The Last Girl by Nadia Murad

The Last Girl

In this intimate memoir of survival, a former captive of ISIS tells her harrowing and ultimately inspiring story.Nadia Murad was born and raised in Kocho, a small village of farmers and shepherds in Iraq. A member of the Yazidi community, she and her eleven brothers and sisters lived a quiet life. Nadia was in high school and had dreams of becoming a history teacher and opening her own beauty salon.On August 15th, 2014, when Nadia was just twenty...

Details The Last Girl

TitleThe Last Girl
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherTim Duggan Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, War, History

Reviews The Last Girl

  • Lori
    I was a goodreads giveaway winner. I would give this a 4.5. This young woman has witnessed the horrors of ISIS. In 2014 her village was invaded by ISIS. They killed a lot of the towns people. Kidnapped the young women held them captive and raped them. Nadia was 21 when her family was taken by ISIS. Her brothers were killed and she was taken captive. she was tortured beaten and raped repeatedly. She escaped the ISIS monsters and with the help of a...
  • Marika
    This book is a must read. It is not a pleasant book but it is vitally important to remember what occurred in the fight against the Islamic State. Nadia's entire village, a Yazidi Christian community, was overrun by ISIS, with most of the men executed. Nadia was taken to Mosul and was forced to be be an ISIS slave. What is most disturbing is that people that lived in neighboring villages who were not Christian and were not targeted, did nothing. A...
  • Michelle
    You should read this book. Not because you'll enjoy it, it's not a book meant for enjoying. In fact, parts of it, you most certainly will not enjoy. You will be upset. You will be horrified. You may need to take a minute to emotionally recoup.But this is important, y'all. It's important because, in places like where I live, we tend to act as though genocide and slavery are things of the past. We blithely go through life as though those sorts of a...
  • Leigh Swain Tilman
    Nadia's story is powerful and heartbreaking, all the more so because of the straightforward way she tells it. With unflinching honesty, she tells the story of how her village was captured by ISIS and how most of her family were killed or captured and tortured. She survived a real-life nightmare and has somehow found the strength to continue fighting for her people. This is a must read for anyone who wants to know more about how ISIS effects the a...
  • Ilonita50
    I received the e-arc thanks to Duggan Books, thank you!This is very powerful, brave and broken story at the times. It involves heartbreak and human race fall, powerful mass influence that goes on and on killing innocent humans who are respecting other cultures and their religions. The book won't leave anyone ignorant, it is one of the many stories that has to be read and heard. People and the author who survived the mass horrible terror has a lon...
  • Trena
    This book did a great job educating me in things I had no knowledge of. I had no idea how divided the entire country of Iraq is and how the Yazidi people in particular have been murdered, abducted, sold and abused. The Islamic State is trying to completely erase their culture and religion.Nadia writes very comprehensively about Yazidi way of life, her family, her village of Kocho, the geography of Iraq, the Kurds and the different peshmerga, and ...
  • Tom Schulte
    fascinating first person account of a brave Yazidi woman sexually enslaved to a series of Islamic State militants. in this ARC copy I enjoyed the clear three acts:1. background including a summary of the unique and poetic Yazidi worldview2. enslavement in a process that recalled holocaust horror3. escape and reunion and owning her storyAs I read this, I see Scotland, Castille possible limping toward an independence in a less bloody fashion, than ...
  • Donna Wetzel
    Thank you Goodreads for my copy of The Last Girl:My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State by Nadia Murad. This book was excellently written and a story that needs to be told. What most impressed me about this author and her story is the way she took complicated Iraq history and the history of her people and made it so easy to follow. The Middle East is a complex area with many different religions and languages and as you begi...
  • Amanda Zirn
    It seems strange to use the word beautiful for THE LAST GIRL because it's so extremely raw and horrifying but Nadia's writing truly is beautiful. I read in complete disbelief while sitting on the edge of my seat for majority of this book. It's unfathomable to imagine Nadia's story, from the massacre of her village and being kidnapped by ISIS, to being sold as property over and over and being forced to convert to Islam, to eventually fleeing for h...
  • Shana
    It's been a month since I read The Last Girl and I'm still thinking about. Nadia writes with a devastating honesty that leaves you enraged and brokenhearted all at once. I want so badly to write a lengthy review that adequately describes how deeply moved I was by this book but none of my words seem to measure up. Read Nadia's story. You won't regret it. I received a free copy of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway. This review was written volunta...
  • Jimi
    I read this book in two days, I just couldn't put it down! This book made my heart soar and made my heart ache. There is so much more out there in the world than we know. People just like us who live lives just like ours until something or someone comes along that derails their life and tears it apart with a violence that we can't even begin to imagine. Nadia's story moved me like nothing else I've read. It makes me more aware of other people, th...
  • Kayla Tornello
    Nadia tells what her life is like in Kocho, a small village in Iraq. Nadia is Yazidi, a minority group in the country. She paints an honest and vivid picture of what happened to her village when ISIS took over. It is quite eye-opening to learn about her experiences. This is a book that everyone needs to read to understand what genocide really looks like for everyone involved.I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway. Yay!
  • Bharathkumarraju
    what an heart-rending story...ISIS is the biggest manufacturer of fear in d world...wonder which company is funding it...take a bow to #Nadia_Murad
  • Sheralee
    This book is a must read. I knew nothing about Yazidi people or the genocide that had taken place in Iraq. No person should have to deal with such horrors. This is an easy read, informative and heart breaking. I will be be recommending this book to others and passing the giveaway along.