resurrected Harvey Kinkle! Sabrina, believing the love of her high school life is back, arranges for a romantic rendezvous -- but neither Hilda nor Zelda want that reunion to take place and are willing to start a witch-war to keep them apart! Meanwhile, the diabolical Madam Satan re...

Details Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7

TitleChilling Adventures of Sabrina #7
Release DateJul 5th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Witches

Reviews Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7

  • Coos Burton
    Normalmente me embola un poco la idea de conocer demasiado sobre la vida de algunos personajes en concreto, pero fue genial saber cómo sucedió todo el gran ascenso de Edward, sus intentos por recibir prestigio del mundo oscuro.
  • Vikki
    Darker version of Sabrina the Teenage WitchThis is 7th comic in the series of a much darker version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This comic goes into the backstory of Sabrina’s father. Edward Spellman was a very talented witch from a very young age but was used by his mentor and the Dark Church. It also went into the story of how he got trapped in the tree. Like I have said about the previous comics in this series, this has a lot of occult and...
  • Noa ☁️
    Wow, Edward Spellman is gross. I enjoyed reading about his backstory. This comic is so dark I think I’m into it ?????? I cannot wait to read more about it. Wow, Edward Spellman is gross. I enjoyed reading about his backstory. This comic is so dark I think I’m into it ?????? 
I cannot wait to read more about it.
  • Hope (HopelessBookAddict)
    WowThat was messed up lol. Just when I think it can’t get any dies....times like 10! Wow, just wow!
  • Barb (Boxermommyreads)
    Issue #7 starts a new story arc for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. "Witch Wars" is the first of 6 and shows Sabrina's father, Edward Spellman, and his resurrection back into the body of Sabrina's beloved Harvey. In this issue, the reader learns how Edward became such a powerful conjurer and why he may be a very dangerous presence in Sabrina's current world.
  • Dylan
    3 stars.STILL don't care about backstories.
  • Lu
    Este volumen está lleno de ritos, ocultismo y cosas escalofriantes, la familia Spellman es de cuidado. 🙈
  • mghrebia
    sooo creepy. can't wait for the show!this one was a lot of back story which was a little boring but im excited to read the last annoyed this series wasn't finished tho. maybe with the show they'll continue it.
  • Kayla (onthefritz)
    Ahhhhh this was sooo gooooood!The origin of Sabrina's dad and what all really went down in the beginning of the series.
  • Amber
    No idea where this treasure has been
  • Anto Tilio
    Me encanta que cuenten las historias de los personajes ♥Amé la historia de los familiares en el anterior volumen. Y en éste nos cuentan la historia de Edward Spellman :O muuuuuuuuy buena! Esta nueva versión super creepy y oscura de Sabrina me encanta y me sorprende con cada nueva entrega.
  • Hannah
    I am so here for ultra creepy Sabrina even though (view spoiler)[they killed Harvey! I'm still sad about it. (hide spoiler)] This issue focused on the younger years of Edward Spellman. I liked it a lot. Even though these issues that focus on people's backstories do little to further the wider plot (I need to see what happens next in the overarching plot and what Sabrina will do), I still like learning about the characters more. Edward Spellman is...
  • Ashley
    I read Volume 1 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue on with the rest of the series. I wasn't invested in any of the storylines or characters. I guess I wanted to know what was going on with Harvey/Edward, but eh? I noticed that #6 was the origin of Salem, though, and, well, Salem was my favorite part of the- very different- television series. So I continued on. Issue 6 hooked me in a different way. It was ...
  • Melissa ~ Missy (FrayedBooks)
    I lovedddd learned Edward Spellman's backstory! This is fascinating and I love that he ended up in Harvey's body. Oh this is going to be good. -popcorn.gif- I love the creepy level of this!Shoutout to Hoopla (which is part of your library system) for having this comic! So glad I could read this - check it out to see if you can read it for free too :)
  • Ryan Bradley
    Loving this like I wanna join the dark side!!!This is the first comic/ g.n. Series I've ever felt compelled to read past the first issue. It will always be my first and Besides the Dark horse Buffy seasons (which i have been woefully denied such convenient access to, unlike this being on my kindle unlimited) ... Probably my last.
  • Mel
    Enjoyed the Daddy story and what had *really* been going on behind the scenes for Sabrina's conception and childhood. It added a new perspective and took a much darker turn. Even if it was again Sabrina without Sabrina.
  • Dõmi
    This one is all about Sabrina's father, Edward Spellman. This is his story going back to when he was just a child all the way up to after Sabrina was born. It also reveals why he's been absent from Sabrina's life all of these years.
  • Ame
    I love that Edward Spellman looked exactly like Eddie Munster during his younger years while he learned to conjure all demons, except for THE demon himself. I have to wait until December for the next issue?! Argh!
  • Bruna ♛
    Eu achei esse volume interessante, saber mais sobre a história da Sabrina e do seu pai. Mas eu não achei tão legal para ler, espero que as próximas sejam melhores...
  • Cristal Jatip
    In this issue you get Sabrina’s father, Edward Spellman, backstory starting when he was a young boy. This issue was fantastically creepy and gave more to the story as a whole.
  • Andrew Shanks
    Each issue makes me love the artwork even more than the last. The story is really good as well and I am ready for the next issue to see where this goes.
  • Rachel
    Quiet a bit darker than previous issues. This focused on Sabrina's father and his story.
  • Samah Rifla
    we get to see a lot of backstories, about Sal the cat, the two snakes guatding Ambrose and the main guy, Edward Spellmen.
  • Rainey
    Very interesting.
  • Victoria Larroque
    Edward SpellmanThis was awesome! We got an entire storyline, childhood to resurrection, of Sabrina’s dad. Very excited to read issue 8 👻
  • Leslie
    it just gets better!
  • Josh Brown
    Another origin but Edward is a fascinating bastard.
  • BookLady
    Me encantó la referencia hacia Steven Marcato de Rosemarys Baby. Good! "All of them witches" Me encantó la referencia hacia Steven Marcato de Rosemary´s Baby. Good! "All of them witches"
  • Serena
    Good backstory into Edward Spelling's life as a young boy and how great of a conjurer he was and how he was sent into witch limbo by his sisters who caught onto his witch scamming.
  • Daniela
    This is about to get really serious. Every action has a consequence.