We'll Sleep When We're Old by Pino Corrias

We'll Sleep When We're Old

Like Fellini’s classic film 8½ and mixed with Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty, a gorgeously wrought novel that explores the complicated life of a controversial Italian film producer who vanishes after a fire destroys his home.Rome, present day: an extravagant, opulent world of fashionable parties, fancy cars, and powerful men and women in a constant dance of excess and intrigue. Oscar Martello, president of a film production company, is a self-mad...

Details We'll Sleep When We're Old

TitleWe'll Sleep When We're Old
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherAtria Books
GenreFiction, Thriller

Reviews We'll Sleep When We're Old

  • Homer
    Αδίστακτοι παραγωγοί του κινηματογράφου και της τηλεόρασης που πίσω από τις μεγάλες παραγωγές ξεπλένουν χρήμα, γυναίκες διψασμένες για εκδίκηση, σεναριογράφοι με βίαιο παρελθόν και ερωτοχτυπημένο παρόν,ψωνισμένοι σκηνοθέτες της μιας επιτυχία...
  • Makis Dionis
    Υπέροχο γράψιμο, φανταστικά κάδρα, αβανταδορικο σκηνικό.Δεν καταφέρνουν να σώσουν το αστείο σενάριο κ τους τόσο αδύναμους χαρακτήρες
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    **ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**Italian and roman culture and how it's rich influence adds color and life to the TV and film industry. It all comes to life in Pino Corrias' novel We'll Sleep When We're Old. "He was likable, he was munificent, he offered advice. He listened to secrets. He dispensed opinions." The colorful story of Oscar Martello, a self made man (who wouldn’t mind reminding you of his hardships an...
  • Lesley Moseley
    Oh I did enjoy this believable window into a bizarre world, most of us would never have entry too. I might not like the various characters, but I did find the whole book 'SUCH FUN'...
  • fiafia
    Je reculais un peu devant cette lecture car, malgré le titre plutôt aguicheur, les gens autour de moi et autres jurés du meilleur roman Points était deçus et très critiques.Une fois n'est pas coutume, je serai plus indulgente. Pino Corrias dépeint le monde du cinéma italien, un monde très berlusconien, très cynique, le monde dans lequel tout tourne autour de l'argent, de l'alcool, de la drogue et du sexe. Il serait plus juste de dire qu...
  • Katelijn D.
    Twijfel tussen 2 of 3 sterren. 3 voor de spannende opbouw. Maar uiteindelijk geef ik toch maar 2 omdat ik moeite had met taal en stijl. Er waren teveel ellenlange opsommingen en teveel zinnen zonder begin of einde.
  • Amy
    Protagonist Oscar Martello is a rich and corrupt Roman media producer. He's named script writer Andrea Serrano as his best friend and shipped him off to an apartment in Paris with his leading actress, Jacaranda Rizzi. The main purpose of their hasty disappearance is to drum up public interest in their upcoming film release, but not everyone is in on the plan and things go unsurprisingly awry.The Kirkus Review of this title is spot on. While the s...
  • Giovanna Reising
    I really enjoyed this book. The characters are all highly flawed individuals desperately grasping for a lifestyle that provides security, but at the same time,excitement. Everyone hustles. Everyone looks out for themselves first. Even the “good guy” Andrea is distrustful and behaves selfishly. And at the center of it all is Oscar, controlling the narrative, juggling real-life complicated story lines with ease. When things don’t go his way, ...
  • Mana
    From the perspective of someone who knows absolutely nothing about Italy or Italian cinema, this was a fairly interesting read, with some lovely descriptions of the atmosphere and landscapes of Rome and other places the characters visit. However, I found the characters to be not very relatable, and despite backstories I never felt like I knew them or really cared about what happened to them, although I was invested enough to read to the end to fi...
  • Lisa
    Personally, not a big fan of this book. I realize it is translated from Italian, but the sentences are so long that I find myself having to go back and reread them more than once because I forget what they are about! The characters are not very interesting (all they are into are sex, drugs and infidelity it seems...). I am normally a very quick reader as reading is my favorite way to wind down and relax but this book does nothing for me. Characte...
  • Cheryl Klein
    Despite the good review in a magazine, I was unimpressed.The plot was thin & fairly predictable.The author rambled through excessively long descriptions of everything. What only needed a sentence or two got two or three paragraphs. The book could have easily been 100 pages shorter and lost nothing. I ended up skimming more than reading because of it.Overall, I wouldn't recommend the book.
  • Kellie
    It is rare that I don't finish a book but this is the rare book that I couldn't get past the first 50 pages. It felt like I had started reading the biography of Harvey Weinstein- movie mogul gets what he deserve for despicable behavior.
  • Bridget
    Got to page 29....boring me nearly to death. Life is too short. Done!
  • René Paquin
    Roman sur le cinéma italien, assez rigolo et bien rythmé, mais qui s’essoufle et se perd. Divertissant.
  • Chris Bullock
    Couldn't get into it.
  • Elysia Fionn
    Couldn't get into this at all. Returned it to the library halfway into first chapter.
  • Shellee Casiello
    We’ll Sleep When We’re Old was the first selection from the ODU Alumni Big Blue Book Club that I participated in. I will not let this book deter me from future ODU book club participation. I heard it was originally written in Italian, so I tried to keep that in mind with the multiple 10-12 line run-on sentences. The story itself was interesting. I love behind the scene movie/Hollywoodish stories but the characters were just awful. I wasn’t ...
  • Mark28niet
    Interesting story, easily to read but without any characters to connect to.
  • Cindy
    Oscar Martello is a misogynistic, bullying, corrupt and famous movie producer in Rome. His hedonistic world of celebrity comes to life with striking detail in We'll Sleep When We're Old, the debut novel by Italian journalist and television producer Pino Corrias.Martello loves power and money more than anything: "I'm an anarchist, I dismantle power and I pocket it." He lies, cheats and carelessly betrays friends, wives, lovers and coworkers with t...
  • Ann
    Moeilijk te omschrijven boek: ingewikkelde plot in een decadente en redelijk onwerkelijke (?) wereld maar wervelend geschreven.
  • Eva
    Weer eens iets heel anders (voor mij dan). Eerste keer dat ik mee kon leven met personages die ik eigenlijk erg onsympathiek vond. Dat heeft Corrias knap gedaan. Hij schrijft heel erg goed.