Avalanche by James Patterson


Professor Monroe, did you kill your wife?Professor Robert Monroe's wife has vanished from their 5-star hotel in Gstaad, and no one saw a thing. Was she kidnapped? Or did she run off with the handsome Italian she and Robert partied with the night before?

Details Avalanche

Release DateDec 14th, 2017
PublisherBookShots Digital

Reviews Avalanche

  • Matt
    Espionage is always something that BookShots help make even more intense, with the quick changes in the narrative and only a short time to develop the plot. James Patterson works with David Inglish (a relatively new face, to my knowledge, in the BookShot family) on this piece of espionage that occurs in the mountainous region of Switzerland. Dr. Robert Monroe and his wife are on their way to Gstaad to deliver a series of lectures on art. Monroe i...
  • Laura Rash
    Corny af
  • Wendy
    AvalancheThis was a bit chaotic at first with all the different characters but once you sort through them all it comes together fairly well. It was a mess at first but finally gets to the point. It reminds me of a book that could lead to many other stories or series. Lots of characters that could lead to many other places and main stories. Hoping something more comes out of all of this.
  • Pianogirl1126
    really have to keep track of characters in this book - but still a good read.
  • John
    Did not start out that greatThis one did not start out the best with regards to characters and writing, but it picked up steam towards the end and did not disappoint.
  • James Cox
    It was a good read. I liked the plot but the characters definitely blended together.
  • Nancy Kennedy
    Yuck. Poorly written piece of drivel.
  • Deb
    Very poorly written. Bad story line. Character development nonexistent. UGH!!
  • Eva
    An interesting read. It was, at times, difficult to follow the plot as there were a bunch of secondary characters who all started to blend together after a while. Professor Robert Monroe's wife disappears from their swanky hotel, and in his quest to find her, he discovers he is inadvertently involved in something that could get him -- and his wife -- killed. Lots of action and betrayal in this one. Not one of my favorite Book-Shots, but an entert...
  • Mary Lou Webb
    Fast paced and action packedGood, action packed story that moved at a good clip. Likable protagonist and a cast of varied and interesting supporting make this a pleasurable read. I loved the way the main character was drawn into the part of hero. The ending is a nice twist and satisfying.The only bit with which I had an issue is the tense. I don't enjoy stories written in the present tense. This is strictly a personal opinion. Others may not find...
  • Valencia A Moore
    Great readHad all the right elements for an exciting read but I had a slight feeling that the story was rushed and could have been more developed in some areas. In places it felt like a one-liner and a missing lunch line.
  • Gretchen
    Avalanche is an avalanche of events!I enjoy the bookshots very much. I know that they are sometimes unbelievable, but they are a lot of fun to read. If you just want to be entertained, Avalanche is a fun read.
  • Christine D
    I'm surprising myself and giving this four stars. This had a lot of twists and turns and action and kept me entertained. So I actually enjoyed it :xWhat helped, was the characters were well done along with a twisty turning plot line of suspense.
  • Sandra Hollenbeck
    Strange StoryNot really that interesting! Some of it didn't make sense to me! I felt bad the wife did not love her husband even though he cared deeply for her, so kind of unsatisfying!
  • Mr Kenneth L Mullen
    Another great short readNot what I expected when I saw the title but it turned into a great tale with quite a few twists and turns. Keep the coming?
  • Rochelle Passarelli
    First time I bought a Bookshot....waste of money.....hope this great author doesn't neglect writing his "real" books. It would be a real loss.
  • Dennis Fries
    Avalanche - A good read I liked this book. It had the right mix of intrigue and suspense. It also showed how someone with the single goal in mind can fight through adversary.
  • Jan
    A typical thriller - one of the bookshots. Highly improbable, but a good entertaining quick read.
  • Louise Sardo
    Enjoyed thoroughly.
  • Dan Meador
    Interesting not a first pickLooking to read an interesting tale that is quick not dulling and moderate plot this is the book for you.
  • Lori Mitchell
    I’ve read better books but it’s not horrible. It’s Fast paced. Overall not a bad read, would be worth the few hours it would take to read this one
  • Co
    A couple go on a trip for work. Only to have a twist come their way. This was a short and fast story to read.
  • Joy
    Twist and turns, fast paced read. Enjoyable
  • Denise K. Carriera
    Book ReviewIt was a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves James Patterson's books. Again it was a great book.
  • Julie
    Bookshots are great, quick reads for a sit-down. This is fast-paced and complicated. Love them.
  • William H. Baldwin Jr.
    Definitely not one of his best.
  • Christine
    decided I just do't like these little story's, there is not much to get your teeth into I like a book that drawers you in, saying that James Patterson stories are good
  • Terri
    I sincerely hope this was supposed to be satirical. Otherwise, it was just ridiculous.
  • Nikki
    It was a very interesting book I definitely recommend it to somebody else
  • PHS Library
    Low level reading, i.e. fairly easy.