Caesar's Footprints by Bijan Omrani

Caesar's Footprints

Julius Caesar's conquests in Gaul in the 50s BC were bloody, but the cultural revolution they brought in their wake forever transformed the ancient Celtic culture of that country. After Caesar, the Gauls exchanged their tribal quarrels for Roman values and acquired the paraphernalia of civilized urban life. The Romans also left behind a legacy of language, literature, law, government, religion, architecture, and industry.Each chapter of Caesar's ...

Details Caesar's Footprints

TitleCaesar's Footprints
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Travel, Cultural, France, Literature, Ancient

Reviews Caesar's Footprints

  • Kiwi Carlisle
    I enjoyed this chatty, colloquial book about the impact of the Romans on ancient France, the modern French landscape, and French culture. Often, it felt more as if I was reading a travelogue than a history book, but the history was there in plenty. I think I’ve absorbed more about Roman Gaul from Omrani’s book than from a lifetime of desultory reading in the same territory. He quotes liberally and poignantly from appropriate classical authors...