Perennials by Julie Cantrell


When two estranged sisters reunite for their parents’ 50th anniversary, a family tragedy brings unexpected lessons of hope and healing amid the flowers of their mother’s perennial garden.Eva—known to all as Lovey—grew up in Oxford, MS, surrounded by literary history and her mother's stunning perennial gardens. But a garden shed fire and the burns suffered by one of her best friends seemed to change everything. Her older sister Bitsy bla...

Details Perennials

Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreFiction, American, Southern, Contemporary, Christian Fiction

Reviews Perennials

  • Suzanne Leopold
    Eva recently celebrated her 45th birthday and has a successful career at an advertising agency in Arizona. She supports herself, teaches yoga on weekends and is slowly recovering from a bad relationship. She grew up in Mississippi but hasn't been back since leaving for college. Eva is avoiding bad memories of a broken engagement and a volatile relationship with her sister, Bitsy.Her parents 50th wedding anniversary is nearing and Eva receives a p...
  • Lisa
    PERENNIALSJulie CantrellMY RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐▫PUBLISHER Thomas NelsonPUBLISHED November 14, 2017A poignant and moving Southern family saga of an errant daughter that returns home again. SUMMARYLovey and Bitsey Sutherland were the closest of sisters when they were young and catching fireflies on the farm. But that was a long time ago and a lot has changed. At eighteen, after years of her beauty queen sister’s hostile attitude, Lovey fled the ...
  • Melissa
    4.5 stars Top Pick Cantrell has penned another quietly contemplative, thought-provoking novel. Her prose is so meaningful that every phrase begs to be mulled over. Hearts will break for Lovey, a somewhat prodigal daughter who never really knows the depth of her parents' love until it is almost too late. Anger bubbles up against Bitsy and her actions, yet the author's ability to pull out these deep emotions is what makes this novel so very touchi...
  • Staci
    Perennials is a beautiful novel. The writing style, the cover and the flower touches on beginning of chapter pages are elegant.In this novel, we get a window into the soul of main character Eva "Lovey". I suspect there are aspects of Eva's world we can relate to...ambition, struggles, successes. Perennials gives readers a look at human behavior and why people behave the way we do. And how we choose to react.While there was much to love about Eva,...
  • Karen
    A moving story filled with life lessons told in a lyrical Southern style. Loved all the lovely garden metaphors used to express a spiritual or inspirational message. They were fitting for the situations, and a perfect way to drop a bit of truth in the moments. Family dynamics, sibling tension, and emotional/psychological struggles made this a story to perfectly illustrate grace and forgiveness, the choice to let go and move on in life, overcomin...
  • Tania
    Every part has a purpose. The good, the bad, and the ugly.3.5 stars. I loved The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell, and was very happy that Netgalley approved my request for Perennials, to be released later this year. The author has a beautiful, straightforward and emphatic writing style. I enjoyed all the historical information about the South, it's museums and famous authors. The botany references was interesting and well-integrated. Lastly I li...
  • Deanne Patterson
    A mesmerizing Southern coming of age story.Lovey and her three years older sister,Bitsy grew up in Oxford, MS. Theirs was a typical childhood catching fireflies and getting dirty with the neighborhood boys,brothers Finn and Fischer. That all changes the day elegant Blaire moves into the neighborhood. That's the day Bitsy's childhood was over she wanted to be just like Blaire,fancy,wearing nail polish and showing interest in boys. Lovey isn't inte...
  • Rebecca
    After woman (Eva/Lovey) returns to her hometown for parent’s (Chief/Jim and Laurel) 50th anniversary party, her life becomes uprooted. -- See what I did there? Uprooted, like a plant? The book made do it! Ha. -- What was it about this visit home that caused Eva to feel so unsettled about her current life in Arizona? Will she find what she's been looking for? Will she finally make peace with her older sister (Elizabeth/Bitsy), as well as her chi...
  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader
