Vacationland by John Hodgman


Although his career as a bestselling author and on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart was founded on fake news and invented facts, in 2016 that routine didn't seem as funny to John Hodgman anymore. Everyone is doing it now. Disarmed of falsehood, he was left only with the awful truth: John Hodgman is an older white male monster with bad facial hair, wandering like a privileged Sasquatch through three wildernesses: the hills of Western Massachusetts ...

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Release DateOct 24th, 2017
GenreHumor, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays, Audiobook

Reviews Vacationland

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    This book is a bit uneven. John Hodgman reminds me of your single uncle (probably your dad's youngest brother) that you can't escape at Thanksgiving, who thinks of himself as a bit more interesting in his youth than he really was, but who has enough money to spend to have stuff to talk about. So the stories vary.The pot stories are pointless. The whole point seems to be, see, I also smoked the pot. Alongside a story near the end about getting dru...
  • Hannah
    John Hodgman gave me an ARC of his new book the other day at the library, and I pretty much immediately devoured it. I found it both genuinely funny and funnily genuine, and like the humor of his podcast that I very much enjoy, I thought its great honesty gave it real punch. Hodgman's observations about my home state, Maine, are insightful and relatable, and his owning up to his own privileged existence throughout the volume mirrors his admission...
  • Allen Adams
    2017-10-25, truth is stranger than fiction.Not in the case of John Hodgman, though. His latest book – “Vacationland: True Stories of Painful Beaches” – is a massive departure from his previous three books, a bestselling trio constructed entirely out of fake facts and imaginary trivia.See, the stories in this book are true … and hilarious.“Vacationland” is divided more or less evenly between Hod...
  • Kathy
    Plainly put, John Hodgman's Vacationland is great. It positively exudes Hodgman-yness. Yes, I had to check the cover repeatedly to make sure it hadn't grown an alarming goatee/mustache combination! Straight Talk: If you are a John Hodgman fan you will like this book; If you aren't, you wont. I am and I did and I regret nothing!FULL DISCLOSURE: I received an ARC of this book from Viking/Netgalley in exchange for an honest (though possibly biased) ...
  • Julie
    Writer, humorist, podcaster, PC guy, and Daily Show contributor John Hodgman is back, and he's telling (almost) the whole truth. In this collection of funny and reflective essays, Hodgman explores the existential symbolism of his patchy beard, how to navigate the social and natural wilds of Maine, and how even the weirdest dads have some "cool" cred. It's funny, and it's wrought--life is short, and Hodgman's book never lets you forget his (and yo...
  • Portia
    What. A. Delight.  I have been watching John Hodgman in various things for years but didn't really know anything about him so this was so much fun to read.  The essays varied in topic and I really got a rounded view of who John Hodgman is.  My roommates ended up reading most of the book with me because I kept having to share the best passages with them (which were the majority of the book).  It is so well written and I can't explain how much ...
  • John Tankersley
    As we age, we become more sentimental. As he ages, so goes John Hodgman's writings. A memoir of a man struggling to keep his privilege in check from a man who grew up as the beneficiary of an unequal society. It was a real pleasure to hear his own internal monologue on raising his kids, struggling with his privilege, and being entertaining while he does it. This book seems like a less articulate dominant group response to BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME...
  • Troy
    As a weird dad myself, I am the prime market for Vacationland but I can honestly say that this book connected with me deeply and in unexpected ways. It is a brilliantly disguised meditation on aging, on privilege, and on identity.
  • Gaelen
    I listened to this as an audiobook, which I highly recommend, because Hodgman's delivery adds a lot. It's the first book he's written that's an actual memoir, and it's terrific. It's not just funny, but it's insightful, charming, and self-aware. I think that even people who aren't already fans would enjoy it.
  • Mandy
    I laughed out loud 4 times, if that's an indication.
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    The writing is OK, but the stories are warm and charming and sometimes funny. He also does a great job of reading this himself. 3.5⭐ The writing is OK, but the stories are warm and charming and sometimes funny. He also does a great job of reading this himself. 3.5⭐️
  • Maureen
    This was kinda funny. But I would definitely classify this guy as a "little shit."
  • TJ Wilson
    It’s beauty lies in its muted but hilariously stylized content. Each essay builds and builds until profoundness territory. That’s the mark of a good book and good writing.
