In This Moment (The Baxter Family, #2) by Karen Kingsbury

In This Moment (The Baxter Family, #2)

Luke Baxter--a lawyer specializing in religious freedom cases--takes on the fight of his life when public high school principal Wendell Quinn is sued for starting an after-school Bible study called Raise the Bar. Wendell has already lost the love of his life because of the program, but still he refuses to end it. Thanks to the program, Hamilton High has seen a dramatic decrease in the drug abuse, violence, and teen pregnancies that once plagued t...

Details In This Moment (The Baxter Family, #2)

TitleIn This Moment (The Baxter Family, #2)
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherHoward Books
GenreChristian Fiction, Fiction, Christian

Reviews In This Moment (The Baxter Family, #2)

  • ☘Tara Sheehan☘
    I’ll be up front, I’ve been a fan of Karen Kingsbury forever. My mom was reading her books for years then when I got older and wanted more than my Teen genre had to offer she began recommending Kingsbury. I fell in love. Her books give you a chance to relax and get away from the stress of the world while believing happily ever afters are possible and your faith can get you through anything.This is the first time ever I felt like I had to forc...
  • Anna
    "In This Moment" is a timely book about a topic frequently in the news. Whether you are a person of faith or not, religious persecution is becoming prevalent in our society. For Wendell Quinn, a principal at a high school riddled with problems, he decides to offer a voluntary Bible Study group after school called Raise the Bar in an effort to give his students an outlet and a chance to work towards success. When a parent whose daughter has benefi...
  • Melissa
    At its core, Kingsbury's latest is an interesting story about the modern climate of religious freedom in the United States. However, one has to muddle through some factual inaccuracies and heavy-handed preaching of doom and gloom in order to find the key ideas. Although this is a part of the Baxter series, it easily stands alone because the Baxters are only peripheral characters, and the author makes sure to delineate the myriad family ties multi...
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Kathleen
    "The Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion. Which means the kids at Hamilton High have a choice to pursue the Christian faith...or not." "You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything."I enjoyed listening to the audiobook IN THIS MOMENT authored by Karen Kingsbury and read by January LaVoy and Kirby Heyborne. It is the first book I have read in The BAXTER FAMILY Collection, but not the first one written. Apparently they ...
  • Kathi
    I love her books, but this one comes across more like a lecture :(
  • Karen
    I have worked my way through the entire 20-something books in the Baxter series this year with anticipation of getting to this one. Only to be disappointed. The story felt forced and feature too little Baxter family. It seemed like such a let down after enjoying the early years of this series. *I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*
  • Joy
    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review so...I honestly loved this book. "Those who stand for nothing will fall for everything."I've fallen in love over the Baxter Family in the twenty-some books that I have read. This one was a great new edition addressing a controversial issue in today's society. How should one address God in public? Karen Kingsbury answers that question with a captivating story that fans are going ...
  • Angela
    Here’s some Christian fiction that really made me think. Quinn is a public school principal, and he is questioned over and over when he decides to host a voluntary Bible study after school in order to provide some structure and direction to his students. His reputation is at stake, his relationships are threatened, and his job is on the line.I liked the law aspect that made this book a kind of cross between John Grisham and women’s Christian ...
  • Pamela
    How far would you go to protect your religious rights and the rights of others? Wendell Quinn is a high school principal in a high school where gang violence, low test scores and teen pregnancy are rampant. He does his research over one summer break and decides to start a voluntary after-school club/program for Bible study. Within a year, statistics show that improvement is being made one student at a time. Until….the father of one student noti...
  • Cathy
    I have been a KK fan ever since I read the first Baxter books 17 years ago. I read the mixed reviews about this book and was concerned if I would enjoy it...I Did! It is more a book about religious freedom than a romance...very thought provoking for me. I loved seeing Luke Baxter as a freedom fighter attorney. The Baxters are not the central characters in this book, they are more support roles. I loved Wendell (H) and loved the diversity KK broug...
  • Ruby
    This was a fabulous book with themes from racism, religious freedom, and faithfulness of God. I challenge any Christian to read this book, especially those teachers in public school. It was one of best Church vs. State books I have read. If you enjoyed the new God's not Dead 2, this should be your next read.
  • Joyce
    A story about religion in school and how people react to it. The principalOf Hamilton High is sued because he started an after school Bible studycalled Raise the Bar. In one year the school made great strides in allrecords to Improve. Luke Baxter takes the case against Wendell Quinn andtogether they fight to show people what faith can do in today’s culture.This book is well written and contains a lot of Christian principles with hope and faith ...
  • Stephanie Dulac
    another wonderful book written by Karen Kingsbury i seen a lot of mixed reviews and people who didnt like it but i have to tell you readers this book didn't disappoint me. i feel she talks about a few things that are a little more personal and maybe thats why people have issues with this book but i loved it its a must read so glad i did :)
  • Laura
