Claimed in Shadows (Midnight Breed, #15) by Lara Adrian

Claimed in Shadows (Midnight Breed, #15)

In this pulse-pounding new Midnight Breed vampire romance novel from New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian, passion explodes between a daywalking member of the Order and a fiery female warrior whose shadowy past will test the bonds of both duty and desire. As the son of a formidable Breed warrior, Aric Chase has been devoted to the Order all his life. With his training completed, all he needs is one successful mission...

Details Claimed in Shadows (Midnight Breed, #15)

TitleClaimed in Shadows (Midnight Breed, #15)
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherLara Adrian, LLC
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy

Reviews Claimed in Shadows (Midnight Breed, #15)

  • Sophia Triad
    Breed warrior: AricSpecial ability: Daywalker, being able to wrap herself in shadows, photographic memoryAge: 20 something years oldBreed mate KayaSpecial abilities: She can read someone’s mind with a touch.Occupation: Trainee member of the OrderMark place: On her belly, above her navel.Settings: London, MontrealFact number one: Aric and Kaya are very young.Fact number two: Aric and Kaya want to focus on their career and not on love, flowers an...
  • Nazanin
    3.5 StarsThis is Aric’s story, son of Chase and Tavia. Lucan sent Aric to Montreal (Nikolai and Renata’s turf and it was really good to hear about them and also Mira and Kellan) for his new mission. Something that he’d been waiting for so long to prove himself. But in this mission he’s not alone. He has a partner, Kaya! Their mission is verifying the Intel with getting inside the target’s head, but everything doesn’t go well! Kaya had...
  • Kat Valentine
    Once again Lara Adrian has written another hot read full of more twist's and turns then any rollercoaster ride!!! There's passion,suspense and a ultimate betrayal,not only are the breed warrior's and their breed mates at war with opus ,but there's a bigger threat closer to home that could destroy the breed and all they love. But this is also Aric and kaya's story and it's full of passion and love and great sex!!! No one does it better then a bree...
  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    4.5 Kickass Breedmate Stars!! Kaya is a Breedmate and a recruit for The Order, Kaya is eager to prove herself and to move up the ranks like her friend and mentor Mira. On Kaya's first mission, she is paired with Aric Chase (Harvard’s son) to attend a high-profile wedding and find out if the groom has connections with Opus Nostrum. For Aric, this mission is a slight detour, he wants to return to Washington, D.C. where he has his future all mappe...
  • AJ
    “This detour was only supposed to be temporary. I never dreamed I’d find forever here.”4.5 stars!I have been so freaking excited for this book, and the moment the ARC dropped into my kindle I dropped everything to read it and I finished it one sitting, unable to put it down. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed, exciting, intriguing, fun, sexy and romantic addition to the Midnight Breed series, and I loved it!This is book 15 in the series, an...
  • Sarah
    I'm a huge fan of the Midnight Breed, it's been my favourite PNR series for a long time now and in my opinion Lara Adrian's books just keep getting better and better. The last few novellas have been great but they were about some of the European Order members so this is our first chance to catch up with the core order members in a while. I hadn't actually realised how much I missed them until I started reading this but it was absolutely wonderful...
  • Ronda
    WELL!!!!Aric Chase has made my day, what a character - a hot, strong warrior that is everything a Breed male should be.... and a Daywalker! Aric and Kaya's story is amazing, quick off the mark and one that kept me captivated. The Breed have always been a firm favourite, some more than others and this book is definitely one of those books where the character climbs to the top of the favoured list!Loved this story, loved the fast pace... didn't see...
  • Edwina
    Claimed in Shadows is a great addition to the Midnight Breed series. I loved re visiting the First Generation of Breed Warriors and there Breedmates. This is Aric Chase's story. Son of our beloved Sterling Chase aka Harvard and his beautiful Breedmate Tavia. I really enjoyed the bits with Pregnant Ranata and Nikolai and Mira there adopted daughter and her Breed Warrior. It was great fun to catch up with old characters that feel like friends. I ha...
  •  ~V~
    **4 1/2 stars**I love this series! When i was introduced to adult PNRs (what feels like a million years ago!), this was one of the first three series i'd started with and it still has not gotten old for me! You would think that after this many books in a series, it would start getting repetitive and boring but Lara Adrian has done a great job of keeping everything fresh and still exciting! This book was no different...a lot of action, suspense, r...
  • ValerieC
    2.5 StarsMeh... This was just ok. This is turning into a 'Lite' version of the series beginning. It was a pleasant read, sort of cheesy at times. I guess the author is running out of steam on this. Hopefully the next book will be better.
  • siriusedward
    3.5 for romance 4 for Aric and 3.5 for Kaya5 for Aric and Rafe,Rio and Niko,Harvard and Dante.,Mura and Kellan..Niko Renata and the baby .....mention of Tegan Elise and Xander(?),Lucan Dare and Gabrielle. Chase and Tavia....The birth and the presentation ceremony..the camarderie and kinship of all
