Soonish by Kelly Weinersmith


What will the world of tomorrow be like? How does progress happen? And why do we not have a lunar colony already? What is the hold-up?In this smart and funny book, celebrated cartoonist Zach Weinersmith and noted researcher Dr. Kelly Weinersmith give us a snapshot of what's coming next -- from robot swarms to nuclear fusion powered-toasters. By weaving their own research, interviews with the scientists who are making these advances happen, and Za...

Details Soonish

Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherPenguin Press
GenreNonfiction, Science, Sequential Art, Comics, Technology, Graphic Novels

Reviews Soonish

  • Virginia
    This is a really fun collection of ten technologies currently in R&D. The Weinersmiths combine fact and humor to create a book that's so informative and silly you'll want to read it again and again. Zach Weinersmith is the creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a popular geek webcomic great for fans of XKCD. His wife, Dr. Kelly Weinersmith, is an accomplished scientist whose work has been featured through many popular science venues. They ...
  • Lisa Kucharski
    Enjoyed the book and the humor involved. It's nice to see what different people are seeing as the "on the horizon" tech. It's written with humor but also explains the reality of where things are and how far they are from happening be it, costly to well... we haven't worked out all the bugs yet... hmmm.The book covers 10 "areas". 1. Space Traveling. 2. Asteroid Mining 3. Fusion Power. 4. Programmable Matter (my fave) 5. Robotic Construction. 6. Au...
  • Cristina
    Power couple SMBC cartoonist & Rice University professor pick apart ten burgeoning fields of research: from space elevators, nanorobot swarms, 3D organ printing to brain-computer interfaces... and beyond! It’s no small feat predicting how upcoming technological advancements will play out -- both accidental discoveries and the complex dynamics of interacting fields of research can really throw a wrench in timelines (we were promised self-tying s...