Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson


The critically acclaimed, award-winning, modern classic Speak is now a stunning graphic novel."Speak up for yourself-we want to know what you have to say." From the first moment of her freshman year at Merryweather High, Melinda knows this is a big fat lie, part of the nonsense of high school. She is friendless--an outcast--because she busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so now nobody will talk to her, let alone listen to her. Thro...

Details Speak

Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Fiction, Teen, Comics

Reviews Speak

  • destiny ☠ howling libraries
    I must've read this story a dozen times over the years, but for some reason, the graphic novel just... really impacted me. Wow. RTC.
  • Amy's Book Reviews
    SPEAK is one of the most important books ever written for young adults. It was a first dealing with date rape, years before #MeToo . Laurie Halse Anderson captured Melinda’s quiet vulnerability and burgeoning voice with enough sarcasm to feel authentic, making Melinda’s pain even more poignant.Because of Melinda’s artwork and art as a metaphor, SPEAK transfers seamlessly to a graphic novel. Emily Carroll’s illustrations brought the charac...
  • Anne
    I've never heard a more eloquent silence.Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak was originally published in 1999, and yet the story remains as poignant today as when it first hit shelves. Speak introduces readers to Melinda, a high school freshman who finds herself ostracized after calling the cops on an end-of-the-summer party with upperclassman. What no one knows is that she was calling the cops for help after she was raped by a senior. When she tries t...
  • Jenn Lopez
    When a topic is so universal, it's so special when a quality book can revisit the story in a different way. I read the book in the early 2000's and really liked it; it was heart-wrenching. I really liked how they added current technology (Instagram) to update it for today. I think this is such a timely book considering all that is going on in Hollywood, and a new generation of readers might benefit from reading this. The art is, of course, fantas...
  • Brandee
    Even more powerful and beautiful than the original. Almost impossible to put down. I loved it.
  • rosamund
    I first read Speak in 2002, when I was 13. It remains as vital, moving and emotionally convincing sixteen years later. The graphic novel updates it slightly: while in the novel, teenagers do not have smartphones or check their Instagram, the graphic novel adds in these details in a very unobtrusive way. It's amazing how little change this book needs to feel utterly contemporary. Though perhaps we talk about it slightly more than we did in 1999 wh...
  • Tena Edlin
    It’s been ages since I read Speak, but I remember being so moved by it. This year has been full of women’s voices finally being heard; it’s the perfect time to rerelease this book in a new form. It’s still as moving as it was 20 years ago, and, unfortunately, it’s still just as relevant. Melinda’s story of finding her voice after being traumatically silenced is empowering and inspiring. Highly recommended.
  • Amanda
    Just as powerful as the original. I love Emily Carroll's art and I think her sharp line work and style work well for this story. Highly, highly recommend.
  • Courtney
    I read this for the first time when I was 14 or 15. It was really great to read it again in graphic novel-form.
  • Jen
    I was somehow oblivious to the fact that this was coming out in graphic novel form, so when I opened the box and saw this beauty (illustrated by Emily Carroll of Through the Woods fame!) I may have screamed a little? Maybe more than a little?The story is updated throughout to include more contemporary technology and pop culture references, which I think is smart, but the bones of the story are the same, with the addition of powerful art to add a ...
  • Sam
    Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC!Speak is one of my all-time favourite young adult novels. It's a book that has stuck with me for so many years, offering a raw and open look at what it means to be a victim of sexual assault and the challenges of speaking up. This graphic novel version by Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll transplants this powerful story using a whole new medium.This graphic novel version of Speak has such breathtakin...
  • Samantha
    "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson has been on my TBR for years. I picked up the graphic novel because I am a high school librarian and this book is part of curriculum. I thought to myself here is a great opportunity to read it fast and get a better understanding of the book. I will be reading the original text because this graphic novel was just so beautiful. The illustrations are gorgeous and perfectly describe the emotions of the main character....
  • Emily Hornbeck
    As always, Speak remains an important story about rape, the following isolation and depression, and the beginnings of recovery. I am thrilled to see it in graphic novel form, and it's been updated to include current technology (hello Instagram). The art is (as expected) beautiful, and it makes an already heart wrenching story that much more impactful.I have nothing more to say beyond please read this. Please. Read the original, read the graphic n...
  • Jordan Moore
    Laurie Halse Anderson has been one of my favorite authors since middle school when my teacher read the book Speak to us in class. I have bought all of her books as they have came out since then and read them all multiple times. I was very enthused when I found out that there wouldn't be a Speak graphic novel. This was a great read, and a great addition to an amazing book. I hope everyone has the chance to read and be inspired by her books.
  • Tessa Baer
    I love the original novel and the movie, but I don't feel the graphic novel did it justice. You can definitely feel the emotion coming off the page but I just enjoyed the detail in the actual novel more.
  • Michelle
    Speak was one of the first YA books I ever read and was still too young to fully realize what rape was. This graphic novel was beautiful and true to the story and often times really sad. I’m glad this was transformed into a graphic novel for a new generation.
  • Julia
  • Ashley
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
  • Katie
    The illustrations are gorgeous! I devoured this book from start to finish.
  • Morgan
    This book is just....it's so beautiful and it sucks you in. The illustrations are fantastic for what the story is portraying and what is going on in it.
  • Patricia
    Excellent graphic novel.
  • Gabriel Machiavelli
  • Vanessa
    This book is always tough for me as a sexual assault survivor but it is so needed. The graphics drive the story home.
  • Kirsten
    At least as powerful as the original - which I reread recently. Both left me gasping for air at the end as though I hadn't breathed the whole time I was reading.
  • Kathy
    Just as heartbreaking as the novel. Loved the green end pages.