The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley, #2) by Devney Perry

The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley, #2)

She took a dare and fell in love. Truth would have been the smarter choice.After years of living under her father’s thumb, Emmeline is ready to break free. She’s abandoned her life as a New York socialite to follow her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher in a small, wholesome town. Seeing the man that nearly broke her was absolutely not what she had hoped to find in Prescott, Montana.Nick hasn’t seen his Emmy in nine years, but that do...

Details The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley, #2)

TitleThe Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley, #2)
Release DateMay 30th, 2017
PublisherDevney Perry
GenreRomance, Favorites, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley, #2)

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    Devney Perry's books are becoming my newest favorite addiction. I fell in love with her when I read The Coppersmith Farmhouse and that has most definitely carried over with The Clover Chapel. This series is refreshing and sexy, addictive and heart stopping, and once you start reading you'll be hooked. Romantic suspense that captivates you from the first to the very last page, I have to say, I more than recommend it.The Jamison Valley Series consi...
  • Aestas Book Blog
    ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: You’ve always had my heart, Emmy. We’re it for each other. I thought about you every day for nine years. WOW!!! This book was pure Alpha romance perfection!! I loved every single word and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a gorgeous, sexy, well-written second chance romance that will make your heart race as two estranged lovers who were married in a whirlwind ceremony are reunited after a nine year lo...
  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    I LOVE the covers this author uses for her books. They are such a nice change of pace to the usual half-naked man or woman scenario. This one is very pretty. A great representation of the book. Great use of graphics. Fantastic composition. I don't really have much to say about this one. It was OK, but I didn't enjoy it as much as book one. It dragged a lot for me in places. I also wasn't a huge fan of the setup. I thought Nick's reasons for leavi...
  • ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰
    4.5 "She's my wife" StarsWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..............well that's what they say, but not in Emmy's case. Emmy and her college friends decide to spend a weekend in Vegas. Emmy's friends hook up with a bunch of guys which leaves highly strung Emmy talking to the only guy leftNick and Emmy have instant chemistry, Nick is determined to show her how to let loose for one night. Man and they went all out! Ending their amazing night ...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    4.5 'I Dare You' StarsThis novel starts out with a Las Vegas chapel wedding…Then the author brings us nine years into the present where the bride and groom find themselves in the same town, our very own Prescott, Montana. The characters from the previous book are added to some wonderful new characters. Nick Slater does his darnedest to keep the wife he walked out on all those years ago. "You’ve always had my heart, Emmy. We’re it for each ...
  • Kate's Corner
    Update 22.06.2017 - I've been thinking about this book for a while now and I've decided to change my rating to 4 stars. Oh. So. Good. Life doesn’t always go as planned and for our heroine this is most certainly the case. After meeting the love of her life and him feeling the same let’s say fate intercepts well actually stupidity on the Hero’s part but I guess that is neither here nor there otherwise there wouldn’t be a book now would ther...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    If you are a fan of insta-love – this book is for you!!!If you love alpha males that have a soft and vulnerable side – this book is a MUST read!!If you are looking for a book that’s well written, has a great plot, fantastic characters and one amazing TWIST at the end – this book should be on your tbr list – NOW!!I loved revisiting Jamison Valley. After reading The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley, #1) I knew that the rest of Devney...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    Sassy’s on holidays…kind of review…A glass of wine or two and I finished The Clover Chapel and bloody loved it. I’m on holidays and didn't have the time or inclination for a full-on review. But, I love to share my feelings on books, so this is a holiday kind of review. My giffy review, from me to you... ❤❤❤❤So, the hero is a knucklehead…But eventually gets his head screwed on right…She’s a pushover…But eventually gets a ba...
  • Sophie
    3,75 to 4 starsAn ARC has been kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest opinion.Let’s set something straight first: I fell in love with “The Coppersmith Farmhouse” and I’m now a fan of Devney Perry. I’m convinced she can write beautiful stories with gorgeous characters.As much as I adored The Coppersmith Farmhouse and think this book is “The Bomb”, I’ve truly enjoyed “The Clover Chapel” but I was not amazed by i...
  • Miss H
    Warning: spoilers abound.The Clover Chapel felt like a cherry-picked, poorly executed smorgasbord of Kristen Ashley books, all combined to form a wholly unimaginative narratorial experience.Unfortunately, this novel had many issues—and one irritant in particular was an overabundance of telling instead of showing. In addition to that, the narration clumsily jumped from one place in time to another, with little respect to the maintaining the cont...
  • Jen
