We'll Sleep When We're Old by Pino Corrias

We'll Sleep When We're Old

Like Fellini’s classic film 8½ and mixed with Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty, a gorgeously wrought novel that explores the complicated life of a controversial Italian film producer who vanishes after a fire destroys his home.Rome, present day: an extravagant, opulent world of fashionable parties, fancy cars, and powerful men and women in a constant dance of excess and intrigue. Oscar Martello, president of a film production company, is a self-mad...

Details We'll Sleep When We're Old

TitleWe'll Sleep When We're Old
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherAtria Books

Reviews We'll Sleep When We're Old

  • Homer
    Αδίστακτοι παραγωγοί του κινηματογράφου και της τηλεόρασης που πίσω από τις μεγάλες παραγωγές ξεπλένουν χρήμα, γυναίκες διψασμένες για εκδίκηση, σεναριογράφοι με βίαιο παρελθόν και ερωτοχτυπημένο παρόν,ψωνισμένοι σκηνοθέτες της μιας επιτυχία...
  • Makis Dionis
    Υπέροχο γράψιμο, φανταστικά κάδρα, αβανταδορικο σκηνικό.Δεν καταφέρνουν να σώσουν το αστείο σενάριο κ τους τόσο αδύναμους χαρακτήρες
  • Katelijn D.
    Twijfel tussen 2 of 3 sterren. 3 voor de spannende opbouw. Maar uiteindelijk geef ik toch maar 2 omdat ik moeite had met taal en stijl. Er waren teveel ellenlange opsommingen en teveel zinnen zonder begin of einde.
  • Mana
    From the perspective of someone who knows absolutely nothing about Italy or Italian cinema, this was a fairly interesting read, with some lovely descriptions of the atmosphere and landscapes of Rome and other places the characters visit. However, I found the characters to be not very relatable, and despite backstories I never felt like I knew them or really cared about what happened to them, although I was invested enough to read to the end to fi...
  • Mark28niet
    Interesting story, easily to read but without any characters to connect to.
  • Ann
    Moeilijk te omschrijven boek: ingewikkelde plot in een decadente en redelijk onwerkelijke (?) wereld maar wervelend geschreven.
  • Eva
    Weer eens iets heel anders (voor mij dan). Eerste keer dat ik mee kon leven met personages die ik eigenlijk erg onsympathiek vond. Dat heeft Corrias knap gedaan. Hij schrijft heel erg goed.