  • Mitch
    Contains spoilers!I like that this series is still ongoing, but I think the quality of main characters has declined with the onset of the timeskip to the next generation. Part of the appeal of the first 10 books was that the male protagonists all mostly had tragic or interesting backstories that they worked through. Their children however have never had to really struggle with anything, which makes it kinda hard to like or sympathize with them. T...
  • UltraMeital
    I've waited SO LONG for this book but now that I'm finished with it I mostly feel disappointed. Somehow I had a hard time connecting to the two MCs. I'm not even sure why. My main issue is actually how much time we spent in each one's head and how repetitive these thoughts were. I was just over it. When I was a little over the half mark I started skimming through those thoughts waiting for the action to FINALLY arrive. It was too little too late....
  • Aly
    Aric Chase is more interested on fighting the enemies than on any romantic aspirations. He focus on being a warrior instead of a lover and dream to one day command his own team. So when his commander ask him to go on a mission in Montreal to meet a high-value target with possible ties with Opus, the terrorist organisation who's trying to eradicate the Breeds, it's his chance to prove himself. He's gonna have to team up with an other trainee from ...
  • Angie
    *3.5 stars*Good storyline. It usually is. Aric Chase, the son of Sterling and Tavia, is a daywalker like his mother. That makes him extra beneficial in stopping the spread of the UV weapons. He falls for his partner, Kaya. She's a breedmate and has wanted nothing more than to belong to a family. That's what training with the Breed has done for her. But she has secrets. I saw it coming who the real villain is. Still enjoying the series and the con...
  • Selenity Jade (Coffee Addicts Book Reviews)
    Great read! I love this author. Only wish I could get more excited about the next generation and their books. This was an excellent read, but wasn't memorable to me. I liked the characters, but I didn't love them.
  • Julie
    The romance was swift but good. Mounting tensions between the Breed and their nemesis the Opus Nostrum are hitting dangerous levels with terrible attack’s and original characters turn up to welcome a new addition..Claimed in Shadows was a quick and addictive read!
  • Debbie Watson
    This is my favorite of all the Midnight Breed books. With a major secret between them Aric and Kaya find love. And when the secret is revealed they find happiness. Can't wait for the next book in the series.
  • Jaime
    I just finished 14.5 (Sia and Trygg) Oh I can't wait for the next in the series! I love this series and I am always ready to be reunited with the old charters as well as meeting the new ones.
  • Caroline
    One of my favorite PNR series. Claimed in Shadows made me want to reread the whole series all over again, especially Veil of Midnight, Nikolai and Renata's story...
  • shms
    not feeling this one..could it be the dreaded series fatigue?
    A little bit of thrill added to this book, made it one of my favorite of the new series, and I liked both Kaya and Aric a lot, just sorry for Aric's friend, but I think he is going to be in for a good story himself when his time comes.Un po' di suspance hanno reso questo romanzo uno di quelli che piú mi é piaciuto in questa nuova serie, inoltre Kaya e Aric erano anche personaggi sostanziosi, mi spiace solo per l'amico di Aric, ma immagino che q...
  • Ann
    Lara Adrian is a New York Times and #1 internationally best-selling author, with nearly 4 million books in print worldwide and translations licensed to more than 20 countries. Her books regularly appear in the top spots of all the major bestseller lists including the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Indiebound,, Barnes & Noble, etc. Reviewers have called Lara’s books ‘addictively readable’ (Chicago Tribune), ‘extra...
  • Anne ·curlingtoesbooktalk·
    “You’re mine forever now, Kaya·"The journey of the members of The Orders against their new enemy, the Opus Nostrum, continues with new developments with a shocking twists and turns.The story actually continues a week or so where Mira and Kellan's story left off. To remind everyone, it was the part where Reginald Crowe, whom they've just learned was one of the leaders behind the killing of breeds and the most dreaded and most dangerous weapon...
  • Brigitte
    In Claimed in Shadows, the tension between Opus Nostrum and the Order escalates to a new level. It's as nail biting and spellbinding as the previous books in this series.Aric is different from the other Breed Males and this works to his advantage. He is aiming to join the ranks in the Order, and working hard to get there.Kaya is from a deprived background and having joined the order, she now has a sense of belonging. Something that she didn't hav...
  • Shannon
    Claimed in Shadows is the 15th novel in Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. Once again, Ms. Adrian manages to immerse her readers back into the Midnight Breed world from the very first page. In this novel, we find the Breed continuing to fight against Opus Nostrom, trying to find any leads that will help them to destroy everyone associated with Opus Nostrum. Aric Chase has been training as a warrior for his whole life and is finally being sent...