Giant Days, Vol. 6 (Giant Days #6) by John Allison

Giant Days, Vol. 6 (Giant Days #6)

Esther, Susan, and Daisy have moved into their beautiful new house off campus, but the new living situation creates new challenges for the girls.Second year begins and Daisy, Susan, and Esther have taken their friendship commitment to the next level by moving into their “beautiful home”, off-campus. But the keys didn’t come without a whole new level of responsibility. Unwanted suitor visits, a robbery, and Susan living only a few blocks apa...

Details Giant Days, Vol. 6 (Giant Days #6)

TitleGiant Days, Vol. 6 (Giant Days #6)
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherBOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews Giant Days, Vol. 6 (Giant Days #6)

  • karen
    review a-coming, but this one has some really cute moments!!
  • Sam Quixote
    In Giant Days Volume 6, the girls deal with a burglary, a disastrous dinner party and a cranky old neighbour. Also, Susan gets sick and is nursed back to health by her pops Big Geoff, Esther gets a job at the local comics shop, and Daisy gets her first girlfriend, the wild and crazy German student Ingrid! I didn’t think I could love Giant Days more but then, during the burglary story, a David Caruso from CSI: Miami lookalike appeared and bumped...
  • Artemy
    Yep. Still the best.
  • Paul
    Yet another phenomenally good volume of John Allison's Giant Days. I keep thinking the book is going to run out of steam at some point but with every issue that comes out it proves me wrong; I just find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the characters!Tell you what, I recommend reading Sam's review HERE as he says everything I would have said but more coherently.
  • Ashley Metzger
    This series is so enjoyable. I love it beyond belief.
  • Mehsi
    Another fabulous volume in the Giant Days series! I loved every page of it. <3 With each volume the series gets better and better, the characters are growing up (well, at least a bit). In this one a lot of things are happening. First up the girls are of course moving into their new building, living truly together now. But of course that means a ton of new responsibility + a new level of being with your friends (like Esther learns later on in the ...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    If someone asks me what my favourite comic book is, I usually struggle to pick, because I read a hell of a lot. But from now on, I will tell them that my favourite book to read in trade is Giant Days, because this stuff is gold. Six volumes in and there's no let up - it's still as hilarious and heartwarming as it was when it started, with a dash of real world issues that hit close to home to top it all off.This volume sees the girls dealing with ...
  • Lara
    Sighhhhhhhhhh! It's always a happy, happy day when I get a new volume of Giant Days in the mail! And this one was totally back to form. The girls suffer a break-in, deal with a grouchy neighbor, and have a fancy, grown-up dinner party, Daisy and Ingrid hang out...a lot, Esther gets a new job, Ed despairs over his roommate situation, and we get to meet Susan's dad! It's greatness all around. I say this pretty much every volume, but I love them so ...
  • Alison
    This is one of the strongest ongoing comics I read, and I can't recommend it enough. The art style is delightful, and the story lines are always a mixture of touching and hilarious. This volume followed Daisy, Esther, and Susan as they learn more about "adulthood" and if this volume was any indication, they have a lot to learn still. I can't wait for the next volume.
  • Becki
    4 1/2 stars I just love this graphic novel Series I wish they would just make it into a tv series. So relatable and hilarious.
  • Travis
    This series is TOO CUTE. I love the art, I love the story, I love the blend of slice-of-life ordinariness and ridiculous antics. Every issue I read just makes me love it more.
  • Sarah
    Still loving these.
  • Karyn Silverman
    Possibly my favorite volume yet. I laughed out loud at least once per chapter, and I can't wait for the next one!
  • S.
    Note: This is a review of issue #21, being the first chapter in this as yet uncollected volume. “My ponytail is pulling on the top of my head so violently that my vision is distorted.” These characters say the most absurd things and I love it! :DThis is the only series that I read one-a-month, and I can’t stop because it’s addictive. But now that Karen and another trusted reviewer have pointed out that the volumes are episodic and scatter...
  • Olivia
    This volume was mostly about how they're adapting to the adult life that comes with renting a home vs. living in a dorm. It's kinda amazing that this is still fun and enjoyable 6 volumes/24 issues in. The characters still feel real and entertaining and seem like they're growing. The art is still fun and eye catching. Yay Giant Days!
  • Robin Stevens
    I love Giant Days so very, very much. Instantly recognisable but also totally bonkers, it's a perfect comic about university life. 14+*Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first. Thank you!*
  • Emma
    Another solid volume from one of my favourite series.
  • Monica (Tomes Project)
    as always, this was so much fun. our girls are growing up and becoming . . . adults?
  • Paolina
    Susan, Daisy, and Esther are trying to act like adults in this one-with mixed results. A tad more serious than other volumes, but still charming and funny as ever.
  • Kelli
    Read as single issues, i still love this story and these characters :)
  • Erica McGillivray
    Daisy gets a girlfriend. The women get robbed. And Susan catches the plague and her father moves in with them. This series continues to be the most unabashed delight.
  • Brea
    Read as individual issues
  • Marisa
    Read the individual issues on my library’s Hoopla account.I just keep loving these characters more and more. Sophomore year an uni for Esther, Susan, and Daisy. They deal with a burglary, adult dinner party, death of a neighbor, Susan having the plague- and her father nursing her back to health.Fun and funny comics I love.