Every Breath You Take (Under Suspicion, #5) by Mary Higgins Clark

Every Breath You Take (Under Suspicion, #5)

“Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke are back with their fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Under Suspicion series; Every Breath You Take follows television producer’s Laurie Moran investigation of the unsolved Met Gala murder—in which a wealthy widow was pushed to her death from the famous museum’s rooftop.Laurie Moran’s professional life is a success—her television show Under Suspicion is a hit, both...

Details Every Breath You Take (Under Suspicion, #5)

TitleEvery Breath You Take (Under Suspicion, #5)
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreMystery, Fiction, Audiobook

Reviews Every Breath You Take (Under Suspicion, #5)

  • Julie
    Every Breath You Take by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke is a 2017 Simon & Schuster publication. This fifth installment in the “Under Suspicion’ series has Laurie reluctantly agreeing to investigate a cold case suggested to her by her new co-host, Ryan, who is still an insufferable jerk. The case involves Ivan, a fitness guru, suspected of murdering his much older lover for money. Charges were never brought, but the man lives under a con...
  • Louise Wilson
    This is the 5th book in the Under Suspicion series.For me, this was not the best book by Mary Higgins Clark that I have read (and I've read all her books). She has teamed up with Alafair Burke to write this series. I do like all the main characters in this series but the suspects in this book all seemed to have a motive but not really anything concrete to go on (apart from inheritance) to back it up. I did guess correctly from early on who the cu...
  • Monnie
    I've now read four of the authors' Under Suspicion series, and quite honestly, I've enjoyed every one. Some of my enthusiasm, I know, comes from the media angle; I spent years in the industry, albeit on the print side of the desk - so if it involves news reporting, I'm all in. That said, holding my interest goes well beyond the setting; a solid story and relatable characters need to be in the mix as well.And they are. Mind you, I'd call all these...
  • Sherri Thacker
    I’m not sure how this can only be my 3rd book I’ve read by Mary Higgins Clark since she’s been around forever but it is. This grabbed me from page 1 and I was able to read it in one day while laying around the house with a sore throat. It was good, nothing great.
  • Tamara
    I absolutely love the duo of Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke. Between them- they create books that combine my favorite things about each of the writer's style.In Every Breath You Take- there are def some red herrings. It seems that many people have a motive. I love it when that happens!I just soaked up the story- wasn't really trying to figure out where the story was going- just enjoyed the ride!
  • Tim
    Less than satisfying. 2 of 10 stars
  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    TITLE: Every Breath You TakeAUTHOR: Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair BurkePUBLICATION DATE: 11.07.2017 by Simon & SchusterSERIES: Book 5, Under Suspicion SeriesREAD: 01.2018FORMAT: ebook from Barnes and Noble via NOOK (Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Nook device)GENRE/KEYWORDS: series, mystery, murder mystery, adult fiction, fiction, New York, crime, NYPD, Metropolitan Museum, The Met, Met Galley, New York City (little romance in there ☺).MY GOODREADS RATING...
  • Amanda McGill
    A nice, quick easy read. The 5th full novel of the Under Suspicion series is similar to the previous novels. Lorie is working on the next case for her Under Suspicion TV series. Her host, brings her a new case that is only from a few years ago. 68 year old, Virginia Wakeling, fell to her death, at a Met gala and of course her younger boyfriend was the only suspect. He was never charged and wants to clear his name.I wasn't as confident with the mu...
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    I've read all but book #2 in the Under Suspicion series. It's a good series and this was a quick fast read. I really like the characters of Loran Moran and Alex Buckley. And I like to hate Alex's replacement host and Ms. Moran's boss. There were definite points in the story in which I just got irritated by Ms. Moran's boss and his male chauvinistic tendencies. A little too much of the reality we still deal with.
  • Selu
    I knew the series had to produce a dud eventually but I was hoping that this fifth installment would be better than it turned out. The mystery was subpar, the victim was not very sympathetic, the suspects were lackluster; the only interesting parts were Grace and the Alex/Laurie romance finally getting off the ground. Perhaps, had Jan Maxwell been the reader, I would've enjoyed it more? That definitely would have helped because Heather Lind was n...
  • Laurel-Rain
    Laurie Moran’s professional life is a success—her television show Under Suspicion is a hit, both in the ratings and its record of solving cold cases. But her romantic break from former host Alex Buckley has left her with on-air talent she can’t stand—Ryan Nichols—and a sense of loneliness, despite her loving family.Now Ryan has suggested a new case. Three years ago, Virginia Wakeling, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolita...
  • Michelle
    As always, nothing you'd not expect from Mary Higgins Clark. I like the new characters and the ongoing series.
  • Carol Irvin
    I always enjoy MHC’s books!!
  • Minty McBunny
    I really enjoy this series. I’m so-so on Alafair Burke’s solo work and I often feel that MHC is calling it in for the last decade or so, but it seems like they sharpen each other by working together and have created an enjoyable cast of characters as well as a tidy structure for each book (the show makes a neat way to keep new cases and fresh bad guys coming to Laurie’s life). It’s not great literature, but it’s fun and entertaining.
