Leaving the Wild by Gavin Ehringer

Leaving the Wild

The domestication of animals changed the course of human history, but what about the animals who abandoned their wild existence in exchange for our care and protection? Domestication has proven to be a wildly successful survival strategy, but this success has not been without drawbacks. A modern dairy cow’s daily energy output equals that of a Tour de France rider. Feral cats overpopulate urban areas. And our methods of breeding horses and dogs...

Details Leaving the Wild

TitleLeaving the Wild
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreNonfiction, Science, Animals, History, Environment, Nature, Dogs

Reviews Leaving the Wild

  • Peacegal
    Just as a sculptor's hands shape clay, human values shape animals. This has taken place for millenia, going back to our most ancient civilizations.-Gavin Ehringer4.5 stars -- Through careful line breeding and elimination of animals with undesirable traits, human beings created the range of domestic animals for a wide variety of functions, from hunting rabbits to pulling carts to possessing flavorful flesh. Books such as this illustrate why compar...
  • Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms)
    This is an amazing well researched book of the origins millions of years ago of these four species with an emphasis on one major event – when each one entered the lives of mankind (other than as dinner). When and how did this happen? Why did it happen? It is about domestication, but much much more than that. It is about how each of these species influenced each other. They had to benefit each other for it to have happened at all. Although I hav...
  • Blaze
    As the book is in four distinct sections, almost like four tiny books, my review will be in four pieces.Dogs: This section started with a detailed explanation of how dogs came to be dogs, what they used to be, and why they chose us, and it's written in a way that even non-dog-nerds can understand. However, as the section goes further into modern dog politics, I found myself wondering if the author knew what he was talking about at all. He is very...
  • Carl
    Disclosure: I won this via Goodreads Giveaway, and of course, I owe an honest review.How much you enjoy this book will depend on what you’re looking for and what you’re interested in. Based on the title, I had expected more detail on the latest biologic, archeologic, historic, etc., evidence on the co-evolution of these domesticated species alongside our own. Although there are some chapters on this (more on dogs than cows, e.g.), the emphasi...