Edge of Darkness (Romantic Suspense, #20; Cincinnati, #4) by Karen Rose

Edge of Darkness (Romantic Suspense, #20; Cincinnati, #4)

The fourth and final book in Karen Rose's nail-biting Cincinnati Series revisits your favourite characters battling crime in the city's dark underbelly. Homicide detective Adam Kimble is no stranger to battling demons. But Meredith Fallon is a different kind of weakness: one that could actually be good for him, if only he would let himself depend on her. Meredith has loved Adam for a year, and seeing how hard he's worked to deal with his PTSD mak...

Details Edge of Darkness (Romantic Suspense, #20; Cincinnati, #4)

TitleEdge of Darkness (Romantic Suspense, #20; Cincinnati, #4)
Release DateFeb 8th, 2018
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Fiction, Suspense

Reviews Edge of Darkness (Romantic Suspense, #20; Cincinnati, #4)

  • Paromjit
    I had never read Karen Rose, but having heard so much about her books, I thought I would try this. It turns out this might not have been the best decision as it is the 4th in the Cincinnati series, with characters from other books in the series turning up here. It meant that at times I felt a little at a loss, not having read others in the series. Nevertheless, I still managed to enjoy reading this thriller. Adam Kimble is a homicide detective wh...
  • Emma♔☯ (Bookishfix)
    *I received this Arc from Net Gallet in exchange for an honest review* Karen Rose has done it again you guys! Another nail-biting, romantic suspense with many twists and turn, with characters I've grown to love and am sure you will too. I couldn't wait to read this book, but unfortunately I had to hold off because I hadn't read book #2 and #3 of the Cincinnati series yet- I mean yes I could have gone ahead and read it but I didn't want any spoile...
  • Marta Cox
    4 and a halfThis carries on the segment that this author has involved her readers in set in and around Cincinnati and honestly I somehow suspect that several of these characters will be revisited no matter what the synopsis says. Why do I feel this? Well honestly there are just so many characters involved here that the author would be crazy not to go back at some point and flesh them out more. That's also unfortunately why I knocked a half mark o...
  • Lesley Book Lover
    Karen Rose does it again, this was an amazing read, this lady amazes me.
  • Leonie Byrne
    The very first thing I want to point out about this book is that it is being marketed as the final book in the Cincinnati series. However, having spoken to Karen Rose on Twitter I can confirm that this is not the case and there will be more! :) So, to get on with the review. There is a reason that Karen Rose remains one of my all time favourite authors and books like Edge of Darkness really serve to highlight those reasons. Part of the Cincinnati...
  • Kathryn
    Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose is one of those books that I just had to keep reading. By rights I shouldn't even like it, it is full of crime, nasty crime and so many killings. However its the fight of good against evil and I know the evil is going to be eventually overcome.I've only read two other books in this series but I want to go back and read all of them! Some day! In the meantime this was perfect and while it is part of a series it can st...
  • Ashleighjayne
    I was so happy when I seen Karen Rose’s new book on netgalley, I was double excited when I got a email saying my request to read it was accepted. I literally jumped up and down so happy and started reading right away. I’ve waited so long to read Adam and Meredith’s story and was totally worth the wait.Edge of darkness features some of out favourite characters from previous books Dani, Deacon, Faith, the O’Bannion brothers, kate and decker...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    Edge of Darkness gives us a man who is fighting for both his sanity and his sobriety all while trying to track a killer who is attempting to kill the woman he cares about. Adam Kimble had been on the edge for a while. Dealing with PTSD from the things he has seen as a Homicide detective and used alcohol to kill the pain. He met Meredith Fallon at cusp of this and has been avoiding her due to AA's recommendation of no relationship for the first ye...
  • Mark
    Firs time I have read anything by the author and it did not disappoint,a brilliant and tense opening and then a great read throughoutI....I liked the characters although maybe focused on them just a bit too much on occasions?.......a difficult yet very current subject to write about which was handled well, lota of twists and turns in the book which I enjoyed,I would defintely read other books by the author amd found it a satisfying and enjoyabke ...
  • Gemma McGee
    Edge of Darkness is the fourth book in the Cincinnati series and the twentieth book in Karen Rose Romance Suspense series. This book is published in Hardback in the UK on the 2nd November 2017 and out in paperback 8th Feb 2018. This book main focus is Dr Meredith Fallows and Detective Adam Kimble, Adam has been dealing with PTSD for the last year due to witnessing a horrendous crime against a child. Now Adam has to solve why some would want to b...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Headline for an advance copy of Edge of Darkness, the fourth novel in the Cincinnati series.Meredith Fallon is celebrating the progress Mallory Martin, a young victim of abuse whom she has been counselling, has made in her recovery by taking her for lunch. They have hardly sat down when a reluctant gunman approaches them and tells them to run. In the ensuing standoff the gunman is shot in the head and dies and ...
  • Maria
    Everything starts with a bomb, lucky for our main characters it didn't explode. But to whom was addressed? And why?I love Karen Rose books, but this is not a standalone book, I don't recommend you to read this one if you haven't read the previous ones. This is a closing book, were the big case that had started a long ago will see their culprits in prison, finally!It's always bittersweet to read the ending of a series, it had been years since I re...
  • Maria
    Everything starts with a bomb, lucky for our main characters it didn't explode. But to whom was addressed? And why?I love Karen Rose books, but this is not a standalone book, I don't recommend you to read this one if you haven't read the previous ones. This is a closing book, were the big case that had started a long ago will see their culprits in prison, finally!It's always bittersweet to read the ending of a series, it had been years since I re...
