Dark Dawn Over Steep House (The Gower Street Detective #5) by M.R.C. Kasasian

Dark Dawn Over Steep House (The Gower Street Detective #5)

London, 1884. 125 Gower Street, the residence of Sidney Grice, London's foremost personal detective, and his ward March Middleton, is at peace.Midnight discussions between the great man and his charge have led to a harmony unseen in these hallowed halls since the great frog disaster of 1878.But harmony cannot last for long. A knock on the door brings mystery and murder once more to their home. A mystery that involves a Prussian Count, two damsels...

Details Dark Dawn Over Steep House (The Gower Street Detective #5)

TitleDark Dawn Over Steep House (The Gower Street Detective #5)
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreMystery, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Historical

Reviews Dark Dawn Over Steep House (The Gower Street Detective #5)

  • Cathy
    To read all my book reviews plus author interviews and book excerpts, visit my blog: https://whatcathyreadnext.wordpress.com/I’ve been aware of this series for some time (especially their gorgeous covers) but never got around to reading one although I’m a great fan of historical mysteries. Therefore, I was delighted to be given the opportunity by Clare at Head of Zeus to read the latest in the series, Dark Dawn over Steep House. Having done s...
  • John
    Sometimes a writer appears to pay attention to reader criticisms, as in this case. The previous book in this series had been so flawed by over the top writing that even now I would say one could skip it entirely and not miss much. This story brings the series back on track. While March is technically Grice's assistant, here he serves more as an advisor on a case of hers. Tough to say more without going into spoiler territory, but the latter part ...
  • Vicky Garlick
    This book nearly broke me, the ending truly devastated me but it was so good! This series keeps getting better and I can't wait for more!
  • Meg Griffin
    Implied spoilers: Reluctantly, I must give this five stars. It is so well written! One of the best in Kasasian's series, but I just finished and my heart remains broken. That state is how March ends the book, and I'm right there with her. This was wonderful but I wish I had a little more catharsis at the end. I wish I had a little more, "it's gonna be ok."
  • Jen Pietersz
    I just didn't enjoy this as much as the others. And then the end! Really. Alas.
  • JJ
    I have enjoyed all the Sydney Grice books. He is, by his own definition, THE best personal detective.Dirty, grimy, violent London is once again put under the microscope when Grice is charged to find a missing daughter and a serial, sadistic rapist.His goddaughter March Middleton is, as ever, his willing, if somewhat misguided, assistant. March has more heart than Grice and because of that finds herself, if not part of the problem, then making the...
  • Helen Line
    I love this series and have to agree with some other reviewers - it is definitely getting darker! Kasasian writes so well that the reader becomes totally immersed in gloomy Victorian London and all of its colourful characters.I am desperately hoping that there will be a volume 6.
  • Patricia
    I like this series, but this one was just a wee bit too complicated and shifting. It had so many sub-plots and details, and maybe I am just not in a head space to follow them all. And the ending - not sure what that is about? Will this carry on?
  • jshaw
    Excellent again.First time I have given a five star rating.I love this series of stories the characters are brilliant the humour makes me laugh and the tragedy is felt. The nod to the Beatles in Abbey road was brilliant.P.S I love Molly do let anything happen to her .
  • Lynn
    I was introduced to this series a couple of years ago by one of Deanna Raybourn's blog posts. I have absolutely loved reading it. I can see why Raybourn would recommend these books. March Middleton could have been one of her heroines. March is a sassy, unconventional Victorian woman, whose “secret” smoking and drinking binges are actually her way of coping with tragic events in her past. Sidney Grice is so fastidiously annoying that it’s ha...
  • Peter Auber
  • Shirley Revill
    I really enjoyed this book and I will be looking for more by this author.The narration was superb and had me listening into the early hours.Very hard to put down. Highly recommended.
  • Claudia
    A pleasure to read, as always. Sharp and wickedly funny characters as well as a devastating ending after many twists and turns. What more could you possibly ask for in a crime novel? I am very much looking forward to the next instalment in the Mangle Street Murder series.
  • Joanne Wood
    4.5/5 My memory may be playing tricks on me, but this new addition to the series seems considerably darker than previous offerings. As good a story as always, though.
  • David Stimpson
    Fantastic Series of Books ..
  • Alec Moody
    The Gower Street Detective books just get better and better. The plots twist and turn more than most, Sidney Grice is not a likeable character (Sherlock Holmes in a bad mode), and March Middleton manages to get in more scrape's than is good for her. And in essence this is what makes these stories a thoroughly good read.
  • Emg
    Sydney Grice's lack of graciousness has begun to wear thin. The contrast between the rather dark story and the (childish, and at times, inappropriate) supposedly humorous retorts was unsettling and more often than not interrupted rather enhanced the narrative.
  • Pauline Chamberlain
    A good Victorian novel similar to the stories of mr Holmes. A good read