The Honest Spy by Andreas Kollender

The Honest Spy

During one of history’s darkest chapters, one man is determined to make a difference.In the tradition of Schindler’s List comes a thrilling novel based on the heroic true story of Fritz Kolbe, a widowed civil servant in Adolf Hitler’s foreign ministry. Recognizing that millions of lives are at stake, Kolbe uses his position to pass information to the Americans—risking himself and the people he holds most dear—and embarks on a dangerous ...

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TitleThe Honest Spy
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, Spy Thriller, Espionage

Reviews The Honest Spy

  • Geza Tatrallyay
    This is a fabulous book! A real page-turner that kept me reading well into the night. Based on the story of Fritz Kolbe, perhaps the greatest spy ever, it paints a very realistic picture of life in Berlin during the war, and the disgust of one man at the heart of the German office who decides that he cannot stand by and watch all the horrors of the Nazi regime and does something about it. Through a friend in Switzerland Kolbe manages to get in to...
  • G.J.
    I liked this book but did not love it, I am not sure if the translation has to take some responsibility for this, but the writing style did seem a bit odd at times.I found it rather difficult to like Fritz Kolbe, if all the deeds he did are indeed all based on fact then he undoubtedly was a brave man and deserves recognition for this.
  • Steve
    Not your everyday WWII spy novel, and by no means perfect, but a sufficiently gratifying pick from the Kindle First heap and a relatively quick read.As for genre, this seems to be a mash-up between historical fiction, a garden variety page-turning spy novel, and ... something else, but I'm not sure what. On one level, the novel chronicles - and, apparently, takes any number of liberties with - the career of a (subsequently) celebrated spy, an act...
  • Manchester Military History Society (MMHS)
    Well written fictional account of relatively unknown WW2 spy.Written by German author Andreas Kollender, this book is based on the life of Fritz Kolbe a member of the German Diplomatic Service during World War 2 who had access to top secret information. He provided this information to the Allies for ideological reasons and not for personal gain and smuggled hundreds of top-secret files to American intelligence from 1943 onwards, continuing undete...
  • Peter Jones
    ABOUT THIS BOOK-During one of history’s darkest chapters, one man is determined to make a difference.In the tradition of Schindler’s List comes a thrilling novel based on the heroic true story of Fritz Kolbe, a widowed civil servant in Adolf Hitler’s foreign ministry. Recognizing that millions of lives are at stake, Kolbe uses his position to pass information to the Americans—risking himself and the people he holds most dear—and embarks...
  • Ellen Trautner
    Thank goodness I didn't have to mark this as abandoned! Halfway through reading this, I dropped my Kindle and it stopped working. For months it kept turning itself on and off, wouldn't hold a charge, etc. It was very sad, not least because I hate abandoning a book, unless it's terrible. Then I'm okay with it.Anyways, after six months, my Kindle started working (mostly) and I was able to finish. Points that I was able to pick it up and get right b...
  • george mance
    Enjoyed it very much. Good tension leading to a surprise twist at the end. Glad it was based on a true story of an uncommon hero.If you like WWII drama, this is a book you can't put down. Who doesn't like a wartime love story .
  • Carol
    This was very well written, I went through such a varied range of emotions reading it. You really have to admire someone who not only stays true to their beliefs under such extraordinary circumstances but also puts themselves at risk for the greater good. The story, which is based upon the real life hero Fritz Kolbe, utterly captivated me. A great read.
  • Jürgen Zeller
    Dieser Kriminalroman enthält eine Spionagegeschichte und ist zugleich ein Historischer Roman mit biografischen Elementen. Es ist die Würdigung eines äusserlich unscheinbaren aber mutigen Mannes mit hohen ethischen Prinzipien der sein Leben riskiert hat, um dem Wahnsinn des 2. Weltkriegs ein möglichst frühes Ende zu setzen oder zumindest dem herrschenden Regime der Nazis Sand in die gut geölte Kriegsmaschinerie zu streuen. Mit der Weitergabe...
  • Steve Harding
    Interesting and important read. We and future generations should NEVER be allowed to forget what happened in the Great Wars.The book was well written, although I found the switching between the two timelines confusing at times.
  • Petesea
    An OK, WW2 espionage tale that became a little too circular of a story in the last third of the book. I really enjoyed the first two-thirds of the book about Berlin, the Foreign Office and Bern. Maybe the relationship with Marlene was too much of a stretch for me.
  • Lynn
    Annoyingly histrionic main character does things like stab pictures of Hitler with a fork. Along with the spying of course.
  • Brenda Styer
    Doing what is right regardless of the outcomeThe incredible story of Fritz Kolbes espionage during WWII as a foreign diplomat within the German Government. He paid s terrible price for his acts of courage
  • M. LeeAnne Finney
    Great story it kept my attention. I liked the main character staying true to his beliefs and not cave in and join the nazi party. I hat d marleen left in the end. These stories need to me told. What goes on in between the lines is what the story is about Very well wrote.
  • Elizabeth K. Walker
    A KeeperI recommend this book to all my fellow spy novel lovers. This account balances the fictional portrayals that improvise and romanticize with the awful reality of the sacrifice of those who truly lived the life.