  • Tony
    If you know who John Hodgman is and generally enjoy his dry sense of wit, then this book is for you -- congratulations. It's a loose and shaggy collection of reflections thematically connected through vacation homes in Massachusetts and Maine. If that sounds like an amazing feat of NPRish navel-gazing white privilege thematic stunt-work, well, Hodgman is certainly hep to that. His self-deprecation extends and stretches throughout the book in nume...
  • Dkettmann
    Excellent book. Mr Hodgman turns away from fake trivia (as funny as those books were), and takes on the serious & profound. Wonderful stories about his time bouncing around the northeast USA, and growing up an only child. Equal parts touching & comedic, something for everyone.
  • Noah
    If you grew up riding the Red Line to Harvard Square in your teens, then spent your 20s in Western MA and now vacation in Maine... This is a really really really really really good book. Go read it now. Like..right now.
  • Pop Bop
    He's Such A TeaseLike Calvin Trillin, (who may be a bit more urbane and "citified" compared to Hodgman's more rueful suburban everyman persona), John Hodgman often feels like he's ever so gently teasing the reader, even as he amuses.In this collection Hodgman declares that he's pretty much burned out and used up, such that these pieces are sadly all that he has left. Maybe it's time for a retrospective and a little bit of a summing up. There's th...
  • Hilary
    My friend Carolyn introduced me last year to the Judge John Hodman podcast and I instantly fell in love. Hodgman's humor is wry, dry, and laden with a heavy dose of realist perspective and self-knowledge that few people seem to have. Hodgman is fine with people being selfish, they simply need to acknowledge the fact that they are. Own up to what you are, and the world will respect you for it. Be generous. Be mindful of the work you leave for othe...
  • Doug Moe
    I really liked John's book. If you're a fan of John Hodgman, you will understand immediately the tone of the humor here. He's coming to grips with the funny place he's found himself in - older, less cool, maybe settling into the comforts of middle-age. As a middle-aged white guy who thinks he's still cool myself, I can relate. Now granted, I do not have dinner with Black Francis of the Pixies, but even he acknowledges how strange that is.I guess ...
  • Chaitra
    For the life of me I can't remember John Hodgman from The Daily Show. (I do remember him from the Mac/PC ads though). I only borrowed the book because my library's overdrive had it and I needed a V title. It was also short enough for me to read through the thing in a few hours. I didn't have any expectations, but it was funny. Not very funny - it's autobiographical and as such some of it is painful and raw and other parts are an acknowledgement o...
  • Emily
    Honestly, I never really liked John Hodgman. Until this book. I listened to the audiobook, and he made me laugh out loud through the entire thing. Well, not the part about his mom who died, that made me cry, but the entire rest of the book was so entertaining and self-aware and hilarious. Great essays and insight and necessary reading if you love the East Coast.
  • Matt Trowbridge
    Hodgman has written an excellent series of interwoven personal essays in Vactionland. He is an insightful, hilarious, and articulate writer. I have to imagine, given his disdain for cliches, that Hodgman hates that this book is of the type that can be described as one that induces laughter and tears on the same page, sometimes in the same sentence.
  • Melody Warnick
    Listened to this one on walks because I like to keep people guessing why I'm laughing to myself like a lunatic.
  • Janis Winn
    Hodgman is my favorite minor television personality and podcaster, and this new book is my favorite of his, too. No more hobo names, but lots of insightful and heartbreaking and relatable grown-up stuff.
  • Grace Sanchez
    John Hodgman has written a droll, funny, wise, and touching book. Each story can stand on its own but all together it’s even more enjoyable.
  • Travis Cook
    Wonderfully funny collection of essays. Hodgman is a terrific writer - highly recommend this as summer beach reading.
  • amelia
    John Hodgman is thoughtful, funny, and kind in his writing and I really enjoy it!
  • Jim Breslin
    This memoir about John Hodgman's vacation homes was laugh out loud funny.
  • BHodges
    Unlike his other books, Hodgman gets real and personal in Vacationland, albeit with plenty of his characteristic wit. By turns insightful, melancholy, and funny. I read most of this book in the air above America, on a flight to Boston. I wanted to stay up there.
  • Richard Gray
    John Hodgman's ramblings on a self-confessed life of white privilege are charming, insightful, and occasionally heartwarming. Not necessarily in that order. Partly a memoir, but also a series of observations that swerve from the mundane to the fiercely political. At times it feels like the diary entries of an alien who is trying out this "human thing" for a while. At others, it's typical Hodgman - and if that means something to you then you will ...