Wishing Caswell Dead by Pat Stoltey

Wishing Caswell Dead

"In the early 1800s in a village on the Illinois frontier, young Jo Mae Proud wishes her cruel brother dead. Forced into prostitution by Caswell, Jo Mae discovers she is pregnant and vows to escape. When Caswell is injured by a near lightning hit, he becomes more dangerous, and more hated. The flawed residents of the Village of Sangamon harbor many secrets. Caswell knows them all. Will he tell? Jo Mae runs away and eventually finds shelter with F...

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TitleWishing Caswell Dead
Release DateDec 20th, 2017
PublisherFive Star Publishing

Reviews Wishing Caswell Dead

  • Sumner Wilson
    Wishing Caswell DeadThe novel begins when several citizens of the village of Sangamon, Illinois, find the body of Caswell Proud sitting upright against a tree with his throat slit, and of course, dead. Mary Proud, the mother of Caswell and Jo Mae, was born into a wealthy family and spoiled by an easy life. Her father and mother set her up to marry a man of another wealthy family, but instead, she falls for a dashing young military man, David Prou...