Dear Evan Hansen by Steven Levenson

Dear Evan Hansen

An original musical that explores the poignant desire for human connection in the tumultuous life of one young man. Evan is shy, lonely, and bullied for it―teeming with the irrepressible emotions all too familiar with anyone who's ever been a teenager. After a tragedy strikes, Evan's life suddenly gets turned around, but is it ultimately for the better?

Details Dear Evan Hansen

TitleDear Evan Hansen
Release DateMay 30th, 2017
PublisherTheatre Communications Group
GenrePlays, Young Adult, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Dear Evan Hansen

  • Mary Lins
    I saw "Dear Evan Hansen" on Broadway last week and the first thing I thought when it was over was: "I want to see it again!" Well, plane trips to NYC and ticket prices for this Tony nominated (9!) show preclude repeated viewings for me, so buying this book and reading the script while listening to the glorious soundtrack will have to do until it either comes my way on a road tour or is made into a movie. It's stunning, heartbreaking, thought-prov...
  • Katie
    I am such a mess after finishing this book. I picked it up because I wanted more context to go with listening to the soundtrack, and I figured that at the rate I am going, I am never going to see the show (and unless a miracle happens, I definitely won't see it with Ben Platt, which makes me so upset because I knew I should have bought tickets last December and then I didn't) and this book did not disappoint. It's the script to the show, and I wo...
  • Rebecca Robbins
    This story is absolutely incredible. I love the music from the show, and getting to read this and understand the whole story made it a million times better. If you are unable to go to New York to see Ben Platt's fantastic performance, then this is definitely the next best thing.
  • Cassandra {semi-hiatus}
    “You think you’re going to turn around all of a sudden and start telling everyone the truth? You can’t even tell yourself the truth.” Honestly, what did I expect? Anything less than perfection from the script of a musical that is currently sweeping the nation and enrapturing the hearts of theater veterans and theater virgins alike?With Broadway shows such as Hamilton and Wicked, their quality is undeniable. But with Dear Evan Hansen, the ...
  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    5 stars. Half hilarious and half one continuous punch to the stomach. Amazing.One thing about me, I am a huge fan of Broadway Musicals and I fell in love with the soundtrack to Dear Evan Hansen last year. I knew the story and since it's not likely I will ever see the show live (sobs) reading the screenplay was the closest thing for me I guess. I wasn't prepared. I was not prepared at all to sob the way that I did while reading this but it was wor...
  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    Seeing as there's no chance I'll ever be able to go to broadway and see this, and still no news of a UK tour, I have resigned myself to just reading the script and playing the soundtrack over and over again. I just want to see Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfuss as Evan and Zoe.. Someone pay for me to go to New York please...This musical has just touched me and I haven't even seen it. Just from the soundtrack and the script, I've built an obsession and ...
  • Isaac Baldwin
  • Alex Vivonia ゚・: *
    What an absolutely brilliant story. Though I have been listening to the soundtrack for months, I know every lyric by heart, I am so glad to have finally the context surrounding the songs. Dear Evan Hansen is very unique and entirely realistic, yes there is an outrageous lie told that I have never seen happen in real life, but the setting and characters are so relatable to most people today. From a single parent just trying to breakthrough to thei...
  • Lindsay
    I'd give this way over 5 stars if I could. I got a copy of this for Christmas and decided today to get in my Dear Evan Hansen emotions and read through it while listening to the songs when they came up. I've listened to the soundtrack countless times this year and watched a bootleg of the OBC performance on YouTube so many times. I've been able to share it with others and get them in their emotions. I love this musical with all of my heart and I ...
  • Amelia Oswald
    What I didn't cry while reading the script and listening to the soundtracks you did *sobbing*[Keep repeating Dear Evan Hansen soundtracks because they're freaking awesome]
  • Tyler McCubbin
    All around, this is an incredible read. If you don’t have the soundtrack, I would highly encourage downloading, better yet PURCHASING, the soundtrack because it’s one that will be with us for years to come. The story is complex. The characters are very realistic. The plot is twisted, exploring the mind of a person who we as society are so easy to cast aside and shun because of the “abnormal”-ness. Embrace Evan. Feel something for his moth...
  • Tristan
    Very short- very amazing.
  • Leah Jay
  • Aude Odeh