    I enjoyed the characters--both Wendell Quinn and catching up with the Baxters. I've worked in education 16 years, so I found several things unrealistic, but overall, it was a quick read on an interesting topic. I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.
  • Randy Tramp
    Hamilton High School Principal Wendell Quinn starts a Bible Study and sees great results. Then he's hit with a lawsuit.A national storm rage. Battle or shut down the program?Luke Baxter, a lawyer, joins the fight.I love anything to do with the Baxters. Add Wendell Quinn and this makes a great story. I was glued to the book from the beginning to the end. It gave me hope for this nation. Points were raised. The defense was given, nothing less than ...
  • Amy
    In This Moment (Baxter Family #2) is a beautiful, inspiring story. Liked it a lot!
  • Dana
    This was a quick and easy book to read, although not my favorite Baxter story. I can see that it is relevant in current times. The writing wasn't quite what I expected as I found a couple of inconsistencies and also too much repetition with the story of Wendell and Alicia and her past relationship with Jack.
  • Jaime Pirus
    I am not at all impressed with this book. It should have been advertised as a stand-alone book, NOT a Baxter Family book, as advertised. Luke Baxter and his family are minor characters at best. If you're looking for a Baxter Family book, skip it. If you're looking for a Kingsbury book, still skip it. I understand what message Kingsbury is trying to send, but it comes across as too preachy and caused me to roll my eyes multiple times.I'm extremely...
  • Janet
    Always enjoy catching up with my Baxter family.
  • Kristine Morgan
    I love series, the longer the better. Karen Kingsbury has created a saga wither her Baxter Family books. In This Moment is another installment in the Baxter families lives. I enjoyed getting the updates on all of the family members and it was enjoyable to spend time with Luke Baxter. He is an attorney who has left entertainment law to practice Religous Freedom Law.In This Moment follows Luke as he defends Principal Wendall Quin's right to hold a ...
  • Ary Chest
    Please! Make It Stop! Make The Torture Stop! I Can't Take It Anymore! Dear Karen Kingsbury, I'm onto you. I know your plan. I know this isn't really a novel. This is a cleverly disguised movie script packaged as a wholesome book for you to present to production companies. It seems as if your target is a deal with PureFlix or RightNow Media. You even gave a shoutout to God's Not Dead, as a hint to what kind of big screen production you want In Thi...
  • Beckie Burnham
    Relevant is the one overwhelming word to describe In This Moment, the latest Baxter Family book from Karen Kingsbury. With the increase in drug overdoses, gang violence, and broken families, many believers are calling for a return to the values that once set our nation apart. Main character Wendell Quinn, a high school principal with a heart for his students, takes extraordinary measures to bring his students back from the brink — a voluntary B...
  • Kay Defreese
    In This Moment is part of the Baxter Family series. There are like 25 or 26 Baxter books before this but whose counting. You don't have to read all the previous books about the Baxter family to know what is going on. The author takes several pages in the beginning to give you a brief history of the Baxters and who is married to who. This book was not really about the Baxters although some of the Baxters were in it. The author's favorite Baxter As...
  • Jeanie
    Once people stop believing in their rights of religion, those rights are whole lot easier to take away. What is the freedom of the religion? How do our religious freedoms affect our way of life? The story of Principal Wendell Quinn and his students in a small town America reflect what is at stake. Wendell is at a crossroads in his profession of principal. With all the gang violence, drugs, students without parental guidance, Wendell must come up ...
  • Richard
    First, if I could have done so, I would have rated this book with 4.5 stars. It is really a great book but not quite a 5-star one.Wendell Quinn is the principal at Hamilton High, and today is the first day of the new school year. He is determined that he will find ways to change the atmosphere at the school, and change what the school has been known for in the past. The school has been known for the students' participation in gang wars and killin...
  • Sarah
    I really wanted to enjoy this book but it was mainly me just wanting to finish it and mark it as read. The description piqued my interest but as I kept reading, I felt like it was just a fairy tale, with everything just so sickeningly sweet. I hate to say that because I've enjoyed other Karen Kingsbury books but this one just left a bad taste in my mouth. To begin with most principals and teachers won't date or be allowed to date, of course Alici...
  • Alyssa
    This was such a sweet, powerful, and important story and I loved every second of it. It was well written, had a very important message, and the characters were so filled with faith and love.I loved the message in this book. Now days, everybody fears offending someone so we don’t discuss God or Jesus in public. In this book, people actually thought that it was illegal to mention God in public. I fear that this is the way things will go if someth...
  • Debi Lantzer
    I love being a book blogger and working with NetGalley because they often have books by some of my favorite authors.  Today's post is absolutely true when I tell you the book is In This Moment by Karen Kingsbury. I have loved all of the 20+ Baxter family books she has written, and this one was no exception!As with most books written by Karen Kingsbury, In This Moment was a great read and it addressed some "real world" topics like drugs, teen pre...
  • Laura
    I loved the message in this book. Now days, everybody fears offending someone so we don’t discuss God or Jesus in public. In this book, people actually thought that it was illegal to mention God in public. I fear that this is the way things will go if something doesn’t change soon. Every time we shrink back from talking about God and Jesus, some of our freedom is erased. This book showed just what can happen when we give up those rights.This ...