I Wrote This For You by Iain S. Thomas

I Wrote This For You

I need you to understand something. Ten years ago, I started writing this for you. I wrote it for you and only you. Since then, millions of other people have read it, but none have understood it the way you understand it. I set out to find you a long time ago and today, I'm so glad I finally have. Thank you for reading these words.***I Wrote This For You is a collaborative photography and prose project. (Almost) every day, the photographer sends...

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TitleI Wrote This For You
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherCentral Avenue Publishing

Reviews I Wrote This For You

  • Nicole
    I Wrote This For You: 2007 - 2017 !!! First things first: I received this book through NetGalley. Sitting here for the last few minutes, trying to figure out how to best put into words how much I loved this book.  Summary: I need you to understand something. Ten years ago, I started writing this for you. I wrote it for you and only you. Since then, millions of other people have read it, but none have understood it the way you understand it. I ...
  • Amanda
    Beautiful, there is a poem in here for everyone and I definitely related to many. Some I even reread before turning the page, but certain poems I liked more than others. The visualizations of the photography really brought the words to life. You can absolutely tell that this book was written for you. Recommended to all poetry fans!Thank you to the publisher & netgalley! Definitely enjoyed this book!
  • Marie
    If anyone asks me what the most beautiful book I own is, it’s this.I don’t know about you but I like my poetry books pretty. And this book is exactly how I want them to be. I believe this edition can be considered as a coffee table book. It has the glossy paper, the beautiful pictures, and the excellent writing.I have a confession to make. When I can’t sleep at night, I read poetry. And more often than not, I go to this author’s blog.This...
  • Kei • lovelypagesreviews •
    My love for I Wrote This For You is endless. This is a collection of poetry and photography with new work, and old stuff. If you loved the previous one, you'll love this too.
  • Vassiliki
    3,5*I started reading Thomas's poems online, years ago, and made myself stop because I loved them so much I wanted to experience them in physical form. I searched for a physical book here in Greece, but I couldn't find one, and eventually I gave up. Then this came out, and I happily ordered it.I'd say half of it is filler or CaptainObviousPoetry (ie overused phrases that you roll your eyes at), but the other half. The other half is what makes it ...
  • Jessica | Booked J
    As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way. Review also posted here. Sometimes, poetry is the only thing that speaks to certain parts of our souls or minds or hearts. It can scrape past the superficial lines of who we are and touch on something deeply. I Wrote This For You is one of those collections that touches on something so r...
  • Mandy
    Never read the I Wrote This For You books? Don't know where to start? You can't go wrong picking up this one first. This breathtaking collection features 316 pages of Thomas' best work over the last 10 years.For those who have followed Thomas for years, the presentation of this collection is refreshing - somehow both classic and new. Although there is an overlap in some poetry from his previous publications, it is by no means a disappointment. An...
  • Judi Easley
    My Disclaimer:I was provided a complimentary copy of this book. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewWhat it’s about…This is the collected poems by Iain S. Thomas over a decade. They deal with the sense of loneliness and the attempt to connect with another, to reach out and touch another soul, another being. To not be empty...
  • Camren Jones
    I have just finished I Wrote This For You by Iain S. Thomas whose pseudonym is pleasefindthis. It isn’t a traditional book with characters that experience a problem; it is a poem book that includes photos taken by Jon Ellis. Each poem has a photograph connected to it that demonstrates the changes you experience in life. The reason why I chose this book is that it’s very hard for me to find a chapter book that I find interesting, so I figured ...
  • Noninuna
    3.8⭐ for the poetry & 4 ⭐ for the pictures. Honestly, most of it are quite average in my opinion which means they're random & redundant. However, some of the poetry are like arrows that shot straight to your heart or slaps to your face and that's why I really like it. The pictures accompanying the writing are quite vivid & expressive, although they look like random snaps. ...I really need to read this again since I read this during my reading...
  • Kathy
    "I Wrote This For You: 2007 - 2017" is a wonderful collections of photographs from all over the world coupled with prose. Iain S. Thomas starts off the book saying "I wrote this for you... I wrote this for you and only you...You were meant to read these words. Thank you for finding this." I found his prose to be beautiful, honest, and he often seems so on the mark with my own thoughts and feelings that it does seem as if this book were written fo...
  • Debbie
    I've wanted to read versions of this poetry for years. I'm not sure what held me back but reading this special edition was meant to be for me. I found this version in target last weekend and I've been picked up this book every second i had a few minutes to get lost in the authors words. I've always been a poetry loved as I have a love for words myself but the feels this book gave me were unreal. I am so in love with it. I can't wait for more.
  • Hamsa
    I want to give this more than five stars. This book holds everything I need at this point in my life, I will forever love Iain and he’ll always be my favorite.
  • Charlie
