Rules of Rain by Leah Scheier

Rules of Rain

A dramatic new novel about the bond between a teen and her twin brother.Rain has taken care of Ethan all of her life. Before she even knew what autism meant, she's been her twin brother's connection to the hostile world around him. She's always prepared—when her father abandons them, when her mother gets sick, when Ethan is tortured by bullies from school—Rain is the reliable, stable one holding them all together. She's both cautious carer an...

Details Rules of Rain

TitleRules of Rain
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherSourcebooks Fire
GenreContemporary, Young Adult

Reviews Rules of Rain

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    This was like 50% enjoyable and 50% I sort of wanted to eat a brick wall. It was just frustrating and while I think a lot of the story meant to be that way (hey every plot needs tension!) I ended up feeling really ticked off. And a bit insulted at how it treated autism. But HEY. Rain is a huge foodie and runs a blog (!!) so there was lots to connect to here.+ It was actually really addictive to read!I was invested in the characters and I totally ...
  • Sophie
    I’ve been given an ARC by Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.4,5 to 5 starsWhen I read Sourcebooks Fire Editorial Manager Annette Pollert Morgan’s note it said:“At Sourcebooks, we talk a lot about how books change lives. (…) We are passionate about finding narrative with authentic teen voices that create -and validate- the teen experience in all its diversity. We’re looking for dynamic storytelling that eng...
  • Ashley (5171MilesBooks)
    Read this review and many others at: 5171 Miles Book Blog.Many thanks to Netgalley and SourceBooks for the chance to read and review this novel.Leah Scheier's upcoming release Rules of Rain explores family relationships in one of the most interesting ways I've experienced as a reader. The main character, Rain, has grown accustomed to taking care of the needs of her family members, especially those of her twin brother, Ethan. Rain has managed to k...
  • ilsa ➹
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ahem. I mean...Rules of Rain is this perfect little book that I flew through in a matter of 2 hours, had my interest from the 1 st page, and has all the FEELS, SQUEALS, and meals. Because Rain is a cook and has a blog! HELLO to relatable. Look I bake rarely, but blogging! And while these aren't major themes it's so great to see characters with a bit more pizazz and originality in them! l i k e s -Rain's development. At the beg...
  • Thamy
    I love the books Sourcebooks Fire releases, and this time wasn't so different. I fell in love with the story in the beginning and I suspect I won't forget it so easily. But there were some flaws that got in the way a bit too much. So 3.5 but rounding down to 3.This is the self-discovery story of Rain, whose twin brother has autism. Thanks to that, her life has always been programmed around him, to make sure he was okay and not overload her mother...
  • Inge
    I've fallen into a bit of a reviewing slump so apologies that this review is very subpar and scarce. Although, truthfully I don't have an awful lot of thoughts about Rules of Rain. The most occurring thought was simply: meh?While I loved the parts where Rain shared all her little food quirks, I found it very hard to truly like her. I thought her point of view was quite warped, especially when it came to how her brother should be treated (e.g. tal...
  • Anne
    I loved this YA novel about twins, Rain and Ethan and their quirky family life. Rain has always taken care of Ethan who has autism and has been bullied enough that he is now home-schooled. When Rain's best friend, Hope declares her crush on Ethan, Rain know she must work even harder to protect them both from heartbreak. But does Ethan need Rain's help as much as she thinks he does, or is he making progress dealing with his emotions; will she have...
  • Sarah
    I was expecting this to be a story about Rain and her relationship with her brother, Ethan, who is autistic, but it was so much more. This is a story about friendship, love and support. It is about the way we act to protect those we love. It is about the bad choices that teenagers sometimes make. It is a bout letting go of control and trusting others to help carry the burden. Well written and full of heart, this story had more depth to it than I ...
  • Ms.Kim
    I loved this book, because it was complicated, as life is. The different relationships evolved, and I particularly appreciated Ethan's character. I was surprised by the ending as well, not that it was a twist ending, but I appreciated the true to life quality of it (can't say more!)
  • Lali
