You Can Run by Steve Mosby

You Can Run

When a car crashes into a garage on an ordinary street, the attending officer is shocked to look inside the damaged building and discover a woman imprisoned within. As the remains of several other victims are found in the attached house, police believe they have finally identified the Red River Killer—a man who has been abducting women for nearly twenty years and taunting the police with notes about his crimes. But now the main suspect, John Bl...

Details You Can Run

TitleYou Can Run
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews You Can Run

  • Kendall
    Ugh 😑. So NOT what I expected. DNF at 75%. I tried I really did. Sorry Mosby but this was a serious fail.
  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]
    I have had this book from Netgalley for months now. I can't explain why, but it just doesn't capture my attention for more than a few pages (even though the book description really sounds good).DNF for now, maybe one day I will have read everything in my house and go back for another looksie....
  • Liz Barnsley
    I’m crazy about this book because it hooked me straight in then I had to look threateningly at anyone who tried to stop me reading before I finished it. Then I finished it and cried. Even though it is a book about very dark subjects, a crime book with a big dose of creepy that kept me up at night, the emotional resonance Steve Mosby brings to his writing is second to none in the field and I felt every moment of it.What this author does, not onl...
  • Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    I have long since been a fan of Steve Mosby’s books. They are always extremely dark and gripping and I am not quite sure, if I have completely forgiven him yet, for the seriously scary opening to ‘The Nightmare Place’! This novel begins in the aftermath of the ‘Red River Killer’ as he attempts to evade capture. With the killer clearly identified from the outset, this is not whodunit, but more of a why did they do it? And how did they re...
  • Laura/Mystery in Minutes
    Please visit to read the complete MINM review.An altogether satisfying British police procedural, You Can Run is suspenseful, tense, poignant, and very cleverly plotted. Steve Mosby has, once again, shown himself to be a terrific storyteller. If you are not yet familiar with Mr. Mosby's crime fiction writing, You Can Run would be a great place to start.
  • Nora|KnyguDama
    Tai jau trečioji mano skaitoma Steve Mosby knyga. Tiksliau trečiasis jo perskaitytas detektyvas. Pirmieji du – „50/50 žudikas: ar mirtume dėl meilės“ bei „Žinau kas tai padarė“ buvo apie tą patį tyrėją Marką Nelsoną ir jo sprendžiamas bylas. Abu detektyvai, gal net veikiau trileriai man patiko. Įtampos pakako, veikėjai įdomūs, nusikaltimai šiurpūs, žudiko medžioklė įtraukianti. Anotacijos net neskaičiusi čiupau...
  • Cassandra
    You Can Run is a serial killer investigation novel with a bit of a twist. The last victim has been found in a unique way and now DI Will Turner and his partner, Emma must track down the Red River Killer. They know the identity of the Red River Killer, but has he had help all along? DI Turner has an intimate connection with the case which not even his partner knows of. I enjoyed the sixth sense Turner seems to have throughout the book. Emma did no...
  • Kate
    Compelling, sinister and dark crime thriller.A review:
  • Andrew
    For the most part Steve Mosby's "You Can Run" works well. The change in voice between Will Turner's first person narrative and the third person narrative of everyone else is done particularly well. The interactions between Turner and his partner Emma Beck is a bit underwhelming but do ring true throughout the book. She is a career climber and he is and wants to remain a detective. They also live together in a platonic relationship. 5 major charac...
  • Sharon
    “Monsters are made, not born, and the truth is that they can be made anywhere.”The Monster has never been present when the women have died, so he has no idea how long it takes. He’s done with them by then, so what does it matter?The Worm is incapable of killing for himself, he’s spent years enjoying the Monster’s actions from a distance.The Writer is racked with guilt about all the terrible things he’s done to the person he loves.See ...
  • Renny Barcelos
    A solid thriller by Steve Mosby. I liked this one much better than the last I read from him, specially because this time there were no hired mercenaries (it's getting old and kind of a pet peeve of mine, in all his books...) The plot itself is a bit...I wouldn't say far fetched, but it demands a lot of suspension of disbelief. However, it's so well written that I could do it. As usual, the detective is a tormented soul too, but convincingly.
  • Britt Hanson
    This took me a little bit to get into it, and I was confused at first by all the characters, but after the first couple of chapters, I was hooked! Steve Mosby tells an intricate and intriguing story, and weaves together so many different lives and experiences expertly. I really enjoyed the book as a whole, and am looking forward to reading more of his books in the future.
  • Sarah Baines
    In all honesty, this isn't my favourite Steve Mosby book (my favourite is Still Bleeding) but this is still a brilliant book. If you've never read any of his books then you're missing a treat!
  • Karen
    First book I have read by this author, the story was clever the twists and turns well thought out. I really enjoyed this book and will look for more by him
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars
  • Liz Mistry
    I made the very silly mistake of starting You Can Run by Steve Mosby, whilst on a writing retreat on my own in a remote Lancashire cottage in the middle of the night with the rain pounding the windows.... I did not sleep well! And that's exactly why I would recommend this book (albeit with the caveat - don't read it in solitude!) for anybody with a fascination for a good serial killer read.One day, by chance a truck crashes into the garage of a q...