  • Charles van Buren
     A powerful, well written novel, October 15, 2017Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Honest Spy (Kindle Edition)It is easy for those of us of the 20th and 21st centuries living in Western democracies to say that the Fritz Kolbe of this novel did the right thing. That he should have had no moral qualms about betraying the evil Nazis. It was not so evident from his or other Germans' point of view. He was not a Nazi but he was...
  • Kaye
    This was a gripping story, told somewhat simplistically. Based on a real-life WWII espionage case, the book portrays a German man who avoids the nationalistic frenzy of the Third Reich. Fritz Kolbe is depicted as a man for whom the ties of family and friendship transcend social pressures to conform. He is an unlikely hero, one whose company I enjoyed. Still, it felt a bit as if I were being led along and educated as I read. I was given a Netgalle...
  • Mary Sue Wilson
    ExcellentWell written. Full of intrigue. A love story. Most of all, a story about doing what's right despite the danger. The true story of a German spy who took great risks to make a difference in WWII.
  • Robert C. Dillon
    Very interesting storyVery well do about a German diplomat that risked so much because of his hatred of the Nazi's and Hitler. The book chronicles how he was able to smuggle vital secret German documents to US intelligence.
  • Sandy Bailey
    Wow!I could not put this book down! I could not help wondering how someone could do all of the things Fritz Kolbe did. He was a hero in his own right with the bravery and fortitude that he exhibited standing up to the Na,I Regime.
  • Pat
    German Audio book--story of Fritz Kolbe, a German diplomat during World War II and how he works against Hitler. He refuses to join the Nazi party. A story of love of a daughter, woman and his country. Sommer 1943: Hitler muss weg! Das steht für Fritz Kolbe fest. Als Mitarbeiter des Auswärtigen Amtes hat er Zugang zu streng geheimen Dokumenten, die er aus der Behörde schmuggelt. Eine Kurierfahrt in die Schweiz ermöglicht ihm die Kontaktaufnahm...
  • Brad
    Fact Can Be Better Than Fiction, But Fiction Can Improve FactThis novel does a fine job of weaving an interesting fictional narrative around the real life and accomplishments of Fritz Kolbe. After initially wanting to match the story to reality, I finally let myself become engrossed in a very well told story. Even though I knew some of what had to occur by the end, the telling kept me wondering if it would ultimately stray to far. The story kept ...
  • Kevin Stilley
    A spy novel based upon real historical figures must eventually have some suspense and intrigue, right? One would think so -- but evidently not. I kept waiting and waiting, but this book never became interesting in the least. Not recommended for anyone.
  • skip thurnauer
    The Honest Spy was an Amazon recommendation that I am glad I snatched up. It is the fictionalized account of Fritz Kolbe, a German foreign office employee during WW II. Kolbe was stationed in S. Africa when hostilities in Europe broke out. He was opposed to the Nazi regime and their fanaticism when he was called back to the Fatherland. Even though he refuses to join the party, Kolbe's new position exposes him to high-level correspondence from the...
  • Carolyn
    This is one of those historical fiction books that sticks as closely as possible to the truth, using real names with fiction only to fill in the gaps in the record. Superbly written. The hero, Fritz Kolbe, is a German who hates Nazism but finds himself in an important government office because of personal connections. He has access to secrets about troop deployments and battlefield strategies, and after major battles with his conscience, he becom...
  • LindaJ^
    This novel/thriller is based on the real-life spy Fritz Kolbe. Kolbe was a German civil servant, an assistant to a couple of ambassadors, who never joined the Nazi party. He hated the Nazis and what they were doing to his country. He want Hitler to be defeated so he decided to give critical and secret information to the Allies, specifically to the US's OSS. He wasn't recruited; he was not paid. He tried the Brits first but was turned away. He bec...
  • Tony Bezilla
    A great and important historical novelIf you are a student of history or simply enjoy historical novels you will love this book. It is an accurate depiction of the life of the most important spy of WWII for the fledging American OSS (predecessor to the CIA). It also offers interesting insights into the minds of two of the most important American intelligence operators in US history: Allen Dulles and William Priest. The English translation leaves ...
  • Helen
    Brilliant book! It's not often I am so enamoured by a book but this absolutely deserves it. It is also the first Kindle First book I have enjoyed.Based On a real person, Fritz Kolbe is The Honest Spy. Written from the perspective of a German official it gave me a whole new view of Nazi Germany and an insight into what ordinary German citizens went through during 6 years as well has how fanatical the party faithful were. For someone who did so muc...
  • Katherine Daley
    Good read!This was a fascinating story based on a real person and real events. It was sometimes hard to remember that because of the courage and danger that the main character loved with every day. I finished it in 1 1/2 days. The only thing I would add is that the ending was fairly abrupt and left a couple of big questions in limbo.
  • Janice
    This was translated from German and I think the translation had some problems. That said, it was a fascinating look into the life a real German spy who helped the Allies win WWII. Like all stories of this nature, there is sadness and sometimes the line between non-fiction and historical fiction blur, but all in all, I am glad I read it.