Crown of Blood by Nicola Tallis

Crown of Blood

"Good people, I am come hither to die, and by a law I am condemned to the same.” These were the heartbreaking words of a seventeen-year-old girl, Lady Jane Grey, as she stood on the scaffold awaiting death on a cold February morning in 1554. Minutes later her head was struck from her body with a single stroke of a heavy axe. Her death for high treason sent shockwaves through the Tudor world, and served as a gruesome reminder to all who aspired ...

Details Crown of Blood

TitleCrown of Blood
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreNonfiction, History, Biography, Historical, English History, Tudor Period

Reviews Crown of Blood

  • Orsolya
    Jane Grey will forever be immortalized as the “Nine Days Queen” (it was actually 13) having ‘usurped’ the crown from Mary Tudor before Mary decided she had enough of that and snatched it off Jane’s head (figuratively). This tragic young lady, beheaded for her role at age 17, was more than just a martyr: she had poise, intelligence, decorum, and religious fortitude. Nicola Tallis, the resident historian of the Alison Weir Tours (which sh...
  • Anna
    I admit I knew little of the story and history of Lady Jane Grey, and much of my knowledge of that time period I gained through watching the TV show "Reign". Lady Jane was a girl of high intelect, virtue and piety. But even in her life of privilege and her royal blood line, her destiny was in the hands of her parents and men of political power. Unfortunately for Jane, those who sought to gain power upon Jane's royal lineage were only interested i...
  • Margaret Sankey
    Like a lot of the new Tudor stuff, this is an attempt to use modern methods on the available sources and break loose from Victorian assumptions about the motivations of Early Modern women. Tallis, who is a protegee of Alison Weir in the for-profit Country House tourism game, is looking at Jane Grey, and the world in which Tudors were two generations rooted, it was reasonable to try for a throne grab because it had worked before, and where religio...
  • Caroline
    Most people know the story of Lady Jane Grey, the 'Nine Days Queen' - actually thirteen but who's counting? She is perhaps one of the most tragic victims of the Tudor era - a girl who was only ever a pawn for the ambitions of unscrupulous men seeking power. She never wanted the throne, never sought it, and paid with her life for the mistakes of others. No wonder the sentimental Victorians swooned over her. Sadly, it seems Nicola Tallis does too.I...
  • Katie
    I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley, and although Jane Grey is a terribly depressing subject, this was a fantastic read. Nicola Tallis does an amazing job of breaking down the myths surrounding Lady Jane and clears up some of the foggy details of her life. Deeply researched and carefully constructed, the story is easy to follow, providing a lot of detail about Jane's family and her contemporaries which helps readers understand ...
  • Margaret
    An excellent debut for historian Nicola Tallis.I learned a lot about Jane Grey from her excellent research. I knew that Lady Jane was educated, I just hadn't realised to what degree. I also didn't realise just what a complete fecking idiot she had for a father.Well written, well researched and totally readable.
  • Gumble's Yard
    Nicola Tallis together with Sarah Gristwood is one of the resident historians on Alison Weir's Tudor themed historical tours, something which explains a number of aspects of this solidly written biography: the front and back cover reviews from Weir and Gristwood; the concentration on the various stately homes and other historical sites where Jane was based and the Appendix describing those sites; the way in which the book often strays towards his...
  • Susan Abernethy
    Link to my review of this book:
  • Saturday's Child
    While this is not the first book I have read about Lady Jane Grey, it did give me a greater insight into her life and the times she lived in.
  • Cynthia
    Lady Jane Grey is not someone with whom I am very familiar and that is what caught my eye when I saw this on the Goodreads First Reads page. Tudor history is quite fascinating to me. And I now have a picture of the 17 year old who was thrust onto the British throne for thirteen days before being arrested and ultimately beheaded as a traitor.Nicola Tallis writes history that is well researched and she tells a rich and satisfying story that does no...