Lost For Words by Stephanie Butland

Lost For Words

You can trust a book to keep your secret . . .Loveday Cardew prefers books to people. If you look closely, you might glimpse the first lines of the novels she loves most tattooed on her skin. But there are things she'll never show you.Fifteen years ago Loveday lost all she knew and loved in one unspeakable night. Now, she finds refuge in the unique little York bookshop where she works.Everything is about to change for Loveday. Someone knows about...

Details Lost For Words

TitleLost For Words
Release DateApr 20th, 2017
PublisherBonnier Zaffre
GenreFiction, Writing, Books About Books, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews Lost For Words

  • Fictionophile
    What bibliophile can resist a novel about a charming used bookshop, with even more charming and quirky protagonists? I can't.  To further my interest, I've read some great reviews of this novel by some of favorite fellow bookbloggers. And... did I mention it is set in York, England?  What a package!This delightful novel features a memorable protagonist, Loveday Cardew. She has worked for "Lost for Words" for the past ten years, is twenty-five ...
  • Hristina
    Copy received through NetGalleyIt's a book that talks about the power of books, it's especially written for bookworms. I loved that, I loved how the story progressed, the writing is great, but most of all, I loved the characters, they make this book. This was a very interesting, comforting read, and it's definitely a book that I will re-read soon.
  • Lisa *OwlBeSatReading*
    What can I say? I'm lost for words!Loveday on her passion:'Anyone who’s worked in a bookshop for longer than an afternoon will tell you that people buy books for all sorts of reasons. There’s the simple love of books, of course: the knowledge that here is an escape, a chance to learn, a place for your heart and mind to romp and play'.I read that statement, and I was sold. I knew I'd love this book.Stephanie Butlands story started out as a qui...
  • Joanne
    Despite the title, I won't be lost for words reviewing this lovely book. It is full of characters you will take to your heart and I loved the way the story unfolded. Loveday Cardew is a young woman in her twenties, quite a spiky character, who works in an independent bookshop in York owned by the wonderfully eccentric Archie. Some years previously as a young girl, as the story hints at and gradually reveals, she suffered terrible loss. This is on...
  • Karen
    Having loved Stephanie’s last book, The Other Half of My Heart I just knew I was in for a treat with this one – and the story is set around a book shop. What’s not to like!Loveday Cardew hasn’t had the happiest of lives. Until she met Archie, the owner of a second hand bookshop ‘Lost for Words’, she had had a troubled life but she was a survivor and such an intriguing character. Sometimes I felt so much sympathy for her, and at others...
  • Angela Smith
    Labelling this as chick-lit I feel I do it a bit of a disservice because there are plenty of weighty issues covered in this story, loss, abuse, mental health and the foster system. This book is also a love story to the written word in that the protagonist, beautifully named Loveday Cardew is a true bibliophile after my own heart. If you have ever felt that a book/s has/have saved you through difficult times you will totally get her.Loveday has a ...
  • Donna Irwin
    Just loved this book. Just loved Loveday.And set in a bookshop in my home town of York.Wonderful writing.Full review to follow.
  • Sumaiyya
    This was such a heartwarming story about a young woman who works at a bookstore. Lost for Words was a comfort read for me, and as a bookworm I really loved reading about a bookish protagonist. I'd recommend this if you're looking for something light to read that has a bit of a dark twist.
  • Jill's Book Cafe
    Having read and loved both of Stephanie Butland's previous books I was looking forward to reading this latest title and I was not disappointed. In fact, I think this is the best so far - I loved it. Of course as an ex librarian, with an obsessive passion for books, I was probably pre-disposed to be enchanted by someone who prefers books to people, I can quite understand the notion that you know where you are with books.Loveday works at the second...
  • Helen
    Loveday Cardew is a quiet, antisocial bookworm working in a small bookshop in York. She closes herself off from relationships and finds herself lost for words when she tries to talk to people. But she wasn't always this way, and through flashbacks and memories we find out what happened in Loveday's past that has left her so guarded and reluctant to trust anyone.I really need to stop judging books by their covers. This is the second one recently w...
  • Kelly
    The cover is perfect, it gives nothing away at all. I like to go into a book knowing as little as possible. It’s meant to be an adventure, I want to meet everyone in my own time and settle into my new surroundings. I also like that the book is suitable for all seasons. I could give it as a present for someone’s birthday in June or a Christmas gift in December. Which will be happening, because the story and characters are a must for everyone t...
  • Vicki
    4.5 stars! The second I spotted this book, I was in love and snapped it up at the first opportunity. I mean, the cover is just gorgeous for a start. But set in a book shop? A quirky character with an emotional story to tell? Yes Please! This book couldn't sound more up my street if it tried.And oh, how I absolutely loved it. I haven't read anything by Stephanie Butland before, so her beautifully encompassing writing was new to me. I was completel...
  • Sid Nuncius