    I’ve been given an ARC of this book in exchange of my honest review.The story begins with Rain's posts on her blog and then you get a glimpse of Ethan's world by his journal. The beginning is like any other a slow burn so you can get to know your characters and their personalities.Halfway through the book and I still can't connect with Rain, she's just too selfish for me and it's a struggle to keep seeing her point of view. Her twin brother has...
  • Olivia Farr
    3.5 starsI had some mixed feelings about this book. "Rules of Rain" follows Rain and her autistic twin brother, Ethan, through a tumultuous time. The twins have lived with their mother for several years after their parents' divorce when they were young. Their parents do not get along, and this causes some tension for the twins, particularly Rain, as she feels forced to take a side. It seems like everyone is starting to have some direction for lif...
  • Kristin
    I enjoyed this book for the most part. There were a lot of aspects that I found very real and intriguing. The dynamics of the twins relationship and Rain's perception of her role in life is well written. This book made me feel a lot of emotions ranging from anxiety, conflict, happiness, and excitement. There are a lot of secondary characters that were a great addition to the story as well. My only complaint is that there is not more of an ending....
  • Trista
    I wasn't too sure what to expect going in to this book but it turned out to be a quick, cute read that had some great supporting characters and some very good character growth for the main character. There were interesting family dynamics, romance, and amazing friendships. I really liked Rain's blog entries with her food suggestions and Ethan's experiments.Rain started the book as someone who pretty much lived to take care of her brother. As he s...
  • Meg (PopReadsBox)
    This book was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Taken from the point of view of a main character whose twin brother is autistic, Rain has had to adapt to her brother's needs, learning to be there for him when he needs her the most. Consequently, Rain shapes her life around her brother and plans her future so she can remain near him even while attending college. The book takes place during a transitional point for both Rain and her brothe...
  • Maureen
    Rules of Rain is one novel on the surface and quite another if you take the time to become engaged with each character on a personal level. Rain and her brother Ethan are twins. Their parents are divorced and they live in Montana with their mom. Rain has a best friend Hope and is considering a relationship with Liam. Each character is flawed and some flaws are more noticeable than others. I felt Rain had too much responsibility thrown on her and ...
  • Lorna (fictionalflowerday)
    I received a electronic copy of Rules of Rain from SOURCEBOOKS Fire through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really wanted to like Rules of Rain by Leah Scheier... I really did, but I couldn't. This book nearly put me into a reading slump after I set it down. Overall, I felt very so-so on this book. Rules of Rain tells the story of Rain and Ethan, who are twins. Rain feels an immense responsibility to take care of Ethan partially be...
  • Tamara Morning
    Rain has always been the one to take care of Ethan, her autistic twin brother. It’s always been her job…when their father left, when their mother gets sick, when school bullies pick on Ethan, Rain is there, with her rules to keep Ethan stable and functioning. Then her best friend falls in love with Ethan, and Rain’s own long-time crush falls in love with her, and suddenly everything changes.Rain discovers secrets she never imagined Ethan co...
  • Victoria Spicer-stuart
    *Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.*' The Rules of Rain' is about twin teenagers, Rain and Ethan. They live in Montana with their mother and are trying to navigate the difficult world of adolescence. It's not quite that simple, however; Rain is neurotypical and Ethan has autism. The book is a beautiful glimpse into the world of high function autism, dysfunctional families, small town life ...
  • Cassandra
    3.5 starsThis was a lovely novel that packed way more of a punch than I was expecting. It had a fantastic portrayal of autism, solid and realistic characters, and a moving plot. I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, and I'm very thankful to Netgalley for placing a copy of this in my hands.Full review to come!
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars.
  • Donna
    This book is into the lives of Rain and her twin brother, Ethan. Ethan is Autistic and wants to be a doctor. Rain is the typical high school student. It evolves into the relationship of Rain and her boyfriend. I really did not get into this book that much. It was not for me, but I can see where some would like it. I did like the relationship between Rain and her brother and the protective bond she had with him. With all of his problems, he ultima...