    A Perennial kind of love...Southern style, Life lesson with the greatest being love, all in one book. Why yes, I think I will devour this book in one sitting thank you.I was hooked from the very first chapter.I think all of you readers that are fans of southern fiction are going to agree with me on this one.I will warn you there is mention of Buddhist in this book and those of us that are secure in our Christian walk with be fine with this.If you...
  • Iola
    I don't usually read reviews before reading a book I've asked to review, because I don't want to be influenced (in contrast, I do read reviews before buying a book. Call me weird, but I find it easier to ignore a book's faults if I know them before I start reading page one).Anyway, if the review I read was accurate, this book had a lot of faults. The chief fault appeared to be that it was from a Christian publisher, yet was not Christian fiction....
  • Linda Zagon
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Review of "Perennials" by Julie CantrellKudos to Julie Cantrell, author of "Perennials" for such an emotional and heartwarming novel. The symbolism in this book, leads to many layers of life. The genres of this novel are Fiction and Women's Fiction. The timeline of this story as it relates to the characters i...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: PerennialsAuthor: Julie CantrellPages: 368Year: 2017Publisher: Thomas NelsonMy rating 3 out of 5 stars.When I first read the synopsis of the book, I was really looking forward to reading Julie’s latest offering. It wasn’t too long into the book that I kind of wondered what I got myself into. Let me explain. There are some ideas mentioned in the story that I was uncomfortable with and unsure what the author’s point was in having it in...
  • Jeanne Grace
    I received an Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley for my unbiased opinion of the book. I loved, loved, loved this book! I couldn't read it fast enough! The characters are very likeable. I loved all the gardening symbolism in relation to life. I come from a long line of garden lovers. Eva was a strong woman character, who in the process of this book figures out where she is meant to be. A great story about love, family, gardening references, and l...
  • Lauren Denton
    In Perennials, Julie Cantrell has written a love letter to her home state of Mississippi, Deep South summers, and flower blooms that can heal the soul. Through main character Lovey's return trip home, we see what it means to keep "Family First" no matter what. And her journey home is much more than just miles traveled--it's a glimpse into a life full of heartache and longing, the illuminating light of truth, and the redemptive power of love.
  • Tia
    Such a heartwarming and frustrating read. Loved every minute of it. Fisher, Finn, Bitsy, Chief, Laurel and Lovey were all great characters. The main characters were the flowers and the bits of literary references. I learned a lot. I hope I can visit those places in Mississippi one day.
  • Melanie Addington
    Julie Cantrell does it again with her latest book that touches on estranged sisters, the ties not only to family but to your roots, and the damages done as we grow up by ourselves and relationships and how to find a way to heal again. The beautiful thing about Cantrell's writing is the simplicity of it while somehow enthralling you into her world. Now this world was a bit easier for me to dive into with its ties to the town I live in (Oxford) but...
  • Jamie
    I always appreciate a novel that deals with difficult and hard topics. One such topic that often fits both of those descriptions? Family. And that’s exactly what Cantrell tackled with her latest release. While there were many pieces of this novel I enjoyed (her writing, her story building, her ode to classic authors and flowers), I have to confess, this wasn’t a favorite of mine. Bitsy was so terrible y’all (I promise that’s not a spoiler...
  • Laurie
    "Family first" is the mantra of loving parents for their two young daughters. It took both girls a long time to understand and appreciate that.If you love flowers, plants and gardening you will delight in this story of family, friends,forgiveness and reconciliation.There are many wise sayings told by Mother and Dad. "Happy is a choice.","We are here to love and be loved ",and "Sometimes the best thing is to just let go." are some we should heed.I...
  • Susan Cushman
    Julie Cantrell's beautiful literary prose and compassionate wisdom come through in her latest novel, PERENNIALS. As in all of her novels, there are strong women recovering from difficult things that happen to them, and "blooming" into the selves they are meant to be. There's lots of good "therapy" in this book, and also a good helping of spirituality. I loved it.
  • Kristy Harvey