    I enjoyed Lost For Words; I found it readable, humane and rather perceptive.Loveday Cardew is a damaged young woman working in a second-hand bookshop, and she also recounts episodes from her childhood trauma and her relationship with a somewhat sinister ex-boyfriend and so on, all told in a fractured timescale… It sounds very familiar ground with the potential to be pretty dreadful, but it's so well done here that it felt very fresh and involvi...
  • Fiona
    Loveday ist ein Einzelgänger. Sie braucht nicht viel, eigentlich nur Bücher und ihre Ruhe. Damit konnte ich mich direkt identifizieren. Auch der Prozess, den sie durchlebt, um Menschen an sich ran zu lassen, konnte ich gut nachvollziehen und fand ich sehr schön umgesetzt.Loveday hat in ihrer Kindheit etwas Traumatisches erlebt und alles verloren, seit dem verlässt sie sich nur noch auf sich selbst. Doch da ist Archie, ihr Chef im Buchladen, d...
  • Jewel
    3.5An emotional yet a quiet readWritten by the POV of Loveday, we are introduced to her life and the very few people in it and slowly on what makes Loveday the way she is.The chapters go back and forth between present andpast - revealing the affects of domestic violence and crime on people's lives.But it was not an intense read but strangely comforting in some ways to know that survival and happiness are not impossible even through some sadness i...
  • booksofallkinds
    LOST FOR WORDS by Stephanie Butland is a deeply moving tale of family, loss, and finding a way through your heartache, and it is all rolled up with a perfect second-hand bookshop and an understanding of how books can really become such a hugely important part of your life. Loveday Cardew doesn't like people, preferring to keep herself to herself and seeking refuge in her books whenever she needs company. Burying her past, Loveday has created a ne...
  • Anna
    Lost For Words by Stephanie Butland a book that will be published by Bonnier Zaffre this next April 20th has been love at first...word!This book is dense, cured, spectacularly interesting, a great literary work according to my point of view and surely dedicated to all the book lovers and bookworms of this world.It was interesting to read The Lost Words also because of the informations about second-hand books market. I didn't know of a lot of it a...
  • Ryan
    An okay book. The main character works in a bookshop and has book qoute tattoos so honestly the chances of me not at all liking this book were slim. The poetry wasn't anything special. It was nice but not great. What I liked the most was Loveday's and Nathan's relationship. It didn't seem forced and it wasn't the typical magic-first-kiss-in-the-rain type of stuff. The ending seemed a bit too rushed and a bit less well written than the rest of the...
  • Gail Atkins
    I really loved this book because the love of books and reading came through. Us bookworms can understand Loveday's love and devotion of books.Loveday has a passion for books and poetry: she has her perfect job working in a small secondhand bookshop. She spends her time going through donations and looking for lost treasures.Loveday is lost and alone. Secrets from her past come back to haunt her: can she let go of the past and find a positive futur...
  • Kylie ward
    My dear god!!!! This book has broken my heart and is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The characters in this book are so well done! The scenes in the book are heaven. And Archie is the most amazing character to read. This book is everything. My heart can’t even handle it. Please please please read this!!!! You will not be disappointed
  • Entre mis libros y yo
  • Heidi
    Loved this book. One of those ones that when you close the book for the last time, it's a fond and sad farewell to the characters you love.
  • Sarah
    Absolutely not my usual genre, and yet this turned out to be a lovely, very moving read.Full review is up on the blog.
  • Kirstie
    I’ve not had a 5* book for ages but this really hit the mark for me. Really easy style of writing and all the characters so likableNot too cheesy but you wanted it to end well for Loveday
  • Karen Whittard
    This book is really something very special indeed and I highly recommended this book to absolutely everybody. It really captured me and I read it solidly without putting it down. I was picked up and mixed into the magic of the story and held there until the final page. I really do hope that there is a follow up to this book as I desperately need to know what happens to the characters next. Loveday Cardew prefers books to people. If you look caref...
  • Susan Foulkes
    Lost for Words, the name of the bookshop where Loveday works, and how she feels when amongst people...she doesn't really "do" people, but books are a different matter, she feels at home with books, they ask for nothing, they don't change, they bring comfort.But how, and why, did Loveday become like this?Through flashbacks we learn that terrible things happened in her past. Things that no 10 year old should have to deal with, especially without an...
  • Noodles78
    Finished this book this morning, and when I say finished, I mean sobbed my way through the last 40 pages or so on my sofa.I loved this!I loved the poetry (actual and the way the author wrote) of the book, loved how closed off but accessible Loveday was. You were on her side from page one, even though she thought she pushed everyone away. Loved how her story was slowly revealed, you guessed at, you assumed but it wasn't until near the end, when yo...
  • Venessa
    At first I think the author has based our heroine Loveday Cardew on me, but maybe ever so slightly younger. I'm completely taken in because of this connection to my own passion about books and so I barely mind at all that the writing is "easy-reading" and anyway, it's also clever - relatable, witty, descriptive and scene-setting. "... I liked being near the sea again. The water was the blue of inkstained fingertips."After several flashbacks to 1...