The Four by Scott Galloway

The Four

The acclaimed NYU business professor's tour-de-force on the true nature of technology's titans, and what happens next in their struggle to dominate our lives. Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are in an unprecedented race towards a $1 trillion valuation--and whoever gets there first will exert untold influence over our economy, public policy, and consumer behavior. How did these four become so successful? How high can they continue to rise? Doe...

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TitleThe Four
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Business, Science, Technology, History

Reviews The Four

  • Quintin Zimmermann
    Scott Galloway equates the Big Four - Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon - to the Four Horseman of god, love, sex and consumption respectively. The author proceeds to examine and deconstruct the strategies that the Four employed in becoming the present giants of industry, the exploitation of their own mythologies and consumer habits as well as their overt and covert anti-competitive techniques to stifle their competition. This is all extremely il...
  • John Plowright
    ‘The Four’ considers the enormous power accrued – for good and for (tax-avoiding, job-destroying, fake news-propagating) ill – by the big four technology giants Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.This examination takes place at a very interesting time for, as author Scott Galloway makes abundantly clear, the only competition the Four face is from each other, and the race is now on between them to become the premier operating system.The fi...
  • Donna
    This is a nonfiction/science/technology book. The author focuses in on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google and does a nice little analysis and how these monsters have managed to corner the market. My inner geek found this kind of fascinating. It was amusing, and I enjoyed the sarcastic humor. That part was 4 stars.Now this did feel a little long, and towards the end, it unravels a 3 stars.
  • Susan
    Not particularly new information, but a nice clear analysis of how these companies came to be as big and successful as they are. On the one hand Galloway seems to be primarily impressed by their succes, on the other hand, luckily, he's also critical:"The world needs more homes with engaged parents, not a better fucking phone."I was disappointed coming to the end of the book where Galloway gives career advice on how to be as successful as these co...
  • stef
    Engaging and interesting but the humor might not be for everyone.
  • Ilinca
    It's such an interesting topic, and he's such a brilliant guy - I'm disappointed this was not a better book. It's worth reading, but it's such a weird jumble of fact and opinion, with advice thrown in for young entrepreneurs or who knows who, that it's hard to pinpoint what it's good for.I loved his recent interviews on how heavy regulation is coming for Google and Facebook, and on Facebook and its ad screening potential. He seems a genuinely sma...
  • Dancall
    Scott Galloway is founder of the business intelligence agency L2, and professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business. This book is an examination of the role that ‘the four’ tech titans - Amazon, Apple, Google & Facebook - play in our lives, a theme that Galloway also discussed in his excellent ‘Four Horsemen’ presentation in early 2015 (which you can watch on YouTube - highly recommended!). This book looks at the four in more detail, look...
  • Alex Wittenberg
    Interesting, provocative, extremely sarcastic. Scott has made a name for himself by always saying exactly what's on his mind, and it feels a little grating at points. Still, his wide-lens perspective on these four titans is valuable in an era when it's tough to zoom out and look at the bigger picture.
  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Quite cleverLiving under these elephants virtually all of my career, it was great to see them from this perspective. There are no amazing insights here but the book puts it together in a coherent story that mirrors Maslow’s pyramid in a helpful way and the writer has a fantastic sense of humor. Quick read too!
  • Ken Hamner
    Definitely one of the best business books I’ve read.