    Stunning and heartbreakingly beautiful. These poems hit me hard. This collection had photographs weaved within the poems and it was a nice touch to an already stellar bind-up. The poems within the collection ranged from short and poignant to a bit longer and powerful as well. I particularly liked the poem "The Children of Time." There is just something about this collection that hits you hard and makes you ache for more. Half of this book has bee...
  • Claudia
    Omg only like 10 of the poems were good
  • Erica
    I will read this over and over. There are words for every life experience. The poetry in this book is some of the most poignant and beautiful I have ever read and the photography is magnificent. I am so glad I purchased this one instead of just getting it at the library.
  • Leah V
    Always beautiful, this compendium of dated posts of lovely prose was perfect.
  • Azla
    The writings becomes better as you progress. Need to own just so i can flip it open on a random page and read, reread,. Want to gift this to someone someday. Not a 5 because some (a few) were just okay. Overall, beauuuutiful! So many highlighted favourites!
  • Zina
    “Be soft , do not let the world make you hard.”
  • Arianna
    The book " I Wrote This For You" is a very good love/hate poem book. This book shows a lot of tiny little poems with pictures to go along with it. One of the poems that stuck out to me is on page 182 titled The Shipwreck In My Head' "Everything you do, you pay for.So if you're going to kiss me you'd best be prepared to bleed." I'm thinking it means that is there going to be together there going to have to go through everything together and even t...
  • Heather
    This is a collection of poetry with new work and also a bit of previously published poems. There is also some beautiful photography. If you loved his past work I think you will enjoy this as well. I adored it. I had to pace myself so that it wasn't over too quickly!*Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.*
  • Shreeya Kapil
    This one will forever be my favourite. The best thing about this book is that you can read it over and over again and it feels new each time! I, personally connect with this book way too much. Quoting a few lines: " To you it was just picking flowers. To them, it was a massacre. " "Things change the way you feel. And things change. ""The truth is ugly.In the movies, the person leaving you never has a blocked nose when they cry. And all their tear...
  • Alyssa Marie
    I received a copy of this via netgalley in exchnage for an honest review.How this poetry collection works: The photographer sends a photo the writer (they've never met) a new photo every day from wherever he is which the poet then writes a poem/short piece of prose inspired by the photograph and written for whoever might be reading it. This contains new and old pieces from the past 10 years of this project.THIS IS WONDERFUL. The process behind it...
  • Aarontheweirdreader
    I need you to understand something Ten years ago, I started writing this for you I wrote it for you and only you Since then, million other people have read it But none have understood it the way you understand it I set out to find you a long time ago and today I'm so glad I finally have Thanks you for reading these WORDS I Wrote This For You 2007-2017 is so WONDERFUL and one of the most (honest) books i ever read this will forever be a personal ...
  • Chloe Metzger
    While writing this review I was torn. This is, without question a collection of beautiful words and ideas. Some of these made my heart want to burst, others I read and felt like someone understood me. It is a wonderful collection, however, I would recommend reading this as a physical copy as the ebook version simply doesn't do it justice! That said, it was hard to understand what was going on, who was writing. This is my first experience with thi...
  • Vania Velikova
    Undoubtedly one of the most honest books I've ever read. It really gave me a lot to think about. I also realized that many of the quotes I've seen online are actually excerpts from his blog. I would like to share a few of my favourites and I highly recommend this book:"Someone you haven't even met yet is wondering what it'd be like to know someone like you.""You want a new life. But you take the new one you get every morning for granted.""And wha...
  • Anna Ehler
    I will be honest, I 100% did not expect to connect with the author and there poetry nearly as much as I did. It was able to break my heart whilst also becoming a best friend. The perspectives of the world where unique and the photos worked into particular photos was stunning. After reading this I am 100% going to be following this author and looking forward to their future works. Truly this book in itself is a work of art, though I found there wa...
  • poesielos
    Ich mag den Ansatz von I Wrote This For You sehr gerne, verfolge den Blog dazu und habe die vorangegangen Bände gelesen. Das ist vermutlich der Grund, warum mich diese Zusammenstellung nicht komplett begeistert hat, denn das meiste kenne ich einfach schon. Die Fotografien von Jon Ellis sind zwar nett, aber es war teilweise irritierend, von reinen schwarz-weiß Seiten zu bunten zu blättern. Es hätten gerne noch mehr handschriftliche Texte geben...
  • Austin Hall
    I received this book for my birthday this year. I loved it. It was one of my slowest reads of the year because I found myself compelled to read it in bits. Rather than binge my way through, as has been my custom for most of this year, I would read a few poems here and there and allow them to sit on my brain and simmer and resonate and marinate. I highly recommend this book, and I will definitely be checking out more of Iain S. Thomas in the futur...
  • Irene Alva
    La verdad es que me ha dejado bastante fría. No es poesía, pero tampoco es prosa. Es un híbrido extraño. Entiendo que es muy personal, y que la persona a la que va dirigida se puede sentir identificada con muchas de las situaciones que el autor plantea, pero no sé. La edición es bonita, aunque a veces poco práctica. Y no he llegado a entender el desorden cronológico de los textos.Le pongo 2**.