    ****4.5 Stars****This is book #2 in the Jamison Valley series, and if you haven't given this series a try yet....I highly recommend it! I love this series so far! It is a feel good book, there is a little angst; but nothing huge where it lasts the whole book. These books are about a small town, and the people who live in it. I love books like that. Of course, each book is about a main couple and their developing romance! We are treated to love, s...
  • Carvanz
    My reread is actually a "listen" as I had the audiobook. Audible: Narrators – Ava Erickson and Joe ArdenOMG!!! I absolutely loved these narrators! They brought so much depth and emotion to the characters. It was easy on the ear and smooth while also bringing to life the character’s personalities. I was disappointed when the audio ended and I wanted to rewind and start all over again!It’s official. I’m a diehard fan of this author and The ...
  • Ellen at Book Bellas
    Such a sweet and sexy story! Highly recommend this one for fans of KA - this book is all about a strong heroine; a stand-up, Alpha hero; and some fast-moving danger. Loved the descriptions of the breathtaking Montana scenery. I'm a HUGE fan of second-chance romance and this one fit the bill perfectly. This is the second book in the Jamison Valley series and centers around Nick, Jesse's friend. (This book can be read as a standalone but I HIGHLY r...
  • Bev
    I need my alpha males to be just that - all male and not do a runner when the going gets tough. Nick's a runner and didn't come across as an alpha.I struggled to believe in their undying love. Nick and Emmy meet for the first time and get married in the same evening then don't see each other for years because he ran away but are still madly in love. Say what? 🤔The middle dragged and I skimmed a fair bit. The skank (can't remember her name, th...
  • Alison
    I have to say I love the feel of these books & the hero's are just hot!! but until the heroine gets on the same page she was getting on my nerve but once she was there the feel of the book is awesome.Second chance love story with angst, passion & mystery
  • TeriLyn
    **The Clover Chapel generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**5 "I dare you." StarsThis story took me completely by surprise and I loved every minute of it. Devney Perry took this second-chance contemporary romance and blew it out of the water. I absolutely adored how her main characters met and how the story proceeded from there. Perry's writing style never leans too heavily on the angst but rather the...
  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 🍀 Lucky clover 🍀 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Clover Chapel is another winner for me I was hooked from the prologue to the epilogue I am loving this series by Devney Perry and I am definitely out of my reading funk I cannot wait to pick up my kindle as soon as I wake up in the mornings.Emmeline has moved from New York to Prescott to follow her dream and become a kindergarten teacher. She is settling in slowly to her new life an...
  • Jennifer
    3.5/5 starsThe Clover Chapel is book #2 in the Jamison Valley contemporary romance series. This is a series of interconnected standalones.The main narrator of this book is 31 year old Emmeline Austin. She is new to Prescott, Montana (and was not in the first book). This book takes place in the same town as the first book (The Coppersmith Farmhouse). And the main characters from that book are featured in this book. IMO, if you are ever going to re...
  • Juanita
    4" I dare you" starsSecond chance romance!
  • Lisa (A Life Bound By Books)
    4 Stars - ohh, Prescott, Montana. I'm hooked! Liked this one a tiny bit more than the first. There are a couple other characters I'm hoping they get their stories too. Book 3 here I come!
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review The Clover Chapel by Devney Perry is the first book that I have read from this author and it definitely won’t be my last. This book is angsty and yet had that emotional second chance element that will keep readers like myself interested in how everything will unfold for the hero and heroine. Emmy and Nick had a steamy and passionate night in Las Vegas that leads them to getting married. Th...
  • 100sweet
    This story was maddeningly frustrating. First of all, the H is very determined to be with the h once they are reunited. However, he leaves her the day after they marry and NEVER tries to contact her. During the 9 year separation, he sleeps around and does not give the h another thought. So it is hard for me to believe he is suddenly all about her once he sees her again. The h was another problem for me. She acted childish at times and liked being...
  • Mandy
    I am super picky about second chance romance so I was a little hesitant to give this one a try but I'm so glad I did because I really loved it. Nick made a mistake years ago when he left Emmy asleep in bed after their wedding and walked away with nothing more than a note that said he was sorry. Years later when he sees Emmy again by chance, all those feelings are still there and this time he won't say goodbye to the woman he knows he's meant to b...
  • Nikki ღ Navareus
    ***ONE STAR***I SO wanted to love this story. It started out so perfect for me. Nick and Emmy find this amazing chemistry with each other, and spend the day together in Vegas. On a whim they decide to marry and have a fantastic night. Then Emmy wakes up the next morning alone, with a note that says, "Sorry." Wow, Dude!!!I love dick heroes, so I was sucked in right then and there. Too bad I didn't read the blurb on this one, and just dove in bli...
  • NinaReader
    3.5 Stars
  • Pam Nelson
    4 The Clover Chapel Stars - ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤I freaking enjoyed this book, Emmy and Nick are a match made for each other. I love that Emmy is snarky and yet she totally can’t stay away from Nick not matter what. I really found Logan to be a stand-up guy he, he didn’t have to be so nice. I am glad that part of the story turned out the way it did. Ahhh but the story totally gets twisty and I love that! Just when you think it is going...