    With languid prose and vivid description Julie Cantrell’s novel unfolds as beautifully as one of her protagonist's favorite flowers. Cantrell weaves moving and inspirational stories that make her one of today’s most beloved storytellers. Perennials may be her most breathtaking yet.
  • Booksandchinooks (Laurie)
    I was given a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley and Harper Collins for an honest review. Lovey, age 45, is finding herself at a crossroads in life. She has a successful job and a home in Phoenix as well as a home in Sedona. Lovey travels to Sedona every weekend to replenish her spirit. She is hopeful her latest project at work will give her a big financial payout so she can retire and live full time in Sedona. Her plans are set awry w...
  • Jill
    This family drama really sucked me in from the very beginning. I love Julie Cantrell's writing style. Her writing is lyrical and deep without weighing down the story with too many details. Her characters are introspective and flawed. Sometimes I found them to be immature. I had a lot of sympathy for them, but they really needed to grow up. Still, by the end of the book they had come a long way. I enjoy the Oxford, Mississippi setting and the Faul...
  • Chris Mara
    The author has written a relatively good book revolving around happy and unhappy family life, relationships well loved and others lost, jealousy and cruel behavior, lies, forgiveness. It also describes the love and beauty of gardens and flowers which was present all througout the family’s life. I always enjoy a book that contains a storyline with flora and fauna since I am am an avid gardener. I liked all the characters except for Bitsy, Eva’...
  • Kristina
    Perennials is a new novel by Julie Cantrell. Eva “Lovely” Sutherland grew up in Oxford, Mississippi. Thanks to her sister, Bitsy and her lies, Eva was quick to move to Phoenix when she turned eighteen. Laurel and Chief Sutherland will be celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary soon and they would like Eva to return home early. Eva just landed the account of her career with a tight deadline, but she agrees to return home. Unfortunately,...
  • Donna Meredith
    Perennials is such a heart-warming book about love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness, weakness and strength, especially woman's strength. Cantrell's writing is straight-forward and easy to read, yet there's plenty here for champions of literary fiction to love. An hourglass charm symbolizes the passage of time and illustrates one of the book's themes: that you never know how much time you have, that you have to seize the moment, live now. I love...
  • Sonja Yoerg
    Ah, returning to a childhood home. You may discover nothing has changed and feel smug for having escaped, or return to find an altered landscape and realize you've been missing your true home after all? In this beautifully rendered story, Eva (Lovey) is called home--to her family, to tragedy, to abandoned love, to the shadows of closely-held secrets--and has no choice but to face what she believed she'd left behind. With gorgeous descriptions of ...
  • Chris Conley
    I am a sucker for books that incorporate a love of gardening, the earth and good people struggling to make their way. This book has them all and I was captivated from the beginning to the end.
  • Bonnie
    I’ve been reading this book off and on for awhile, it was free or on sale for very little awhile ago and it looked ok. The score on Goodreads was good so gave it a chance. But then library books that had to be read by their due dates would get in the way.Finally caught up with them and decided to dive in.The writing is good and the plot ok but jeez Louise, Lovey needs to grow up and grow a pair. She’s 45 years old and acting like she’s 19, ...
  • Helen
    Lovey and her sister Bitsey were very close until another girl comments on how they look. After that Bitsey no longer plays with Lovey. Instead she lies about Lovey and blames her for things she does not do. When Lovey turned 18 she left Mississippi and Fisher, the boy who asked her to marry him and moved to Arizona. She now has a successful career and could possibly be making the deal of a lifetime. She gets a call from her parents that she need...
  • Carol Boyer
    This heartwarming book was beautiful, it captured my heart and filled it with rich literary prose. Lovey and Bitsy, are sisters, each with secrets, they are estranged, their ongoing bitter sibling rivalry intertwined with loss, a tragedy and the hope for redemption is caught up in their separate yet interestingly similar lives. The reality of life through history and past memories, is shown in Oxford Mississippi. Lovey returns home reluctantly fr...