  • Donna Hines
    Quite fitting to have a Tv show entitled," Under Suspicion" led by Laurie Moran solving cold cases.Everything seemed fine until Ryan Nichols her on air talent partner appeared on scene to recommend a new case involving a 3y earlier case known as 'Met Gala Murder'.During the process of uncovering 'who dun it'( which was much like the game 'Clue' ) we go from the boardroom to the bedroom and beyond with the candlestick and iron and everything in be...
  • Donna
    Laurie Moran produces a hit TV show called Under Suspicion in which she takes a cold, unsolved case and re-investigates to try to find the true killer. Three years ago, a wealthy New York philanthropist is thrown over the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art during a huge gala. The family has always contended the killer was the woman's much younger boyfriend but he was never charged. The boyfriend has always suspected the family due to their in...
  • Joann
    “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke are back with their fourth book in the Under Suspicion series. I've followed all the books but felt left down a bit by this one. It just didn't seem to have the punch that the other books did. Plus I found the ending to be a bit too over the top. You escape an almost near death episode and still go out to dinner? I normally give a 4 star for her books but this one only gets a 3.
  • Tgordon
    Not good... daytime soap opera bad. I love Clark but I think it’s a stretch to call her anything like suspense or thrill these days.
  • Chris Mara
    A light, quick read. I’ve read MHC with and without AB and I usually have enjoyed her reads a little bit more than this one.The plot starts out with an accident/murder of a wealthy family member and trustee at the Met and in a descriptive sense, it was a good start. All family members and friends of course are suspects but the case remains a cold case. Fingers point to the young, virile, boyfriend of the wealthy widow whom the survivors of the ...
  • Leigh
    Another exciting installment to the Under Suspicion series. This time new host and arrogant lawyer Ryan Nichols decides that they should investigate the murder of Virginia Wakeling the widow of a wealthy real estate mogul. Three years ago she was found dead after she fell from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The leading suspect is her much younger boyfriend Ivan Grey who also happens to own a successful gym that Ryan goes to. Lau...
  • Mary
    I enjoyed the book very muchThis is the fourth book in this series and each one is better than the last one I read.Laurie Moran is the producer of a television show named Under Suspicion.The show centers itself on Cold cases that have not been solved by NYPD in a timely fashion.At the Met Gala three years ago one of the many benefactors fell to her death and her much younger boyfriend at the time was the lead person for the police and her family ...
  • Olga
    I enjoy this series. It is so easy to listen to without having to really pay attention to it, but still getting the gist of the story. I liked that this audiobook had a new narrator as I did not like the previous one for the rest of the series as well as other Mary Higgins Clark's books. The previous narrator was older and her narration made all the characters sound like they were old too. Might work for some of the author's books but not this se...
  • Brenda
    A who-done-it page turning thriller from the Queen of Suspense, Mary Higgins Clark and her Queen-in-waiting, Alafair Burke. Their Under Suspicion series is addictive!New host Ryan Nichols steps over Laurie Moran with the next Under Suspicion production. The case is only 3 yrs old. Wealthy widow Virginia Wakeling was tossed from the roof of the MMOA during the star studded annual Met Gala. Ginny's twenty year younger male companion, Ivan Gray, is ...
  • Donna Lewis
    I consider Mary Higgins Clark’s books great beach reads, and although this is November, it seemed like a good time for a light, fun, mystery, and, of course, love story. Clark is like Patterson, with short chapters, interesting plot and a quick read. Clark is better at it, though. And as the title implies, a nice romance added in.
  • Kellye
    I've read every Mary Higgins Clark book. Every one of them. I'm not expecting great literature. I'm expecting a good mystery. This was a good mystery. I liked it. She's never going to do something gross that I'm going to have to skip over, and she doesn't have offensive language. Just a good story. I recommend to those of you who like a little mystery.
  • Kristen Wiles
    This book was a solid 4.5 to me. I really love MHC and am so impressed with her writing. If I need a good book to read, I can always count on her. The characters were very likeable, and I was in suspense until the end.
  • Mary-Kathryn
    3.5 stars
  • Teresa
    The latest installment in the Under Suspicion series is a fun mystery with little twists and turns along the way. The characters are engaging and likable and the storyline holds your interest. Each book has the same group of main characters with new people thrown in according to what cold case Laurie Moran’s Under Suspicion television show is working to solve. In this book Laurie and her crew are investigating the case of a weathly woman who fe...
  • Keri
    July 20183 Stars - I liked itAudiobookA bit too sweet for me. Murder mystery but a little predictable with a side romance storyline that didn't involve much. Clean - no sex scenes and mild use of profanity. I liked it as an entertaining but mindless read.
  • Julie C-F
    Predictable plot but still, the short chapters are a good idea. I had two suspects and one of them was the one which was a miss if compared with the 4th book where I pinpointed who it was at the first third part of the book.Like Laurie, I also had that inkling that there was something I missed to connect based on what they have related re what happened at the Met event.