A Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1) by John Gwynne

A Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1)

The Ben-Elim, a fierce race of warrior-angels, burst into the Banished Lands over a hundred and thirty years ago. They were in pursuit of their eternal enemy, the Kadoshim demon-horde. On that day a great battle was fought, the Ben-Elim and Kadoshim joined by allies from the races of both men and giants, and a great victory was won.Now much of the Banished Lands is ruled by the Ben-Elim, who have made this world their home, extending their influe...

Details A Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1)

TitleA Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1)
Release DateJan 11th, 2018
PublisherPan MacMillan
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy

Reviews A Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1)

  • Petrik
    A Time of Dread is a work conceived in the mind of a genius. Simply amazing and almost impossible to put down, A Time of Dread is truly a masterful start to a trilogy which I envision will be crowned as one of the best series I’ve ever read by its end. John Gwynne has proven himself once again to be the constant harbinger of superlative epic fantasy that only the greatest of authors can achieve. Let it be known that Gwynne is in fact the only a...
  • James Lafayette Tivendale
    I received an advanced copy of A Time of Dread in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank John Gwynne and Pan MacMillan for this opportunity. The story places readers within the Land of the Faithful approximately 120 years after the conclusion of the novel Wrath, which was an epic, brutal, and fulfilling climax to one of my favourite ever fantasy series'. The angel-like Ben-Elim rule the land now from their base at the giant-erected ...
  • Mark Lawrence
    CAME OUT THIS WEEK!A Time Of Dread brings together all of the promise in John Gwynne's debut, Malice, and delivers a truly excellent read!AToD is in many ways very similar to Malice, it's set in the same world a century later, but with a smaller cast list and greater focus it felt to me like a step up from that successful and highly acclaimed beginning. The previous quartet of books provide a living history to the new series. You absolutely do no...
  • Bentley ★ Bookbastion.net
    If you've been following my reviews for the past year, you know I'm a huge fan of John Gwynne and the world he created in his original series "The Faithful and the Fallen." I breezed through all 4 of those books earlier this year, thanks in large part to the memorable characters and the epic thread of action that runs through the heart of Gwynne's storytelling. When I found out that he had a new series coming out, I pretty much begged whoever I c...
  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒
    A Time of Dread is a breathtaking beginning to what will surely be another utterly brilliant series by John Gwynne. It is no secret that John Gwynne’s debut series, The Faithful & the Fallen, is one of my all time favourite reads. I regularly recommend it to anyone looking for a great read and I have marked him down as a permanent entry on my list of auto-buy authors. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I was MORE than excited to get a...
  • Haïfa
    You can find this review and more at Booksprens.Spoiler-free review. No spoilers from the Faithful and the Fallen series.The quotes in this review are taken from the ARC edition and may change in the published book.Dear John Gwynne, you will never fail to surprise me, and your stories will never fail to make me inevitably cry!Of Blood and Bone is a new trilogy taking place roughly 130 years after the last events of Wrath (The Faithful and the Fal...
  • Sebastien Castell
    A Time of Dread is that rare sort of epic fantasy that not only appeals to fans of the genre, but also embraces new readers. The world is rich and complex, but you never feel lost or find yourself desperately reaching for a map. The four main characters have the nuance and troublesome qualities we expect from modern fantasy novels, and yet they retain just enough of the classic heroism that got so many of us into the genre in the first place. The...
  • A Bald Mage** Steve
    via GIPHY Bald Mage Rating 8.5/10I would like to say a big thank you to Pan Macmillan and Netgalley for giving me this wonderful opportunity of reviewing this book for free!‘Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel’‘Fuil  agus  cnámh, rud  éigin  nua  a  dhéanamh’When I saw that I got accepted to review this book I was overjoyed and nervous at the same time. I know this author has a huge following and I have not read any of h...
  • Karina Read
    First of all, a huge thank you to Pan Macmillan and Netgalley for allowing me to read this in advance. It was brilliant. Exactly the kind of fantasy I live for. Now before I get started, I must confess that this is my first John Gwynne novel. His debut, Malice , was next on my pile to read when I was approved for this beauty so I thought I’d start here. Although I don’t regret it, I do feel like I have missed a lot of cool references to cha...