Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch, #22; Harry Bosch Universe, #27) by Michael Connelly

Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch, #22; Harry Bosch Universe, #27)

Harry Bosch searches for the truth in the new thriller from #1 NYT bestselling author Michael ConnellyHarry Bosch is back as a volunteer working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department and is called out to a local drug store where a young pharmacist has been murdered. Bosch and the town's 3-person detective squad sift through the clues, which lead into the dangerous, big business world of pill mills and prescription drug abuse.Meanwhile...

Details Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch, #22; Harry Bosch Universe, #27)

TitleTwo Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch, #22; Harry Bosch Universe, #27)
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch, #22; Harry Bosch Universe, #27)

  • Paromjit
    This is the latest and thrilling addition to the terrific Harry Bosch series set in LA and San Fernando. Harry is working as a volunteer cold case cop at SFPD trying to get to bottom of the missing, presumed dead, Esme Tavares, when he receives an upsetting visit from the recently created LAPD Conviction Integrity Unit. This consists of his old partner, Lucia Soto, Bob Tapscott and Deputy DA, Alex Kennedy. They inform him that a death row murdere...
  • Gary
    I can't get enough of Michael Connelly and was excited by the prospect of reading his latest novel. This is the 20th book in the highly successful Harry Bosch series and even after reading all the previous books the series still feels fresh with no sign of the high standard dropping.Michael Connelly is my favourite author, he rarely disappoints and this is no exception. Great characters, well paced plot and exceptional writing.Now in his sixties ...
  • Trev Twinem
    There are very few events in my reading history that beat the thrill of delving into a new Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch novel. Harry may well be into his mid 60's now but he still has that hunger, that old coyote weariness about him, that first made him a grade one detective some 30 years ago. He's now older, definitely wiser his skills very much in demand by an undermanned LAPD. At the start of "Two Kinds of Truth" Harry is doing what he does b...
  • Craig Sisterson
    Twenty-five years ago gruff LAPD detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch first burst onto the page, investigating the murder of a fellow Vietnam ‘tunnel rat’ in a drainpipe in Mulholland Dam. He was already middle-aged then, a maverick not because he was a youthful upstart, but a man in his early 40s who had a very strong sense of who he was and what was important to him. It's the people who matter, the victims and finding justice, more than r...
  • William
    This Bosch is a mixed bag, unfortunately. Mostly it's two stories, #1 about an old case come back to haunt Bosch, and #2 a new case, a double murder. Some parts of both are marvellous, with Bosch "on a mission", driving truth and justice forward like a steamroller. As usual with my reviews, please first read the publisher’s blurb/summary of the book. Thank you Orion and NetGalley for the chance to preview this book. However, in much of the boo...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Orion Publishing Group for an advance copy of Two Kinds of Truth, the 22nd novel in the detective Harry Bosch series.Harry is in a meeting in the San Fernando police department where he now works as a volunteer on cold cases with his ex LAPD partner, Lucia Soto, her new partner and a deputy DA from the Conviction Integrity Unit about Preston Borders' appeal against his 30 year old death penalty conviction so, s...
  • Teresa
    After a couple of Harry Bosch novels that didn't really capture my attention, I was unsure if I should bother with Two Kinds of Truth.I am so glad I did. This is Michael Connelly on top form. Even when he is retired Harry cannot let go of the job completely. He has to find an outlet for his talents and does so by volunteering with a local police force. This rings true for the character I have followed over so many books over the course of the ye...
  • Robert Scragg
    Harry Bosch just can't walk away from Law Enforcement. He's a volunteer at the San Fernando Police Department, working unsolved cases, but gets called out on a case that's anything but cold. A double homicide, father and son, at a local pharmacy, linked to an international drug operation. He's torn though, between this and a case from his past. New evidence means a killer he put on death row thirty years ago, Preston Borders, could walk free, but...
  • Margaret Duke-Wyer
    Just finished this book which is the 22nd in the Harry Bosch series and I must say I did not want to put it down. As soon as I began reading I was straight back in the familiar character and his landscape. Harry is now retired but volunteering as an investigator into cold cases at San Fernando Police Department and works out of an old cell as an office. There are several story lines to follow; one is the current cold case investigation into a rap...
  • Annette
    I'm a big Michael Connelly fan and have read most of his books including the Harry Bosch and Micky Haller series which now often seem to overlap.In this Bosch thriller Harry is working for San Fernando Police Department clearing cold cases and also joining in with some current police work. He is approached by some ex colleagues from LAPD investigating claims by a death row inmate that he is innocent and has been framed by the police. This is unfo...
  • Hayley
    I was lucky to get an advanced copy of the book via netgalley and I'm glad that I did. Now I know that the Harry Bosch series has been around for a long time and I have read some of them but I haven't read them all, it's been a long time since I read the last one but that didn't make any difference. Sometimes if a book is part of a series and I haven't read the others it can put me off but in this it didn't make any difference that I wasn't up to...
  • Diane Poppleton-brown
    Harry Bosch is back with us in this, the 20th in the series and is as hard hitting and uncompromising as ever. I dip in and out of this series but it doesn't seem to matter, they are a testament to the very clever writing skills of Mr Connelly as they work well whether read as a series or standalone.No. 20 sees Harry volunteering for the San Fernando Police Department working cold cases. He soon becomes involved in the murder of two pharmacists (...
  • Sue McQuaide Kitt
    Oh I do love Michael Connelly and his Harry Bosch series. I have missed out on the previous two or three and Two Kinds of Truths is a reminder to download them and to catch up.Now retired from the LAPD, Harry is working as a volunteer, working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department. After being called out to a local drug store where two pharmacists, a father and son have been shot to death, Harry stumbles on the lucrative and dangerous...
  • Marie
    This is another excellent instalment in the Bosch series, which fans of Michael Connelly will definitely enjoy.While investigating the murder of two pharmacists, Bosch becomes involved in a DEA operation into illegal scripts and drugs run by Armenian and Russian criminals, and ends up working undercover in a perilous situation.At the same time his integrity is challenged, as a convicted murderer on Death Row alleges Bosch planted evidence some th...
  • Louise
    3.75 starsI read my first Bosch book in 1997 ish,and it was great,bought the back catalogue,and anything new that came out.I liked him,and his surrounding characters. Except Haller. When he started showing up my reading tailed off a bit.This time,it was was too good to be back to be put off by one character.The story had several threads,drug addiction,missing people,corrupt lawyers,death row inmates..... it was all thrown in there.Both m...
  • Cheryl Bellingham
    I have enjoyed reading about the adventures of Harry Bosch and this book was no exception Harry may well have moved away into a voluntary role but this does not stop him getting caught up in a case and also having to fight to save his own reputation. Another brilliant book can't wait to see where the adventure leads next
  • Tim
    Another winner from Michael Connelly. I don't think it's the perfect Harry Bosch story: the two stories, one involving the illegal trade in opioids in contemporary America, the other a case dating back 30 years reopened thanks to DNA technology, don't mesh in any thematic way. But this is an urgent, fast-paced mystery-thriller that Connelly's legion fans will devour. I loved it.