Penny Dreadful by Chris King

Penny Dreadful

Set six months after the shocking events of the Penny Dreadful season three TV finale. Written by Penny Dreadful TV series Co-Executive Producer Chris King. In the void left behind by Vanessa's death, Ethan and Sir Malcolm must search for a new meaning in life. But the demimonde isn't done with them yet, as decisions from the past come screaming back to haunt them...

Details Penny Dreadful

TitlePenny Dreadful
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherTitan Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Horror, Comics, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Penny Dreadful

  • Loki
    Six months after the conclusion of the tv show, evil still won't leave our heroes alone. Older, wiser, but more wearied, they must reassemble yet again to face the twin evils of the Dragon and the Devil.It's not bad. It's not as lush as the show at its hallucinogenic best, but for what can be done with ink on a page (as opposed to moving images and soundscapes), it captures the feel pretty well. The pace drags a little in the flashbacks (which co...
  • Bob Meracle
    Excellent direct sequel to the tv series and written by the co-producer. The book involves the risen mummy Belial and a group of satanists bent on bringing Lucifer out of Hell to reside in Vanessa's body. Plenty of amazing illustrated horror action. I very highly recommend this graphic novel to all fans of Penny Dreadful.
  • Maureen
    Volume 2 picks up where the series ended. If you loved the Showtime series, then the graphic novels will surely fill that longing for more Dreadfuls.
  • Castle Spooktacular
    Really good!
  • Sara Witte
    I loved this show. I love this series.