A Tangled Mercy by Joy Jordan-Lake

A Tangled Mercy

Told in alternating tales at once haunting and redemptive, A Tangled Mercy is a quintessentially American epic rooted in heartbreaking true events examining the harrowing depths of human brutality and betrayal, and our enduring hope for freedom and forgiveness. After the sudden death of her troubled mother, struggling Harvard grad student Kate Drayton walks out on her lecture—and her entire New England life. Haunted by unanswered questions and ...

Details A Tangled Mercy

TitleA Tangled Mercy
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews A Tangled Mercy

  • Diane S ☔
    They say that the past is never really past, that it's tentacles often read into the present. No city is more indicative of this than Charleston. This city has a long, storied past, a beautiful city that for some was not always beautiful. A two thread story, one in the past, one in the present. The past story takes us back to the horrible issue of slavery, in particular 1822, and the Vessey slave revolt. This time in the novel focuses on a young,...
  • Deanne Patterson
    A haunting book, A Tangled Mercy held my attention gripped in it's claws from the first page. A time slip book it contains alternating chapters taking place in the modern time of 2015 and the past time of 1822. Based on true facts of what really happened in Charleston, South Carolina. The author has done an absolutely amazing job of research and presenting facts in this book.The writing though is not stiff and boring it flows and keeps you wantin...
  • Anne Bogel
    I've been excited about this one for a long time! The backstory of how this book came to be what it is is really incredible, and I hope Joy tells it publicly one day. The story itself is timely and engaging, and perfect for fans of historical fiction that flips back and forth in time, like you'd see in the works of Kate Morton or Susan Meissner.
  • Rita
    CharlestonWhen I first started this book I felt ambivalent about the way this book is written. Chapter by chapter, the story fluctuates between the years 1822 with the planning of the failed slave revolt and 2015 with Kate Drayton running back to Charleston after the death of her mother to find answers as to why her mother, Sarah Grace, ran away from Charleston many years ago. It may seem confusing at first, but soon I fell into the rhythm. The t...
  • Stephanie
    The idea has so much potential- Kate returns to Charleston after her mother’s death, hoping to unlock family secrets via her research on the slave revolt of 1822. This, set against the backdrop of the 2015 real-life mass murder at the Emmanuel AME church. But the execution is so clumsy and simplistic. Everyone significant in the story, Kate just happens to bump into on the street on her first day in Charleston: obligatory love interest, check; ...
  • Melissa Crytzer Fry
    I am not a mystery reader, but found myself engaged with this novel from the start – likely because this is a hybrid of a story: it reads like a mystery, but also is a historical novel with a dual contemporary-commercial story running right alongside it.I adore historical fiction, and the southern setting and time period have a special place in my heart (as a research period and locale for my own work). I enjoyed the peek into the 1800s setting...
  • Kristina Reads - Books. Blogs. Memes.
    TL;DR: A compelling, gentle mystery with the spotlight on racism and racial inequality that could stand to do with more input from actual people of color.Trigger warnings for (view spoiler)[lots of racism, pretty graphic description of the Charleston shooting by Dylann Roof and of executions of those involved with Denmark Vesey’s slave revolt of 1822, rape (hide spoiler)]I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.My ...
  • Cathy
    A Tangled Mercy is a historical fiction novel set in pre-Civil War and present day Charleston, South Carolina, with the real-moment-in-time Vesey slave uprising of 1822 centering the story. The historical setting and details in this novel are fascinating, and I did find the book to be reminiscient of Kate Morton's novels, which I love. However, I couldn't overcome a pervasive sense that the author was overreaching, stretching the story if you wil...
  • Beth Jackson-jordan
    I was captivated by this story from beginning to end. The characters in this story are not perfect - they struggle with courage, conviction and self-doubt - which makes them very relatable. The tragic history of slavery that still haunts our society in the form of institutionalized racism is addressed with honesty and insight. I was impressed by the depth of research on historical as well as contemporary events woven into this story. Having visit...