Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King

Sleeping Beauties

In this spectacular father-son collaboration, Stephen King and Owen King tell the highest of high-stakes stories: what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men?In a future so real and near it might be now, something happens when women go to sleep; they become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze. If they are awakened, if the gauze wrapping their bodies is disturbed or violated, the women become feral and spectacularly violent; and while...

Details Sleeping Beauties

TitleSleeping Beauties
Release DateSep 26th, 2017
GenreHorror, Fantasy, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Sleeping Beauties

  • Suzanne
    I love King books because they are insanely freaky and crazy! This time you get that entertainment from two Kings and it was so amusing. You have a fantasy (with some sci-fi vibes) about a world where most of the women have fallen asleep and have been cocooned leaving the world to a wide variety of male characters. Both the male and female characters are so written so well and amusing. Overall, yes it is a 700+ page book but it is worth it for th...
  • Joshua Jorgensen
    I was so very fortunate to receive an ARC copy of SLEEPING BEAUTIES from the publishers! I must say, I was not prepared for what I read. And I mean that in a good way! STEPHEN KING doesn't disappoint. This first time collaboration with Owen King, his son, is absolutely delicious. The synopsis is about what would happen if women that fell asleep started growing a cocoon-like-gauze around their bodies. It would be wise to not disturb the women that...
  • Perry
    My Advice is to Let Sleeping Beauties LieI like that Stephen King got to work with his son Owen on a novel. After all, our time with children and parents are the moments we most treasure when it comes time for that--as Updike put it--shudder to close to our view of the world. Of course we all want what is best for our children, especially when they are following in our footsteps. At the same time, I think we all recognize that we cannot simply ha...
  • Ron Charles
    Disney this is not.“Sleeping Beauties” takes place in the little Appalachian town of Dooling, W.Va., which for no apparent reason becomes ground zero of a worldwide gyno-epidemic, known as the Aurora Flu: The moment any woman falls asleep, she’s immediately covered in a sticky white cocoon, like a full-body cotton-candy wrap. What’s worse, terrified family members who break open these cocoons find that their mothers, sisters and daughters...
  • Vowelor Books
    Sleeping Beauties is Stephen King and Owen King’s first book together. This 720-page long novel, Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King, is set to release in September 2017.The story is based on the concept that how this world would be without the presence of women in it. The mere thought of it could be horrifying, and because Stephen King has written Sleeping Beauties along with his son, the book is going to be totally riveting.
  • Bill
    Are two Kings better than one? No. But…Two Kings are better than no Kings. And that ain’t bad at all.(And better than most)This one started great. Then got strange and a little boring. Then came back around. Overall, I really enjoyed it. There are definitely some classic King characters in here, Angel and Don, I think were my favorites.Normally, I would have taken more time to read a work over 700 pages long, but rushed it because I wanted to...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    1.5 stars rounded up..unless I get pissed off writing this review and just one star the thing.I'm not really going to go into the blurb or storyline. You can read that yourself or one of the many reviews that will come for this book. All the women have gone to sleep and all the men are acting a dang fool wondering who is going to feed them in an hour. That's my take on it.Now for the things I liked. Which is not much.First off, Stephen King is an...
  • Jim Galford
    King can mess with you every time, and this is no exception. In a future, women are all prone to a sleeping illness, except one. she is hunted and studied by men . a thrilling ride, like always.
  • Dan Radovich
    Two of The King Men have gotten together to create one of Fall 2017's BEST NOVELS. What I really admire about this family, is the fact that all are very talented writers. Those readers familiar with Owen's work will see his hand in the telling of this tale, as well as that of Dad, Stephen. Were they just sitting around one night and one said 'All of the women of the world suddenly start to fall asleep, let's write a story together.'? I had always...
  • Jennifer Lynn Harrison
    I actually read this in a day and a half- incredibly 'readable' but very UNEVEN....the 1st half is (IMO) much stronger than the later half of the novel. Longer review at a later date. --Jen from Quebec :0)
  • Gram
    Stephen King doesn't usually scare me. Pennywise doesn't scare me. Not even the Overlook Hotel scares me. But what I find horrifying is the thought of needing sleep and not being able to. The magic hour is 5 am then comes the absolute need to go to sleep. The NEED! You have to fight to stay awake, you feel you'll die if you don't go to sleep - you can't sit down - you can't be still for you will surely succumb. I break out in a cold sweat just th...
  • Andy N
    It's been a good year for Stephen King collaborations. First was the excellent Gwendy's Button Box, co-written with Richard Chizmar, and now the very good (not quite excellent) Sleeping Beauties. This book is classic King: small-town setting (notably not Maine but instead West Virginia), expansive cast of characters from all walks of life and, of course, supernatural weirdness that brings out the best and worst of humanity. Oddly I wanted Sleepin...
  • J.D. Dehart
    The first point to make about Sleeping Beauties is that this is a book of rather epic scale. Stephen King is no newcomer to the lengthy novel, and this book is no exception. One knows one is about to read an epic when the first few pages list an assemblage of many characters, in Tolstoy-like fashion. Thankfully, these names did not end in “ovich,” which made the reading much easier for me.I should also point out that Stephen is only one King ...
  • ClubStephenKing
    A fantastic novel with a mystery and hint of fantasy, a touch of a closed-door situation, a sharp criticism of society and more specifically of mens' behavior. A good entertaining reading, difficult to put down ! The entire french review is available on the ClubStephenKing website>
  • Zach Dionne
    3.49 stars. The page-turningest (700-page!) book I've read in a good while, but very sadly suffers from SK's poor-ending-itis and failure to really deliver on an excellent premise and make the grand scope fully worthwhile or comprehensible. What's cool as hell is that even having only read (and LOVED) Owen's one novel, a novella and one short, I could totally tell what he brought to the table here, down to a sentence/word level. Saying a lot cons...
  • Kate
    I've finished it, I am bereft! I need more!A bought book but a review to follow shortly on