    So... I've listened to the soundtrack probably a hundred times. I love this show, and reading the script to get the full picture was amazing. It is amazing to see the play as it plays out. I can't wait to see this play when it eventually has a national tour but until then this will tide me over. As for the story... It isn't easy to get through. But it is a message everyone should read.
  • Abby
    This play was such an amazing read, I can't imagine what it would be like to see it live. So good.
  • Tiffany Perkinz
    Thank you Issac for recommending me this book! It was absolutely unforgettable. The topics of mental health and teen suicide and the theme of the need for acceptance was brilliantly done by the author. I would love to see this musical performed in person as it was meant to be seen.
  • Kay Anne Oken
    It’s truly hard for me to properly articulate how much this musical really means to me. When people think “musical” that think show tunes, dancing, romance cliches. That is not this musical. Because it’s not a musical, it’s the contents of my heart.Dear Evan Hansen is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed, ever. And it is truly so hard for me to explain why it effects me so deeply. At its core, this story is the purest form of ...
  • Kristine
    This. Book. - the story, the music, the style, just everything about it- was an absolute pleasure to devour. I neeeed to see the show in person one day, but I'm so glad that I was able to fill in the gaps of my prior understanding of the story and that I was able to read it in full. I loved listening to the songs along with reading the lyrics and felt that I was able to connect to the characters more by doing so.
  • Josephine
    Dear Evan Hansen,Everybody needed it for something. Sincerely, your best and most dearest friend, Me.
  • Max Perchard
    This book is the script for the actual musical (don't you dare call it a play). This is a life changing musical. It is guaranteed to make you cry. Also, it is written in script form, just for a heads up.
  • Lucy
    I cried a lot and I don't know why lmao I'm 10x more desperate to see it on stage now
  • Bruce
    The publishers of this libretto have littered its covers and inside pages with the handpicked fawning of contemporary critics and an estimable introduction by playwright James Lapine. Notwithstanding the comfort such self-promotion may bring to the marketing department, they can be reassured that Dear Evan Hansen doesn't need their support. The book of this musical is well-worth reading whether you are a fan of the show or even familiar with it.A...
  • Brianna Flores
    I really enjoy the experinece of reading a libretto of a musical and listen to the soundtrack as I'm reading. Its the closest you can get to actually seeing the Broadway show cause really I will never know if I will get the chance to see the show. I thought Dear Evan Hansen was a raw powerful story......HOWEVER! I had a few problems with it. First the soundtrack. I didn't really like it very much there was a three songs (You Will Be Found, Words ...
  • Doug
    I originally bought this as I knew there was no way I was going to get to NYC to see the Broadway production, and wanted to see what all the hoopla was about (and also put the songs on the CD into context). Before I got to it though, I was able to watch a bootleg (I know, I know...) and didn't think there was any real reason to read the script afterwards - but wanted to see how much of the production was on the page - and how much was due to Ben ...
  • Lissette
    Amazing. The characters and the songs were great. Such a powerful story about family and the struggles of mental illness. Evan struggles with his social anxiety and depression throughout the story. His therapist tells him to write daily letters to encourage himself, starting each letter with " Dear Evan Hansen". When one of his letters ends up in a classmate's hands Connor, he becomes involved with Connor's family when he dies by suicide and had ...
  • Cindy Wilkerson
    I haven’t watched the stage production, but I was very curious to find out what this was all about. I read and listened to the soundtrack simultaneously, and everything flowed so well. With the exception of Hamilton, scripts are something where I need to see the actors bringing the characters to life, to give it a full 5 stars.It’s centers around kids in high school, but I think there are things adults will be able to relate to as well (I kno...
  • Ellie Donohoe
    WOW. THIS BOOK. I mean at first, I just listened to the soundtrack. Multiple times, on repeat. Listen to it when I wake up, listen to it before I go to bed. It became my life (I had just gotten over my repetitive listening to Hamilton). Then, I saw this book at Barnes and Noble, and I HAD TO GET IT. I got even more information than I got from the soundtrack. I found out why Evan did what he did, which I never understood. I could finally connect e...
  • Jasmine
    I read this while listening to the soundtrack for the first time in its entirety. I now understand what everyone has been talking about. I cannot wait for this play to travel somewhere near me so I can go see it. I was a sobbing mess at multiple points. The way it captures depression, anxiety, and avoidance is so real and true. I'm sad that I wont ever get to see it performed by Ben Platt but am so happy he brought so much to the character. Also ...