  • Anne Szlachcic
    The SUPERB conclusion to this series ................Homicide detective Adam Kimble receives a call from the woman he has loved from afar for the past 12 months , he hears screaming and gunfire ........Meredith Fallon councils sexually abused children and teenagers and has taken Mallory Martin , a severely traumatised patient ,out for the first time since her rescue , to her favourite restauant . A young man approaches their table , a gun in hand...
  • Trish Nankivell
    This story was okay.In previous books we were introduced to Adam Kimble and his circle of family and friends, and to Marcus O'Bannion and his family and circle and his newspaper.I was excited to again follow the gang.But sometimes I feel that when an author becomes successful they feel pressure to write bigger books - and more words doesn't always add up to better story.I persevered, because the story-line was okay and as I said above - I was kee...
  • Melanie Hodges
    The Cincinnati series by Karen Rose has probably been one of my favourites. This fourth and final book sees the turn of Meredith and Adam who have already had a brief dalliance, yet been separated over the past year while Adam conquers his demons.During an afternoon out with Mallory, Meredith finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun when a young man appears in the cafe, visibly upset and shaking, there is immediate panic while she tries to ...
  • Jill Brown
    The 4th book in the Cincinnati series focuses on Detective Adam Kimble and Dr Meredith Fallon who have featured throughout the series. Adam is a troubled man with secrets and unusually for Ms Rose, he and Meredith are already acquainted having begun a relationship in an earlier book which seemed to fizzle out. In fact this was crucial to this story as both Adam and Meredith's secrets and demons are laid bare as their relationship re-ignites. The ...
  • Sue Plant
    would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this amazing book....this has to be the best book that karen rose has written, its full of action and mystery with quite a few red herrings... there is none stop action from the get go and it just doesnt stop, every page is a page turner that keeps you going and wondering who it could be and right to the end even when you find out who it is there is action that you just would not...
  • Gemma
    Massive Karen Rose fan. This is another HIT! This lady can't go wrong with her books for me. This one focuses on Meredith Fallon and Adam Kimble. Meredith helps young girls who have been sexually abused, but someone doesn't seem to want her meddling and targets her....... Adam is such a good character he is fighting through some dark things, it's such a good story it seriously keeps you guessing and guessing. I thought I had it all sussed but I w...
  • Tanya
    When we first met Detective Adam Kimble, he was a bit of an ass. The mystery since that point though, has been why. Now we have our answer.And I gotta say, those first few pages from Adam's perspective broke my heart.Edge of Darkness is the type of book you want to put life on pause and just devour. It does not stop from the very beginning to the end, and it is just all so damn good. Adam and Meredith. Guest appearances from the rest of the Cinci...
  • Renwick
    I always await the next book from Karen Rose with a sense of anticipation, knowing that I am rarely disappointed. Her novels are never short and this gives the reader the opportunity to become immersed, not just within the story but also to get to know the characters that will keep you engaged through to the final pages. Edge of Darkness is no exception and the fact that the author does not hold back in her description of events as they unfold ad...
  • Lindsay
    Karen Rose does it again! The 4th Cincinnati books picks up with Det Adam Kemble and Dr Meredith Fallon caught up in a web of lies, pain, kidnap, blackmail and murder! As the investigation moves forward Adam fights his own demons in the hope of winning back his family and the heart of the woman he has loved for over a year! Old faces appear from Cincinnati and Chicago in order to shed light on the edge of darkness!
  • Sammy
    A return to form after the disappointment that was Monster in the Closet. I think this is my favourite of the Cincinnati series - perhaps the slow build up over a few books helped the romance. Better cameos than in previous books in that past favourites were actually put to useful use rather than congregating in a hospital waiting room. I have to say still not a par with her early Chicago books. I guessed the baddie pretty early on.
  • Chrys
    Another entertaining read, I really enjoyed this and will always be looking forward to the next one. A nice blend of emotional storytelling with some interesting and gritty crime based drama.I like the interwoven characters and trying to spot where the next romantic entanglement will occur. Very easy to read and perfect for sheer escapism.
  • Margaret Wray
    Another great book to read in this series. This kept me reading until the small hours and could not put it down. Plan on re-reading the series so that all their stories gel together. Maybe a long year in 2018!Thank you to Karen Rose for making these characters real. Maybe a TV series in the works? How good would that be.
  • Cherie Melbourne
    Karen does it again, I could not put this book down. She is a marvelous creator of psychopaths & keeps you guessing the whole time. It's absolutely non stop action & she did a wonderful job of telling Adam's story, not to mention Meredith's. This is my 10th Karen Rose book & she has never disappointed.
  • lia
    Considering I had so much expectation with this one, I think Edge of Darkness not so bad compared to Monster in the Closet, but the identity of the villain is easy to predict soooo only 4 stars for me. Still waiting patiently for her next book, tho.
  • Gjbates
    4.5 stars. Always good suspense in Karen Rose's books. It was nice to see some cameo appearances from characters in the previous books. Some were major character stories in the story, like Deacon and some in small parts like Alex and Daniel from Scream For Me
  • Brooke
    Great book. Haven't read a Karen Rose book before I enjoyed it.
  • Ariadne
    More of a 3.5 really. Didn't find the lead characters as engaging as previous installments and I picked out the bad guy about 2 seconds after he showed up.