A Hundred Small Lessons by Ashley Hay

A Hundred Small Lessons

When Elsie Gormley leaves the Brisbane house in which she has lived for more than sixty years, Lucy Kiss and her family move in, eager to establish their new life. As they settle in, Lucy and her husband Ben struggle to navigate their transformation from adventurous lovers to new parents, taking comfort in memories of their vibrant past as they begin to unearth who their future selves might be. But the house has secrets of its own, and the rooms ...

Details A Hundred Small Lessons

TitleA Hundred Small Lessons
Release DateNov 28th, 2017
PublisherAtria Books
GenreFiction, Cultural, Australia

Reviews A Hundred Small Lessons

  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!4.5 Stars ”If these old walls,If these old walls could speakOf things that they remember well,Stories and faces dearly held,A couple in loveLivin' week to week,Rooms full of laughter,If these walls could speak.” “If These Walls Could Speak” – lyrics by Jimmy Webb / song by Amy GrantIt was on the shortest day of 2010, early on that winter morning when Elsie fell. She lay on the carpet watching the sun as it began to p...
  • Angela M
    3.5 stars rounded up.A lot of people live their lives quietly, some marry and have children, some don't, and some may live in the same house for most of their lives . But even quiet lives are not without the daily struggles - coping with change , with loss, experiencing changing relationships, questioning the things they do - all of the things that reflect the human condition. So many novels seem to focus on the chaos of dysfunctional families ; ...
  • Suzanne Leopold
    Elsie Gormly has lived in her home in Brisbane, Australia for over 60 years. She has fond memories of raising two children and of her deceased husband, Clem. One evening she has a bad fall and ends up in the hospital. She comes to the realization that she can no longer care for herself. Her children are supportive and move Elsie to an assisted living facility after selling her house. She spends most of her remaining time recounting all the wonder...
  • Erin
    Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review. 20th/21st century Australia. A dual narrative told from the perspective of two women living in the same house; decades apart. The struggles of being a wife and a mother are the central nerves of the story and it had a tone that is similar to other women 's fiction authors like Kristin Hannah and Fern Michaels. There certainly was an endearing quality to it and it had a ...
  • Brenda
    When Elsie Gormley fell one morning in her home, the home she’d lived in with Clem for sixty two years, her age and frailty meant her son Don and daughter Elaine had to make the decision to put her in a nursing home. Clem had died decades before and Elsie still missed him acutely. And now with her mind wandering, drifting back to the years when her twins had been small and Clem was by her side, Elsie was reminded of the happiness they had known...
  • Sharon Metcalf
    A Hundred Small Lessons by Ashley Hay was a beautiful story of home, of family - of husbands and wives, mothers and their children. Each of the characters was so fully developed I felt I knew them. Not only them but also the town they called home. Brisbane was brought to life, complete with it's history of floods, familiar suburbs, street names and buildings, the flora and fauna, and descriptions of the weather. The two main characters, Elsie and...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Elsie Gormley has had to leave the Brisbane home where she has lived for sixty two years, the last thirty seven without her beloved husband, Clem. She is moved by her twin son and daughter, themselves almost seventy, into a nursing home. Elsie has always felt closer to her son Don whereas the relationship with her daughter Elaine has always been difficult. Lucy Kiss and her husband Ben buy Elsie’s house and move in with their small son Tom. Luc...
  • Amy
    This is told via alternate perspectives from Elsie and Lucy. Eighty eight year old Elsie is forced to move out of her home after she falls and Lucy is the woman who buys her home. There was something poignant and touching about one woman leaving one of the only homes she’s ever known as another younger woman moves in. Both of them were highly complex characters, this book is very character driven to the point where the plot almost takes a back ...
  • Donna
    It would be easy to simply describe this book as "charming" and be done with it. It definitely is a charming story, but it deserves much more than that as a review. A Hundred Small Lessons is the story of a home and the women who shared it. They didn't live there together; but they definitely shared it in their lives and in different ways. Elsie Gormley and her husband built their life in the Brisbane home and raised their daughter and son there....
  • Jeanette Lewis
    This gentle read is of relationships young and old. Elsie aged, widowed still chats to her deceased husband who formed an integral part of her life. An uneventful life of few expectations. There is only one occasion that Elsie regrets not trying to take an event with an artist neighbour further than she did. However, Elsie’s life would not ever fit into an artist’s life, this would never happen but Elsie seems to think it may have. At times i...
  • Karen
    A HUNDRED SMALL LESSONS WRITTEN BY ASHLEY HAYThis beautiful story about two different women who inhabit the same house that comes alive as a character in itself. It's lovely prose is written poetically throughout the novel. I fell in love with the characters and the echos of the house. Elsie and Lucy both live in the same house. Elsie fell down in her house and goes to live in a nursing home. Lucy moves into Elsie's house with her husband.. The s...
  • Theresa Smith Writes
    A Hundred Small Lessons is such a well thought out novel. The way people’s lives criss-cross, the near misses until you one day meet; this novel gives a fresh take on the whole notion of ‘six degrees of separation’. The story within is so real, a lovely ebb and flow of all the moments that link together to create the tapestry of your entire life. It’s a true comfort read and one that I will definitely return to as time goes by.At the hear...
  • Steve
    I found this difficult to pick up, and easy to put down, sadly. The story didn't really grab me, and there wasn't really an overarching story, just two time periods that were jumped between with gay abandon, and then coincidences that were neither expanded nor explained. Also, a phrase was used over and over ad infinitum which made me groan when it was used again.
  • Pamela
