Look! What Do You See? by Xu Bing

Look! What Do You See?

A puzzle, a work of art, and a collection of classic American songs, all in an innovative book by one of the world's foremost contemporary artists. Every page of this book is filled with secret code. It seems like Chinese calligraphy, but it's not. It seems like you can't read it, but you can. Once the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place, you will understand it all. And some of it may even strike you as strangely familiar . . .Twelve tr...

Details Look! What Do You See?

TitleLook! What Do You See?
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherViking Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Art, Nonfiction, Music, Language, Writing

Reviews Look! What Do You See?

  • Lynn
    Bing created a clever way to write words called 'square word calligraphy' (do a search!). There are text books and workbooks, and now a children's book with American folklore songs and a few Chinese words. I figured out quickly how to read the words (and identify the songs), but didn't realize that there is a definite structure. A very original puzzle book, and I love that he used American songs that all children should know!Pages have a brown ba...
  • Connie T.
    I was attracted to this book's use of what looks like Chinese calligraphy to write in code. Using song lyrics as the text makes it easier to decode the messages but once you figure out which song it is, there isn't much incentive to decode all the words. The use of song lyrics also adds to a feeling of repetition, taking away the fun and challenge of deciphering a code. I think it would have been more engaging (but also more difficult) if there w...
  • Emily Bayci
    Square letter calligraphy that depicts codes of classic children's songs (American and Chinese). Engaging puzzle text that could be good for a STEM activity. Gr. 2-5.
  • Marcie
    What a unique book. It was fun although easy for me. Might be great fun for music teachers.
  • Bill
    Terrific artist.Not so terrific picturebook.
  • Edward Sullivan
    Beautiful art but otherwise unsuccessful.