    3.5 stars -- A quiet little story about home and life. We get the perspective of Elsie, the original owner of the house that Lucy and her young family move into. And Lucy's thoughts about Elsie and what her life had been like in this home. Not a lot of action, but stories like this are nice once in a while to get away from the drama of life.**Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.**
  • Sara
    I’m sorry, this was the most anti-climactic, slow-moving, rather pointless novel I may have ever read. I nearly DNF’d every 10 pages but as it was an ARC I continued on.I'm not sure what the hundred small lessons were. I struggle to comprehend if there were any lessons to be learned. Don't cheat on your wife? Don't cheat on your husband? Sitting for a painting is not considered cheating so please relax? Don't get irrationally angry at your tw...
  • Kristine
    Original review can be found at https://kristineandterri.blogspot.ca/...** I received an advanced readers copy from Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!**A Hundred Small Lessons told the alternating story of two different women of different generations who lived in the same house. After reading the synopsis I knew I had to read it because it was exactly the type and style of book that I tend to enjoy most.I really wanted ...
  • Sharon
    Not my usual sort of book, but I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of two families intertwined (thanks to Allen and Unwin for the ARC). The novel centres around couples Elsie and Clem, and Lucy and Ben, who move into their house once Elsie moves into a retirement home. From there, the lives of both families unspool, and Hay deals with universal family themes spanning from the suffocating nature of parental expectations through to the animalistic fear ...
  • Deb
    A Hundred Small Lessons is a character-driven book about life's journeys--both the beginnings and the ends. It's about two women and their families who occupy the same Brisbane house at different times. After a fall, elderly Elsie is moved by her children from her home to a nearby care facility while Lucy and her husband Ben buy the house and settle in with their toddler son, Tom. The story alternates primarily between Elsie and Lucy with much of...
  • Caroline Poole
    This is a novel of characters, it reads like you are reading their minds. It's not action packed, it doesn't have huge events, it's a lovely exploration of two families, their thoughts, their lives and lots of what ifs.....it's a story of love and life
  • Cass Moriarty
    There’s something very affirming about reading a book set in the place you live, or the place where you were raised. The setting feels familiar in so many ways: the weather, the seasons, the topography, the landmarks, the history, the people. And so it is with Ashley Hay’s new novel A Hundred Small Lessons (Allen & Unwin Books 2017). Gracing the front cover is a beautiful purple cloud – the jacarandas in bloom – and a woman with her back ...
  • Katy (Katyslibrary)
    3.5/5 rounded up!Thank you so much TLC Book Tours and Atria Books for sending me a copy of A Hundred Small Lessons in exchange for an honest review, and for having me on this tour!Following the lives of two different women intertwined by a single house, this story touches on the changes and daily struggles experienced through different stages of life.  A heartwarming story with out all the drama, but all the realities of life and lovable charact...
  • Suzanne
    Before we bought our first (and so far, only) home, a couple called Ernie and Claire lived in it for 50 or so years, buying it new, and raising three daughters. When we bought it, Claire had already died and Ernie went to live with one of his daughters. I was pregnant with our first son as we moved in and sometimes found myself talking to Claire in my mind. It wasn't that I thought she was a ghost, just that the house had only ever been hers for ...
  • Anna H
    Ashley Hay's excellent characterization is as good as any I've read in a long time. Her descriptions of the actions and thoughts of the two main women in the story are a meditation on day-to-day life and living. A good read for anyone who likes strong character-driven narrative or stories that span generations.
  • Nancy
    This book called to me with its story of a new mother starting over in a new house while the woman who had lived there for sixty years is learning to let go of the life she had. Having moved so often, settling into a new place and home, I connected to the story right away.This is a book that delves underneath the surface of a life, past the mundane externals to hopes and dreams and fears, to memories and how they are skewed over time, and to the ...
  • Brenda Ayala
    This novel was just too quiet for me. Elsie’s story was incredibly bland; most of her story arc was her fretting over Elaine and posing for that portrait. Lucy’s was mostly the same. She’s unhappy with her life since becoming a mother, and her husband is only just now starting to notice it. There’s no climactic moment for either story, and it sorely needed one. Lack of drama and conflict is probably more true to real life, yes, but that d...
  • Emmaleah
    Rating 4.8/5Exclamation: I would just like to state that I received this book from Allen and Unwin in return for an honest review. Therefore, everything I say here is the honest truth and is simply my personal opinions on the book. A Hundred Small Lessons by Ashley Hay is a read that will open your eyes to the history of your past, the past of your home, those who lived there and will make one want to learn more about who they are. It is a novel ...
  • Barbara Senteney
    Let me start with saying how amazing this book is, I love it when I am mildly interested in a book and it surprises me with it depth of characters, and inflicts great emotion.I wrote this review on the first 20 pages of the story. Usually in 20 pages I don't have any idea if I love or hate it, so on with my thoughts.Elsie Gromily falls at her home in Brisbane, where she lived for 60 years, brought up her children, and became a widow. Worried neig...
  • Deb
    This book was a Good Reads giveaway.The story of two families that have lived in a house a two different times. Very gentle, sometimes sad story of Elsie towards the end of her life as she leaves her home of 62 years and Lucy Kiss, who has just purchased the home for her family. The stories weave in and out, back and forth. A tenderly told tale of love, motherhood, family, beginnings and endings.
  • Danielle Mootz
    I read this book over the course of a,weekend in a dream vacation in the mountains. It was the perfect read for such an occasion as I lounged in a rental getaway by the pool. about marriage, friendship, children and growing older and navigating the phases of our lives.
  • Carolyn Mck
    This is probably not really quite a four star novel but I loved it, it hit the spot for me at this time. Review to follow if I find the energy.